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[Hot Video Alert] Frenchie Davis - Love's Got A Hold On Me

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Hot Video Alert] Frenchie Davis - Love's Got A Hold On Me

Frenchie Davis Loves Got A Hold On Me

Frenchie Davis FINALLY released her highly anticipated, debut solo single last month, from her forthcoming debut solo album, Just Frenchie.  Talk about a long time coming! While her career has had it's share of highs and lows, one thing remains clear - this girl's got talent and PLENTY of it and new single "Love's Got A Hold On Me" is all the proof you'll need.  Seeing the ringer her public career has been put through, it's hard NOT to root for this girl!  Released September 4th, the Marco Borrero-produced, Janice Robinson (Ashley Tisdale, Deborah Cox)/Magnificent co-written "Love's Got A Hold On Me" is destined for dance chart success, with BANGIN' remixes by Dave Aude, Laszlo, Itay Kalderon, Klubjumpers, Rafael M, Tony Marinos, Chris Thomas, Mister Anderson! and DJ Asha.

Frenchie first garnered attention here in America as a semi-finalist on Season 2 of American Idol.  While she was ultimately disqualified from the competition following the release of some "inappropriate" photos, Davis was given a second chance to win over audiences- not on the pop charts, but on Broadway.  In 2003, she joined the cast of Rent, playing in the ensemble and singing the Act 2 opener, "Seasons of Love."  In 2004, Davis joined the touring cast of Dreamgirls, playing the iconic role of Effie White, as well as taking on roles in several other popular musicals.

In 2009 we got a taste of Frenchie Davis' DANCE DIVA aspirations when she was featured on iconic DJ/Produer/Remixer Tony Moran's single, "You Are," off his album Mix Magic Music, which went on to peak at #5 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.  In 2011, Frenchie made her grand return to Reality TV as a contestant on Season 1 of The Voice where she joined Christina Aguilera's team, making it all the way to the Semi Finals when she was eliminated, finishing fifth overall.

Given the success of her cover of the David Guetta/Kelly Rowland hit "When Love Takes Over" from The Voice (the song landed at #3 on the iTunes Dance Charts!), it makes sense that Davis is continuing down this dance diva path.  Sonically, Frenchie's new single, "Love's Got A Hold On Me" is reminiscent of some of dance music's greatest hits from the 90s, with Frenchie's voice calling to mind such club queen greats as Martha Wash, Gloria Gaynor and the late, great Donna Summer.  Add to the mix, the fierce Mad Max-inspired music video (directed by Ch'an Andre & Brian Friedman) and you've got the entire package.  BIG voice, BIG personality, BIG diva. Frenchie Davis has got this down!

"Love's Got A Hold On Me" is the first single taken from Frenchie Davis' debut LP, Just Frenchie, due later this year on the singer/songwriter's own Frenchie Davis Music Group.  She's ALSO reportedly working on a special Christmas album, due out in time for the holidays. Check out the stunning video for "Love's Got A Hold On Me" BELOW and download the 2-track EP, out now (iTunes US).

Check out Frenchie Davis on the web:

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