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Introducing BIGkids: R&B Songster Mr. Hudson Forms Innovative New Duo

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing BIGkids: R&B Songster Mr. Hudson Forms Innovative New Duo


BIGkids is an English duo consisting of singer/songwriters Ben Hudson and Rosie Oddie.  Hudson (AKA Mr. Hudson) is known for that supremely catchy single "Supernova," featuring American hip hop superstar Kanye West, a Top 5 hit on the UK Singles Chart (peaking at #2) back in 2009.  It was the first taken from his sophomore album, Straight No Chaser, which was a Top 30 hit in the UK following it's release in the Fall of 2009.  While Hudson is in between solo projects, new duo BIGkids is generating quite a buzz over in the UK, following a string of low-key London shows and the release of their widely acclaimed debut single, "Drum in Your Chest."  Their new single, "Superhero" is out now (iTunes UK/iTunes US) and features a quirky little video that's definitely worth a watch.

Digitally released back in April, "Superhero" is a hot little track, "driven by floor pounding drums, off-kilter lo-fi guitar samples and a rib-cage shaking bass riff."  This song is the ultimate summer anthem, oozing "youthful determination and uplifting exuberance."  A mish-mosh of different genres, "Superhero" is sure to get the crowds on their feet at their first ever headline show at The Ballyhoo (formerly The Bowery on New Oxford Street) in London tomorrow, May 24th. This highly anticipated performance follows key performances at this year's Camden Crawl and The Great Escape Festival, and precedes a string of festival dates at the Secret Garden Party, Lee Festival, Standon Calling, Nass Festival and Y-Not.

BIGkids Superhero

This past Spring, fashion designer Stella McCartney selected BIGkids' "Drum In Your Chest" to promote her exclusive Olympics Collection, which was revealed at the Tower of London March 22nd.  Since posting their DIY video for the song, BIGkids have garnered quite a bit of attention across music sites and blogs, like Dazed Digital, i-D, Nylon and NME. Man! I'm late to the game, aren't I?  Better late than never!

In addition to his solo work, Mr. Hudson has been featured on songs by Kanye West ("Paranoid"), Jay-Z ("Young Forever"), N-Dubz ("Playing with Fire"), Caspa ("Love Never Dies (Back for the First Time)") and on the recent Kanye/Jay-Z collaboration album, Watch The Throne, performing with the dynamic duo on a track called "Why I Love You."  Rosie Oddie is the daughter of English comedian, author & naturalist Bill Oddie.  Oddie, a talented singer/songwriter, performed in at least two UK bands, Rosie Oddie and the Odd Squad and more recently Oddyssey.

Check out the "Superhero" video BELOW, directed by 19-year old Billy Boyd Cape.  A student in film school, Cape grew up next door to Ben Hudson and was personally commissioned by the band to shoot the video.  According to Cape,
"The whole video was made with a fun, childlike aesthetic: young crew working with young actors. We had two of the most lively, enthusiastic and hilarious child stars: Felix Light and MJ Binns, embodying everything silly and serious in BIGkids."
"Superhero" is out NOW (iTunes UK/iTunes US) and you can check out the band live at some of the festivals listed BELOW.

Tour Dates:

May 24 - Ballyhoo (formerly The Bowery) - London
June 30 - Leefest (Main Stage) - Warlingham, Surrey
July 07 - Relentless NASS Festival - Shepton Mallet
July 21 - The Secret Garden Party (Stage 2) - Abbots Ripton
August 03 - Y-Not festival (Quarry Stage) - Matlock
August 04 - Standon Calling (Main Stage) - Standon, Herts
September 07-09 - Bestival - Isle Of Wight

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