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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hot Remixes: Steamweaver Remixes the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and more!

SteamweaverEver since Steamweaver contacted me last summer about his remixes of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams," and "Right Here" by Carmen Reece he's been busy mixing up todays hottest hits readying them for the dancefloor. Since Beyonce & Carmen Reece, Steamweaver has remixed the likes of Britney Spears, Rihanna, Nick Harvey and now Jennifer Lopez. Steamweaver is fast becoming a big name on the unofficial remix front and now with official mixes in the can for Nick Harvey and Brian - things are looking up. I can't wait to hear what's next! Be sure and check out all of Steamweaver's stuff on his MySpace page. In the meantime, here's his remixography to date:

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Club Mix) - 7:16
Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Radio Mix) - 3:51
Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver "Lights On" Dub) - 8:04
Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Tribe-A-Pella) - 6:17

Download them HERE

Carmen Reece

Carmen Reece - Right Here

Right Here (Steamweaver Club Mix) - 9:20
Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #1) - 3:48

Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #2) - 4:31

Download them HERE

Britney Spears
Britney Spears - Steamweaver Megamix (Dirty Radio Edit)

Download it HERE

Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan - Hey Yo

Hey Yo (Steamweaver Radio Edit)
Hey Yo (Steamweaver House Remix)
Hey Yo (Steamweaver Dub Mix)

Download them HERE

Rihanna - Russian Roulette
"I loved the song from the moment I heard it, and wanted to do something very dancey and anthemic, while keeping the dark and emotional mood from the original. The tempo was tough (around 80BPM), so I decided to go 133BPM - not too slow for the vocals, neither too fast for the genre. Anyway, I had fun with this one, especially with the vocal manipulation (check the full mix!)"

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Bonus Beats) - 4:56
Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Club Anthem - Vox Up) - 12:11

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Club Anthem) - 12:11

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow Instrumental) - 8:13

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow - Vox Up) - 8:13

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow) - 8:13

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Pad-A-Pella) - 9:34

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Instrumental) - 4:31

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Mix - Vox Up) - 4:31

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Mix) - 4:31

Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Tribe-A-Pella) - 9:32

Download them HERE

Nick Harvey
Nick Harvey - Wurkin (Steamweaver Club Mix) - 10:56

Buy it HERE

Vibelicious & Dean Boudreau - Last Christmas

Last Christmas (Steamweaver Radio Christmas)
Last Christmas (Steamweaver Club Christmas)

Download them HERE

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins

"These are House mixes, quite different from my usual Big Room style, but I hope you like it :)"

Louboutins (Steamweaver Designer Radio Mix) - 3:45
Louboutins (Steamweaver
Designer Club Mix) - 7:30
Louboutins (Steamweaver
Runway Dub Mix) - 8:00

Download them HERE

Brian - Too Grown For That

Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Radio Mix) - 3:59
Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Radio Mix With Rap) - 3:59

Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Club Mix) - 8:22

Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Padapella) - 6:06

Buy them HERE

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Hot Giveaway: Zink Magazine Autographed by Erika Jayne

Erika JayneJust a little reminder - don't forget to enter my Erika Jayne Z!nk Magazine giveaway. Three lucky fans will have the chance to win an autographed copy of the November Z!nk Magazine with the dance music beauty featured on the cover. Check out the giveaway HERE for details.

Erika Jayne


DJ/Producer David Guetta Racks Up 5 Grammy Nominations

David GuettaMajor congratulations go out to superstar French DJ/Producer David Guetta, who received five Grammy Nominations this year. Very impressive! As if the honor of actually receiving five nods wasn't enough, Guetta had the pleasure of playing during the live nominations telecast in Los Angeles. This is Guetta's first time being nominated so to pick up five in one go is nothing to shake a fist at.

David GuettaGuetta is nominated in the Album of the Year & Record of the Year categories as as producer of the Black Eyed Peas hit single "I Gotta Feeling." Guetta's album One Love was nominated for three awards, including Best Dance/Electronic Album (along with previously mentioned Pet Shop Boys, whose album "Yes" was nominated in the same category). Guetta's Kelly Rowland collaboration, "When Love Takes Over" was also nominated for Best Remixed Recording. As if this Grammy news wasn't enough, "Sexy Bitch," featuring Akon went platinum in the U.S. with over 1 million downloads. That's huge! Guetta is thrilled at the nominations, saying

"It's fantastic that the Academy have recognized the impact dance music has had in America this year. My mission was for this music to be heard by and touch millions. By bringing together the best urban artists and electronic music, I feel the barriers are coming down and we are together."

David Guetta
Guetta also recently collaborated with global superstar Madonna on a remix of "Revolver," a new song off of her greatest hits compilation Celebration, out now. Guetta's current third single and the album's title track, features a guest vocal by UK R&B artist Estelle. The single is currently climbing the European charts and impacting dance floors all over the world, featuring an impressive remix package with mixes by Calvin Harris and DJ Chuckie. Guetta, who just finished up his biggest U.S. tour, will be back in LA on December 31st to celebrate New Years Eve, followed by an appearance at the Grammy Awards on January 31st. It's looking like 2009 and 2010 are both going to be huge for Guetta. Here's hoping there's lots more to come!

Check out David Guetta on the Web:

Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//YouTube//Twitter

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Pet Shop Boys to Release "Christmas" EP on December 15th

Pet Shop Boys
The British electro-duo Pet Shop Boys are due to release a special holiday EP on December 15th entitled "Christmas." The EP includes a new version of "It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas," "My Girl," a new version of "All Over The World," a special medley of "Viva La Vida" & "Domino Dancing," and a remix of "My Girl."

Pet Shop Boys
"It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" was originally an exclusive Christmas single issued to members of the official Pet Shop Boys fan club back in 1997. "All Over The World" is a track that appears on the Boys' latest album, Yes and both updates were produced by and the Pet Shop Boys. The Boys' rendition of the Motown Classic "My Girl" was originally performed at last year's charity benefit "Marius de VriesCan You Bear It?" which honored former assistant and close friend of Chris & Neil, Dainton Connell who died in a car accident. The "Viva La Vida"/"Domino Dancing" medley has been a big hit on their world tour, the EP features a Stuart Price-produced studio version.

Pet Shop Boys
In addition to this fabulous news, the Pet Shop Boys just learned that their album, Yes received a Grammy nomination in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category, their 5th overall Grammy nomination. The band also hit the top of the Billboard Dance Charts with their single "Did You See Me Coming," which was a follow up to their other #1 "Love, Etc." It's nice to see a band with as much longevity as the Pet Shop Boys. Here's to many more number ones!

Check out Pet Shop Boys on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter

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Hot Video Alert: Chromeo - Night By Night

Make sure you download the track HERE on the Green Label Sound website. Also available for download are two hot remixes - the Siriusmo Remix as well as the Skream Remix.

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Dionne Bromfield Releases a Motown Classic as Single #2

Dionne BromfieldThe super-talented 13-year old Dionne Bromfield is gearing up to release her second single in the UK, a cover of the Motown Classic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," off of her debut album Introducing Dionne Bromfield. Bromfield, who happens to be Amy Winehouse's god daughter is very much following in the musical footsteps of her godmother, garnering many vocal comparisons. Her album is made up of a series of oldies sung to perfection. Bromfield's first single was a cover of the Shirelles' classic "Mama Said" and peaked at #43 on the UK charts. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" features Winehouse's back-up singer Zalon, who can be seen in the music video for the single here. You can also watch the video for her rendition of "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus," both songs will appear on Bromfield's new double A-Side Single, due out just in time for Christmas on December 21st.

Check out Dionne Bromfield on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Twitter

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Hot Music News & Snippets: Adam Lambert, Gabriella Cilmi, Grammy Nominations & More

Adam LambertIn the wake of negative press that Adam Lambert's controversial American Music Awards Performance left behind, the talented young singer is now just focusing on the music. Lambert sang his heart out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing December 1st), singing a powerful rendition of the album track, "Whataya Want From Me," which was co-written by singer and P!nkMax Martin. Perfection. This is exactly the kind of performance that Adam needs to be doing going forward. I'm not saying that all of this flack that he's been getting is completely justified, in fact I do agree that there's a certain double standard in play here - but this was just a smart move on the part of Adam and his management. Just Adam, a microphone and his fabulous rock-star voice. No theatrics or spectacle. Hopefully this is the kind of performance we can expect when Adam Lambert joins Barbara Walters, Whoopie Goldberg and the the other ladies of The View on December 10th.

Gabriella CilmiAustralian pop singer Gabriella Cilmi (whom I absolutely love) is readying new material for her follow up to 2008's Lessons To Be Learned. Gabriella has been keeping her fans posted via her official blog and Twitter. According to a recent Tweet, Cilimi's apparently met with her label's A&R reps and new material should be premiering very shortly. Going in a decidedly more sexy direction than her last album, Cilmi worked with Xenomania & Greg Kurstin, Dallas Austin and Danger Mouse (one half of Gnarls Barkley). According to Cilmi, "[the album was] inspired by Donna Summer, Flashdance and 80s disco." This sounds potentially HOT! The album is due out early next year, preceded by the first single and video. "The first single is all about unleashing your inner super-hero and it's a big anthem for women." Brilliant! Can't wait to hear Gabriella's new stuff. I always thought she had an interesting voice.

KelisKelis is one of those rare artists whose entire collection I own. Ever since I took a chance and purchased Kaleidoscope at my local college music shop, I was hooked. Kaleidoscope = brilliant. 2001's Wanderland wasn't so much my cup of tea, but she redeemed herself with 2003's Tasty, known as the album that made Kelis famous here in the U.S. Meanwhile, her 2006 album Kelis Was Here bombed in my book, and on the charts. Not so coincidentally, Kelis Was Here was the first album without her long time collaborators The Neptunes. If this pattern of one brilliant album followed by one not so brilliant album is any indication, her new album is going to be HOT and so far, things are heating up nicely. Newly signed to Will.I.Am Music Group via Interscope/Geffen Kelis will be releasing the David Guetta produced single "Acapella," which has already been getting attention since it premiered online on November 23rd. Entertainment Weekly added "Accapella" to it's Must List in the December 11th issue on newsstands right now. Other collaborators include will.I.Am, Free School, Boyz Noize, Burnze and DJ Ammo.

GrammysYeah, Yeah, I know I'm a bit late here regarding the Grammy Nominations. I can't say I'm too shocked or appalled by any of the results, aside from maybe Whitney Houston snub. When I saw that Whitney wasn't nominated, I assumed that it was because her album wasn't released in time for consideration, but then I read reports that producers rushed the album into release in part to be considered for a Grammy. Other than that, things played out as I expected them to with artists like Beyonce (10 nominations), Taylor Swift (8 nominations), The Black Eyed Peas (6 nominations) and Kanye West (6 nominations). Included amongst this years Album of the Year nominees are Lady Gaga's The Fame as well as albums from Beyonce, Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peas and Dave Matthews Band. As for record of the year, we have Beyonce's "Halo," "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, Kings Of Leon's hit single "Use Somebody," "Poker Face" and Swift's "You Belong With Me." Up for Song of the Year this year we have "Poker Face," "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," "Use Somebody," Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" and "You Belong With Me." Best new artists include the Zac Brown Band, Keri Hilson, The Ting Tings, MGMT and the Silversun Pickups. Check out a full list of nominees at

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Hot New Band: Versant

Besides "Le Disko," and "Rainy Monday," I haven't really heard anything by the LA-based electro-rock outfit known as Shiny Toy Guns. Of course I first heard "Le Disko" as it was remixed by the likes of Tommie Sunshine & Boys Noize. Unfortunately for me, I became a fan too late in the game. Before I knew it, lead vocalist Carah Faye Charnow was gone, replaced with the "rock" chick the CW Reality Series "The Pussycat Dolls Present: Search For the Next Doll," Sisely Treasure. Since then, I haven't heard a Shiny Toy Guns song that I like (with the exception of their "Major Tom" cover) and I attribute that solely to the change in vocalists.

As for the former Shiny Toy Guns frontwoman, Carah Faye Charnow - she's joined forces with Daniel Johansson, producer of the Swedish electro-rockers The Sounds to create a new band - Versant. According to a statement, "Versant synthesizes the melodicism of a true pop siren with up-to-the-minute textures that can ignite both dance floors and rock clubs." Aside from Carah & Daniel, rounding out Versant we have Richard Ankers on drums, Johan Grettve on guitar and keys and Nicholas Oja on bass. This sounds hot! Versant's debut self-titled album is expected out next Spring but expect to hear more from them in the months to come. In the mean time, check out this live cover of ABBA's "SOS."

Carah Faye CharnowCheck out Versant on the web:

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Blake Lewis to Release "Heartbreak On Vinyl" as Second Single

Blake Lewis has always been one of my favorite male American Idol alums. He might not be as strong vocally as Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert but he has what a lot of the other Idols don't - uniqueness. I think that many of the other Idol cast offs were so easily pigeonholed into one specific genre of music because they lacked a unique style. They were able to sing the particular genre of music that the label wanted them to sing. It seemed to me that Lewis' debut album, Audio Day Dream was more in line with his overall musical direction - focusing on electro-dance and house music. Sure, Audio Day Dream was as flawed as any Idol debut, but it still allowed Blake Lewis some room for creativity (i.e. - beatboxing) which is more than can be said for the debut albums from many other former-Idols.

Blake LewisI can't say I was shocked when Lewis left Arista, but when I learned that he had joined up with Tommy Boy for his follow up record, I couldn't have been more excited. Tommy Boy seems to be the PERFECT home for Lewis and I absolutely love the new record. It's everything that Audio Day Dream wanted to be but couldn't. First single, "Sad Song" was good but not what I was hoping for from his new album. Remixes by Craig C., Jody den Broeder and Jason Nevins changed my perception slightly, even going on to peak at #11 on the Billboard Dance chart.Blake Lewis NOH8 PhotoLewis announced at the end of last month that his second single would be the title track, "Heartbreak On Vinyl," I did a little happy dance. "Heartbreak On Vinyl" was one of the standouts for me, ever since the first listen. What's more exciting is that we can expect remixes from Bimbo Jones, LA Riots and Chew Fu. Fanclub members can hear the new tracks when they first premiere. The songs will also appear on Blake's Opendisc page which can be accessed when you insert his CD into your computer. Go buy Heartbreak On Vinyl. You won't be disappointed!

Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl
Check out Blake Lewis on the web:

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Jennifer Lopez is Throwin' On Her "Louboutins"

Promotion seems to be underway on Jennifer Lopez's new album and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't really enjoyed a Jennifer Lopez album since the J To The L-O remix album came out back in 2002. Sure, there has been the occasional song since then (i.e. - "I'm Glad," "Get Right," "Cherry Pie," "Do It Well") but for the most part, none of her tunes have really jived with me.

Jennifer LopezAfter listening to her new single, called "Louboutins," I'm actually excited about J-Lo again. Having seen her perform it nearly flawlessly live on the AMA's and then again FLAWLESSLY on Ellen the song is definitely solidifying itself amongst my favorite J-Lo songs of all time. Due to appear on her upcoming album, Love?, the song was written by The-Dream & Tricky Stewart. Originally meant for R&B artist Brandy, Brandy left Epic and in turn, left her "Louboutins" behind. The single will be officially released to radio on December 8th and the Anthony Mandler-directed video is due out sometime this winter and will feature shoes designed exclusively for the video by Christian Louboutin. Can't wait! Check out her new promo single "Fresh Out The Oven" featuring Pitbull. What do you all think of the new J-Lo songs?

Jennifer Lopez AMAsJennifer Lopez on the 2009 AMA's

Check out Jennifer Lopez on the web:

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