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Paloma Faith Unveils New 'Just Be' Remix by Shy FX and B. Traits; Single out December 16th

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Paloma Faith Unveils New 'Just Be' Remix by Shy FX and B. Traits; Single out December 16th

Paloma Faith | Just Be

As previously mentioned UK pop chanteuse Paloma Faith's next single, "Just Be" will be released December 16th, shortly before she kicks off her 2013 UK/Ireland Tour on January 20th in Belfast. In my last post, I was also buzzing about a new remix by London based drum & bass DJ/producer Shy FX.  Paloma had announced in one of her U.S. tour videos that she was recording new vocals for the mix while in Washington D.C.  Well...that remix has now made it's way online and you guys can listen to it right here: Just Be (Shy FX & B. Traits Mix)!  

As I expected, the remix is FLAWLESS.  With a track as delicate as "Just Be," it's easy for a dance remix to sound cluttered and overdone.  That is not the case with the Shy FX remix of "Just Be." The remix preserves the integrity of the original song, turning it into a sure fire dance-floor stunner.  The new vocals are an excellent addition, featuring a whole slew of new ad libs, riffs and all around excitement.

In addition to the STUNNING Shy FX & B. Traits remix, I discovered a remix by British house music duo, Full Intention on SoundCloud which is pretty fantastic.  I do love a good house remix and Full Intention certainly do a good job of turning "Just Be" from pretty ballad to bangin' club anthem.  Another remix that's making it's rounds online is by isoline (AKA Matt Hope).  Isoline's approach is much more chilled and laid back.  Lovely effort, really. I'd be totally satisfied with a remix package that includes all three of these remixes.  Listen to all three BELOW.

Paloma Faith
PHOTO CREDIT: Epic Records
"Just Be" is the fourth single taken from Paloma Faith's sophomore album, Fall To Grace, which is scheduled for release here in the States on December 4th via Epic Records.  Over in her native UK, Fall To Grace is fast approaching platinum status, and has had a place in the UK Albums Chart top 15 for, going on 25 weeks!

Check out a list of tour dates for Paloma Faith's upcoming UK/Ireland tour and make sure you catch her AGAIN in the New York area when she plays on November 27th at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan and on November 30th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.  It looks like Paloma had other dates scheduled in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Pontiac, Michigan however, at least according to Ticketmaster those dates have been cancelled.  Hopefully her two New York dates aren't scrapped last minute.

Pre-order Fall To Grace now (iTunes) and download "Just Be" if you're in the States (iTunes).  The album is also available to download (iTunes) in the UK.

UK/Ireland Tour

Sun 20th Jan - Ulster Hall, Belfast
Mon 21st Jan - Vicar Street, Dublin
Wed 23rd Jan - Apollo, Manchester
Thu 24th Jan - Apollo, Manchester
Fri 25th Jan - Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Sun 27th Jan - O2 Academy, Leeds
Mon 28th Jan - Academy, Glasgow
Tue 29th Jan - Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Thu 31st Jan - O2 Academy [Academy 1 & 2], Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Fri 1st Feb - Barbican Centre, York
Sat 2nd Feb - Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
Mon 4th Feb - Brighton Centre, Brighton
Tue 5th Feb - Guildhall, Portsmouth
Thu 7th Feb - Hammersmith Apollo, Hammersmith
Fri 8th Feb - Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
Sat 9th Feb - Motorpoint Arena [Formerly CIA], Cardiff
Mon 11th Feb - O2 Academy 1 & 2 [Formerly Carling], Sheffield
Tue 12th Feb - De Montfort Hall and Gardens, Leicester
Wed 13th Feb - Opera House, Blackpool
Fri 15th Feb - Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth
Sat 16th Feb - The Hexagon, Reading
Sun 17th Feb - The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Check out Paloma Faith on the web:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her voice is incredible. I was blown away by her song Never Tear Us Apart. Check it out:

November 25, 2012 at 2:25 AM  
Blogger MacKenzie said...

This girl has so much talent! I'm so proud of her for being featured on VEVO Lift and can't wait to see where she goes!

December 4, 2012 at 11:05 PM  

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