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Kosovo-Born British Singer/Songwriter Rita Ora Drops Hot Debut U.S. Single & Video

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kosovo-Born British Singer/Songwriter Rita Ora Drops Hot Debut U.S. Single & Video

Rita Ora

Hot off the success of her collaboration with DJ Fresh, Kosovo-born British singer/songwriter Rita Ora is ready to make a splash over on this side of the pond, releasing the video for her debut U.S. single "How We Do (Party)."  Produced by hip-hop hit makers The Runners (Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Usher), "How We Do (Party)" is the ultimate party song, borrowing lyrics from Notorious B.I.G.'s 1993 single "Party and Bullshit."  Released March 20th on Jay-Z's Roc Nation, "How We Do (Party)" was written by Andre Davidson, Andrew Harr, Bonnie McKee alongside a troop of other talented songwriters.

Rita Ora How We Do Party

Rita Ora is definitely in her sweet spot with this track, sounding like a mix of Joss Stone, Rihanna, sprinkled with Jessie J.  I'm interested to hear what else she's got on her upcoming debut album, which is due out later this year.  After listening to this and Ora's debut UK single, the Drake-written, Tinie Tempah-assisted  "R.I.P.," due May 6th, I fear that she's in danger of coming across like a Rihanna clone.  Don't get me wrong, I think Rita Ora has talent for miles, add to that, she's absolutely stunning - I just think her first two releases ("R.I.P." in particular), sound almost too similar.  With Rihanna about to release her fourth Talk That Talk single, RiRi's kind of got the market on urban-dance-pop covered at the moment.  It might prove difficult for a newcomer like Ora to break through and rise above Queen RiRi.  That being said, I have faith.

Rita Ora RIP

Ora first bust out onto the scene in 2007 when she appeared on a Craig David track called "Awkward," resurfacing on another David track the following year, this time alongside English rapper Tinchy Stryder.  After doing the bar and pub circuit for a while, Ora was spotted by an A&R who alerted Roc Nation.  Eventually signed by "HOV" himself, Rita Ora became to Jay-Z what Carly Rae Jepsen is to Justin Bieber...sort of.  While both Ora and Jepsen have #1 UK Singles to their name now, Ora's came as part of a collaboration.  I wouldn't rule Ora out for snagging her own #1 single one of these days, especially looking at the team she has working with on her debut album - Will.I.Am, Ester Dean, Drake, The-Dream, Kanye West, Stargate - to name a few.  With that much talent behind you, there's gotta be at least one #1.

Check out the videos for "How We Do (Party)" (directed by Marc Klasfeld) and "R.I.P." (directed by Emil Nava) below.  Also worth a listen, a fierce new house remix from DJ Seamus Haji (ABOVE).  It's part of a new UK remix EP featuring additional mixes by Gregor Salto and Delta Heavy.  

Download "How We Do (Party)" on US iTunes

Check out Rita Ora on the web:

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