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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Amy Winehouse Wannabes? I Think Not!

I can't believe that it's been 4 months since my last post! So much to talk about musically! Wow. Where do I start? about with my last album purchases? Let's start with Duffy, the 24 year old Welsh singing sensation that's (hopefully) about to break out in the U.S. this Spring. (May 13th via Mercury Records).
2 parts old soul, one part pop, Duffy's vocals conjure up thoughts of Amy Winehouse, Carole King, Dusty Springfield and, some have said--The Supremes. Having reached #1 in the UK with her single, "Mercy," Aimee Anne Duffy offered US audiences a chance to download the track on iTunes for free a couple weeks ago, as the "free song of the week." What's more...the U.S. version of the video was just released onto iTunes as well (there's a UK version as well). I purchased the album, Rockferry on CDWOW before realizing that it had a U.S. release date. Oh well. The rest of the album is hot as well--"Stepping Stone" and "Hanging On Too Long" are a couple of the standouts.
Next up, we have 19 year old Adele--the British singer/songwriter who made it up to #2 with her single, "Chasing Pavements" in her native UK (though her album made it to #1--just like Duffy). Another similarity to Duffy is her vocal comparison to Amy Winehouse AND her producer, Mark Ronson. I see the similarity between the two vocalists, however I think people need to stop searching for a new Wino--I still am holding out for Amy's grand return some day (though it's going to a be a depressing return if recent reports are to be believed). Adele stands tall as her own artist. Her album, 19 is brilliant. Check out "Hometown Glory" available on iTunes, also check out the video.
Finally--the youngest of the bunch, 16 year old Gabriella Cilmi, the brilliant Australian singer who's dazzling Europe (and her native Australia) with her sexy single, "Sweet About Me" and her recently released Lessons To Be Learned (which I just ordered from CDWOW). While young Gabriella's single has had its highest chart position down under, she is climbing the UK chart. Signed to Island Records, and recorded with British pop-power producers Xenomania--she has a busy career ahead of her, touring with British pop group the Sugababes and Nouvelle Vague and James Blunt. While there is no current U.S. release date, I have hope that she will eventually see one--OH...and she's been compared to Wino. Shocking. I'm excited to hear what else Gabriella has to offer. I heard a couple of the remixes done for "Sweet About Me" and was pleasantly surprised. Duffy has a couple of bootleg remixes and one official (yet unreleased) mix...Adele has no remixes out, to my knowledge. I guess not everyone can (or should) be remixed. Whenever Amy Winehouse gets her health back in order and releases a new album, I'll be ready--and despite the comparisons these girls are collecting, they are certainly individuals--and talented individuals at that.

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