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'Aphrodite' Debuts In Billboard's Top 20, Marking Kylie Minogue's Highest Chart Debut in 8 Years

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Aphrodite' Debuts In Billboard's Top 20, Marking Kylie Minogue's Highest Chart Debut in 8 Years

Congratulations to Ms. Kylie Minogue, whose 11th studio album, Aphrodite, debuted at #19 on the Billboard 200! WOOHOO! What an accomplishment! This makes Aphrodite Minogue's highest charting album here in the states since 2002's Fever! Quite the accomplishment, wouldn't you say? The album went Top 10 in a bunch of the major U.S. markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago AND Boston. As if her U.S. chart success wasn't ENOUGH of a reason for Kylie to a little happy dance, the album also debuted in the Top 10 in thirteen different countries worldwide and went straight to #1 in the UK, ousting Eminem's Recovery from the top spot. THIS makes Kylie the first solo artist in UK chart history to have four #1 albums in four different decades. WOW. Of course, all of this good news means the WORLD to Ms. Minogue.
"I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the reaction to 'Aphrodite' around the world and to hear that the album has got to number 19 in the U.S. is the most amazing news. I am ecstatic!"

I got my copy of the Deluxe Edition yesterday and of course ripped open the box the first chance I got. What a BEAUTIFUL package. From the glorious William Baker photos to the little hardcover booklet...well worth the money. The album itself is a pure work of art, featuring production from Stuart Price and songwriting help from the likes of Price, Calvin Harris, Jake Shears, Nerina Pallot, Swedish House Mafia, NERVO, and even Kylie herself. The album's first single, "All The Lovers" went all the way to #1 on the UK airplay chart, and while it has yet to crack the Billboard Hot 100, it is climbing the Hot Dance Club Play Chart, where it currently sits at #6. The stunning Joseph Kahn-directed video premiered last month on LOGO and is currently being played on Music Choice. Not only are we hearing Kylie everywhere on the radio and at the clubs but she's also gracing magazine covers left and right! I was super excited to see her on the cover of Augusts' OUT Magazine as well as on the June/July cover of Blackbook Magazine.

Now that Aphrodite has been released, what next? Well there's the tour, of course, which Kylie hopes to make an announcement about shortly. The tour is expected to take her ALL over the world INCLUDING here in the states, making this her SECOND U.S. tour in 2 years. AMAZING. And sometime in September, we have Kylie's second single, the Cutfather-produced "Get Outta My Way," to look forward to. Good things to come. Looks like this fall is going to have plenty of the pint-sized pop princess, which is fine by me. I just can't get enough!

Check out Kylie Minogue on the web:

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