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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Alesha Dixon feat. Jay Sean - Every Little Part Of Me

"Every Little Part Of Me" might very well be the best song off of Alesha Dixon's new album, The Entertainer. Produced by Slick & Magic and written by Michael Hannides, Anthony Hannides, Alan Sampson and Jay Sean, this up-tempo electro-pop/R&B single is as catchy as anything out right now by Taio Cruz. Jay Sean is the perfect addition to an already near perfect slice of pop heaven and Dixon is a vision in the clip (BELOW).

The Entertainer was released in November on Asylum/Atlantic Records, where it peaked at #84. The song fared slightly better on the UK R&B charts where it was a Top 20 hit, peaking at #16. I have to say that Dixon's plans for U.S. domination aren't looking too good right now. While lead single, "Drummer Boy" did alright, debuting at #15 on the UK Singles chart, follow up single "Radio" was a disappointment, coming in at #46. Here's hoping "Every Little Part Of Me" improves upon it's predecssor when it's released on February 27th. Backed by remixes from Steve Smart & WestFunk, Culture Shock, Mike Deliquent Project and Self Taught Beats, it looks like Dixon is hoping for a club hit at the very least. Check out two of the mixes HERE and HERE.

Check out Alesha on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Ellie Goulding - Lights

FINALLY. Ellie Goulding is releasing "Lights" as her next single. The Richard Stannard (AKA Biffco)-produced single has always been one of my favorite tracks off Goulding's Bright Lights re-release and was originally supposed to be the British singer/songwriter's fifth single before the powers that be decided to release "Your Song" instead. The decision certainly seemed to pay off as "Your Song" became Goulding's highest chart debut yet, peaking at #2 on the UK Singles Chart - still - I was holding out hope that "Lights" would see the light of day as a single. Lucky me! We now have the music video and word that the Goulding/Stannard/Ash Howes co-penned track will be the sixth single for Goulding and single number two off of Bright Lights. While there's no official release date yet for "Lights" we can likely expect it sometime soon, given that the video premiered on January 16th.  Speaking on the video, it's definitely Goulding's most mainstream POP video yet.  Nothing crazy, just Goulding dancing around with some strobe lights and other cool  visual FX.   She's got a tambourine, some drums and some sexy outfits.  Not gonna lie but I kinda like it.  Thanks Prophet for the heads up on this video.

As previously mentioned, U.S. fans can expect to see "Lights" appear as the title track on Goulding's forthcoming U.S. debut album when it's released on Cherrytree Records March 8th. In the meantime, check out the video for "Lights" below and download Ellie Goulding's debut U.S. EP, An Introduction To Ellie Goulding on iTunes HERE.

Check out Ellie Goulding on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Patrick Wolf - The City

"The City" is the second single from Patrick Wolf's forthcoming fifth studio album, Lupercalia. Scheduled for release on March 14th, "The City" was both written and produced by Wolf.  The song is quirky yet catchy - in typical Patrick Wolf tradition, with an emphasis on the quirky. It has elements of pop, elements of folk and bits of rock and electronica sprinkled throughout - very David Bowie-esque, if you ask me.

Patrick Wolf - The City (Richard X Remix) by Your Army

The video (BELOW) was directed by Kinga Burza and filmed in Santa Monica, California.  Also worth a listen is the new Richard X remix of "The City," which you can listen to above.  Lupercalia is due out May 30th on Hideout/Mercury Records.  Can't wait for this one!

Check out Patrick Wolf on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Alexis Jordan - Good Girl

Hard to believe pop singer Alexis Jordan is only 18 years old. What a voice! In the video for her new single "Good Girl," Jordan struts her stuff around looking all fresh faced as if she'd just finished filming a Neutrogena commercial. In addition to being a great singer Jordan appears to have some quality dance moves down as well.

Jordan first rose to fame in 2006 when she audition for the first season of America's Got Talent. Singing a rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," Jordan made it to the next round but was eliminated in the semi finals. After America's Got Talent, the South Carolina-native and her family moved to Atlanta and Jordan started releasing music on her YouTube channel. By 2008 Jordan's YouTube videos were racking up millions of views, ultimately getting her noticed by production super team Stargate (Beyonce, Brandy) who had her fly to New York and record some material. During her time working with Stargate, Jay-Z caught wind of the talented young singer and signed her to his label, StarRoc/Roc Nation/Sony Music.

First single "Happiness" was co-written by Joel Thomas Zimmerman (AKA deadmau5), Autumn Rowe, and co-written and produced by Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen. While failing to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, "Happiness" went straight to the top of both the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Dance Airplay charts. The single also peaked at #3 on the UK Singles chart and #3 in Australia where it's been certified Gold, shipping over 35,000 units.

Single #2, "Good Girl" is due for release in the UK on February 20th, followed by the release of her self titled debut album on February 28th. So far "Good Girl" has been remixed by UK dance outfit Freemasons. Considering "Happiness" was remixed by the Wideboys, Dave Aude, Jump Smokers and Michael Woods, I can only imagine that "Good Girl" will also get some more remixes. Alexis Jordan is a beautiful young talent. Catchy, slick dance pop. That's what I like. Bring on more of the same! Download the "Happiness" remixes on iTunes HERE.

Good Girl BMF
Uploaded by BlakMusicFirst. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Check out Alexis Jordan on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: David Guetta feat. Rihanna - Who's That Chick?

Check out the newly released video for David Guetta's Rihanna collaboration, "Who's That Chick." This is actually the third video shot for the song, the first was used to promote Doritos' global music event 'Late Night.' The most recent video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund (who's currently working on the new HIAM video for Britney Spears), the cartoonishly colorful video features David Guetta DJing on a space ship while Rihanna dances on a funky, space disco somewhere amongst the stars. While the portion of the video featuring Guetta is new, the footage of Rihanna comes from the original Doritos' footage.

"Who's That Chick" was originally released on November 22nd. It peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #51 and at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart. The song is currently at #37 on the Top 40 airplay charts and climbing fast. "Who's That Chick" fared better in the UK where it managed to peak at #6 on the UK Singles chart and went all the way to the top of the UK Dance chart. "Who's That Chick" is the latest single from Guetta, who's 2009 album, One Love spawned such hits as "When Love Takes Over," "Sexy Bitch," "Gettin' Over You" and "Memories." A re-issue of the album, One More Love is available now featuring 8 of Guetta's biggest hits including "Who's That Chick." What's more, Guetta has paired up with YouTube lip-syncing sensation Keenan Cahill on a video megamix. Check that out HERE.

David Guetta will be attending the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on February 13th to see if he wins 'Best Remixed Recording' for his mix of Madonna's "Revolver." Winning this year would make Guetta a 2-time Grammy winner, following last years win in the same category. Currnently, Guetta is hard at work on his next record, due out sometime in 2011. Expect him to preview some new tunes when he appears at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on March 27th.

Check out David Guetta on the web:

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Fenech-Soler Sign to Warner Brothers' Label B-Unique, Release Debut US Single in March

Nominated for a Q Magazine 'Next Big Thing' Award, UK electropop band Fenech-Soler is looking to be the next best thing over here in the States as well. Fenech-Soler is set to release their new single, "Demons" in America on March 15th (the single is due out in the UK on February 7th) on B-Unique/Warner Brothers Records. The foursome known as Fenech-Soler (Ross and Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler and Andrew Lindsay) independently released their debut single, "Stop & Stare" in the UK last May and quickly started generating buzz. The song received BBC Radio 1 airplay and reached the Top 10 of the Dance and Indie singles charts which ultimately lead to their major label record deal with Warner Brothers.

Starting out in Kings Cliffe, a small village in the hinterlands of Northamptonshire, brothers Ben and Ross Duffy joined up with friend Daniel Soler and started to make music. Tapping into their influences - The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Soulwax, SMD - the boys started writing their own electronic tracks using laptops and synthesizers. Drawing from more diverse influences - George Benson, N.E.R.D., The Whispers, Michael Jackson and Queens of The Stone Age - the band began to flesh out their sound. Eventually the another mutual friend, Andrew Lindsay came along and broght another element to the group - live drums and synths - an ingredient which would help turn their music into what it is today.

Starting out playing small clubs, Fenech-Soler gathered experience under their wings and started to make a name for themselves based on their live sets. The band's big break came when French DJ/remixer Alan Braxe asked to release one of their songs - "The Cult of Romance" - which Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac would later feature on her 2009 compilation. Groove Armada saw the foursome play a party and subsequently asked Fenech-Soler to join them on tour, even featuring Ben as lead vocalist on the single, "Paper Romance." What a whirlwind!

"Demons" will be the first single released in the U.S. The single is "a dizzying shot of Parisian synths and pop melody, a typically immediate tale of late night confusion and self doubt, propelled with urgent dance floor beats." Check it out on February 7th in the UK and on March 15th in the US. Expect some HOT remixes to boot. A full length album and U.S. tour dates are expected so stay tuned!

Check out Fenech-Soler on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Well, here we have the new Avril Lavigne video and, just like I said about the song, I like it but I'm worried about what other tricks Lavigne has to pull out of her sleeve with this album. She's already said that "What The Hell" is the only really "POP" song on the album so what does that leave us with? I guess we will have to wait and see, but in the meantime let's take a peak at the video for "What The Hell."

Directed by Marcus Raboy (Shakira, Dixie Chicks) the video portrays a typical rebellious Lavigne playing hard to get with a sexy male love interest. Despite being riddled with obvious product placement (Sony, Black Star and Forbidden Rose - Lavigne's own perfume lines) the video is a fun little romp and the perfect parallel to the Max Martin-produced song. Watch out for a cameo by Lavigne's own mother, who appears as a store clerk in Abbey Dawn. Precious.

Chart performance-wise, "What The Hell" seems to be doing alright. It debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #13 and on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart at #6. The song managed to peak at #8 on the Canadian Hot 100 and debuted at #4 on Canada's Digital Songs chart, becoming her third best debut to date following "Girlfriend" and "Keep Holding On." Over in the UK, "What The Hell" debuted at #29, becoming her twelfth Top 30 hit.

Watch the video (BELOW), download "What The Hell" on iTunes HERE and look out for Avril Lavigne's fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, due out on March 2nd through RCA Records.

Check out Avril Lavigne on the web:

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Liam Gallagher's New Band, Beady Eye Set to Drop Debut Record in March

Formed by three former members of the multi-platinum selling rock group Oasis, rock outfit Beady Eye is prepping to unleash it's music on North America this March. Due out March 1st on Dangerbird Records, Different Gear, Still Speeding will mark the bands North American debut. Written by the band (Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock) and recorded at RAK Studios in London, Beady Eye wrangled in Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews Band, The Smiths) to serve as producer on their debut. "The Roller," is the album's lead single and was serviced to radio last Monday with a digital release on iTunes expected sometime next month. You can also check out the recently released video for "The Roller," below.

Fans have been waiting new Beady Eye material ever since the group first released "Bring On The Light" (download HERE) last fall, where it was downloaded or played more than 350,000 times in a 24-hour period. Signing the band to Dangerbird Records is a big deal for CEO Jeff Castelaz, a longtime fan.
"Like just about everyone else on the planet, I've been a fan of Liam's voice since I first heard it, and I'm thrilled to be a part of his evolution as an artist," Jeff Castelaz, CEO of Dangerbird said. "Beady Eye is a fresh new act with its own sound, and we're honored to have them join Dangerbird's gang."
Beady Eyes first European tour this March sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale so look out for details on the band's forthcoming U.S. dates by signing up on the band's website.

Check out Beady Eye on the web:
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Hot Video Alert: Parade - Louder

This is just what I've been craving! A fresh new girl band from the UK! The girl band pond seems to have all but dried up in recent years, in the UK especially, which is most concerning considering how many great girl bands have come out across the pond - the Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten, Sugababes, All Saints, Girls Aloud, etc. Split ups and splinterings, indefinite hiatuses and failed's all just been too much for me to take! Enter Parade to make me feel all better.

Parade is a 5-piece girl group (Emily, Sian, Bianca, Jessica & Lauren) signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records and their first official single is called "Louder," due out March 7th. Formed in 2010, Parade have keeping busy, working on their debut album as well as going on tour with Shakira and X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke (look HERE for a list of tour dates). The album, which as of right now is untitled and due in the Spring, features top notch collaborations with producers The Fairground (Jay Sean, Alesha Dixon) and Grammy-winner Thaddis 'Kuk' Harrell (Beyonce, Rihanna). The video for first single, "Louder," was directed by Emil Nava, who most recently directed the video for Jessie J's breakout hit "Do It Like A Dude." The single nicely showcases each of the girls talents, calling to mind some of the classic Spice Girls videos from the late 90s/early 2000s. The song itself is a fun, flirty pop song reminiscent of something we might hear from The Saturdays.  Looking forward to hearing more from Parade in 2011! Watch the video for "Louder" below and watch this space for more details on their debut album.

Check out Parade on the web:

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Marsha Ambrosius Set to Release Debut Solo Album in March

Back in August I did a post on ex-Floetry member and current J Records solo artist Marsha Ambrosius' first single "Hope She Cheats on You (with a Basketball Player)." The song was a great re-introduction for me as I had loved Floetry back when they were making music together and I've been eagerly awaiting more details on her latest solo project.

Ambrosius has a powerful voice that shines and a point of view and opinion that really comes through in current single, the emotionally-charged "Far Away." The video for "Far Away" was conceptulized and directed by manager Julius Erving III and tackles bullying, gay bashing and suicide - 3 issues that have been all too prevalent in the news recently. These issues are all deeply concerning and deeply personal for Ambrosius, who lost a friend to suicide. According to Ambrosius in a recent interview with the Associated Press:
"I lost a friend and I've had friends that have attempted suicide. There are people that don't have a voice to speak out and show what is happening and what can happen, so I just wanted people to see the honesty in it and be aware." {SOURCE}
"Far Away" is the second single to be lifted off of Ambrosius' new album, Late Nights & Early Mornings, an album on which she took the creative reigns, writing and producing the majority.  Aiding Ambrosius in the creation of the soulful new record we have Alicia Keys, Dre & Vidal (producers of Floetry's hit single "Say Yes"), Just Blaze, Rich Harrison,  and more.  Ambrosius readily admits that there's a strong male influence in her songwriting.  Among her inspirations - Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince.  In speaking on her songwriting, Ambrosius is honest and candid:
“My pen and my point of view has a certain aggression to it because I’ve listened to a lot of male influenced music, which I think makes me one of the most outspoken writers out here. Sometimes as a woman you don’t wanna say what’s on your mind for fear of being judged. But why wouldn’t I say it like that if that’s how I felt?”
Fans can check out Marsha Ambrosius' singing "Portuguese Love" as a tribute to Teena Marie on BET Honors, set to air February 21st on BET. Meanwhile, check out the video for "Far Away" below and the stunning artwork for Late Nights & Early Mornings above. The tracklisting for the album can be seen here. Download "Far Away" (HERE) and "Hope She Cheats on You (with a Basketball Player)" HERE.

Late Nights & Early Mornings track listing:

1. Anticipation (Intro)
2. With You
3. Late Nights & Early Mornings
4. Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)
5. Far Away
6. Lose Myself
7. Your Hands
8. I Want You To Stay
9. Sour Times
10. Tears
11. Chasing Clouds
12. The Break Up Song
13. Bonus Track - Butterflies (REMIX)

Check out Marsha Ambrosius on the web:

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Jennifer Hudson Premieres New R. Kelly-Produced Single, Sophomore Album Drops in March

Jennifer Hudson is back in a big way. Her new R. Kelly-written single, "Where You At," premiered on January 24th and it's a stunning piece of R&B magic - a powerful comeback for a talented young lady who's been through quite a lot these past couple of years. "Where You At" is the first song to be lifted off the American Idol alum's sophomore album, I Remember Me, out March 22nd on Arista Records.

The title of the album, I Remember Me," comes from a poem written by Hudson, transformed into a beautiful song co-written by Ryan Tedder (Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson). In addition to Tedder, and R. Kelly Hudson collaborated with superstars and hit-songwriters including Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Rich Harrison, Ne-Yo and Stargate. Sounds like a very promising follow up to a very successful debut.
“I’m excited about this album because it’s almost like a renewal for me, reflected through the chapters of my life,” comments Jennifer. “I’ve called it ‘I Remember Me’ because of the journey I’ve been on. I’ve learned that life constantly surprises you, no matter your plans. My fans have been so loyal, I feel like they have been on this journey with me and I can’t wait for them to hear the new album.”
Hudson's first album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 as well as the R&B chart. Her first single, the Ne-Yo/Stargate-produced "Spotlight" peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop SongsBillboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, #8 on the chart and #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. As successful as her first Grammy Award-winning album was, there's always room for growth. According to Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment, her second album delivers and then some, securing Hudson as one of the great vocalists of our time.
"Jennifer is the voice of the new generation and she literally soars on her second album ‘I Remember Me.’ Jennifer fulfills all of her promise and all of the prophesies that she will be on that short list of great vocalists of our time."
That's quite the vote of confidence from a man who knows his shit. The song is a masterclass in R&B balladry, showcasing Hudson's strength as a powerhouse vocalist. The range, the emotion, the sheer power of her voice all come through in "Where You At." So glad to have Jennifer back doing what she does. Jennifer Husdson's latest movie, Winnie, about the life of Winnie Mandela is currently in post-production and is expected out sometime this year.

Itchin' for new Jennifer Hudson music? Well after you listen to "Where You At" below why not go and download Jennifer's rendition of "Feelin' Good," recorded for Weight Watchers.

Check out Jennifer Hudson on the web:

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Tinie Tempah To Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Debut Album Due in May

The tides are shifting folks. I think my musical tastes may be evolving yet again. The more I listen to Tinie Tempah, the more I start to question my musical interests. While Hip-hop has never been a genre of music that I've shied away from, it's never been a genre that I've sought out or craved. In the past I would listen to a hip-hop song I liked over and over again, but that would be the end of it. Now, I don't know what it is with Tinie Tempah, but I just can't get enough.

Yes - there are HUGE differences between U.S. hip-hop and UK hip-hop. Artists like Tinie, N-Dubz, Example, Plan B, and Professor Green infuse different styles of music into their hip-hop beats, primarily of the the electronica persuasion. I think it's this melding of genres that initially captured my attention and made me listen. 2010 turned out to be a tremendous year for Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu Jr. (AKA Tinie Tempah). Not only did his debut album go #1 on the Official UK Album Charts but Tinie has two #1 hits ("Pass Out," "Written In The Stars") and four Top 5 singles under his belt. As if that wasn't enough to brag about, Tinie won two MOBO awards (including one for 'Best Newcomer'), was nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award and has 4 pending BRIT Award nominations this year (the BRITS will air on February 15th). WOW!

With the UK eating out of his palm, Tinie Tempah now turns his his sights on the US as he prepares to release his debut album in America this Spring. As the 'best selling UK newcomer of 2010,' Tinie hopes his international success translates into Stateside success. His debut album, Disc-Overy is due out on Capitol Records May 3rd and will feature songs from his UK debut as well as new material recorded just for the album's U.S. release. Things are looking up for Tinie as MTV has already named him an "Artist to Watch in 2011" and Entertainment Weekly named "Written In The Stars" the next big hit of 2011" (download it on iTunes HERE).

To help promote the album's U.S. release Tinie Tempah will be bringing his energy to various festivals including Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and SXSW. A full fledged U.S. tour is also expected in March with tour dates and venues to be announced shortly. In the meantime, catch Tinie Tempah in his first ever U.S. television performance this upcoming Wednesday, February 2nd when her performs "Pass Out" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  "Pass Out" is currently available to download on the iTunes U.S. store HERE.

Check out the videos for "Pass Out" and "Written In The Stars" below and the video for his next UK single, "Wonderman" featuring Ellie Goulding HERE. "Wonderman," is due out March 6th.

Check out Tinie Tempah on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble

The video for Keren Ann's new single, "My Name Is Trouble" is simply stunning. While we do have back up dancers and some light choreography, both are understated here, shining the spotlight deservedly on Keren Ann and her beautiful voice.
“I was looking to create a robotic yet feminine atmosphere with a modern choreography—one that I am able to follow not being the greatest dancer of all times,” says Keren Ann of the video. “The dress by Alexandre Vauthier is very important. The director, Benjamin Seroussi, has his own true sense of aesthetics. I wanted a blend of architecture and motion with a twist of a religious cult.”
Simply gorgeous. The voice as well as the video. Keren Ann's voice has elements of both Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor - two of my favorite singer/songwriters in recent years. Her flawless transition from lower to upper register is beautiful to hear in this song and very reminiscent of Jewel's signature style in songs like "Who Will Save Your Soul." Her overall look is interesting - dare I say very French? Her striking features and severe hair style provide quite the contrast to the soft and sweet sound of her vocals. It shocks me very much that THIS is the first I'm hearing of Keren Ann, especially considering that her forthcoming new album will be her sixth overall.

This worldly beauty was born in Cesaria, Israel and is now based in Paris and Tel Aviv - when she's not on the road, that is. 101, Keren Ann's sixth studio record, will be her first in nearly four years. Her first two records were recorded in French, followed by Not Going Anywhere back in 2004, released through EMI and featuring English recordings of four songs found on La Disparition, her second album. On the new album, Keren Ann brings "a new energy, a broader range," and "a sense of new ground broken." 101 is a collection 10 songs, each produced, composed, arranged and engineered by Keren Ann - a true labor of love. "Ultimately 101 embodies what Keren Ann`s music is all about: the songs, the voice, the sound."

To help support the release of 101 on March 22nd, through EMI's Blue Note Records, Keren Ann will be embarking on a 14-date North American Tour, kicking things off with two NYC shows at the Bell House and the Bowery Ballroom. Additionally, Keren Ann has the extreme honor of performing with ?uestlove (of The Roots) April 17th at the Kimmel Center as part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. Check out the list of tour dates below and see Keren Ann on tour. Also, make sure you pick up a copy of her new single "My Name Is Trouble" on iTunes (HERE) and watch the beautiful video for the song below.

Tour Dates:

April 17/Kimmel Center/Philadelphia, PA
June 7/Bell House/Brooklyn, NY
June 8/Bowery Ballroom/New York, NY
June 9/ICA/Boston, MA
June 11/The Warhol/Pittsburgh, PA
June 13/Lincoln Hall/Chicago, IL
June 14/Cedar Cultural Center/Minneapolis, MN
June 17/Triple Door/Seattle, WA
June 18/Biltmore Cabaret/Vancouver, BC
June 19/Doug Fir Lounge/Portland, OR
June 21/Yoshi’s/San Francisco, CA
June 23/Casbah/San Diego, CA
June 24/McCabes/Santa Monica, CA
June 25/Luckman Fine Arts Complex/Los Angeles, CA
June 28/Drake Hotel/Toronto, ONT

Check out Keren Ann on the web:

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E-Type Back on the Scene with New Max Martin-Produced Single

It's been about 3 years since we've heard anything new out of Swedish singer/songwriter E-Type but the wait is finally over. After a recent dinner with his good friend, producer Max Martin, E-Type decided that the time to unleash his particular brand of europop unto the world was now. Pairing up with Shellback (P!nk, Britney Spears, Adam Lambert) and Savan Kotecha (Usher, Celine Dion, Leona Lewis) E-Type wrote this brand new future smash, "Back 2 Life." Produced by friend, Max Martin and Shellback the song is a welcome return to form for the artist, who's 15 years in the industry has brought out hits like "This Is The Way," "Here I Go Again," and "Set The World On Fire." While there are elements of past singles present in "Back 2 Life" the song is a bit of a sonic evolution for E-Type. Gone are all of the rap bits and big scale church choir choruses. "Back 2 Life" is a sleek, electro-pop track in line with what's blowing up at the clubs right now (i.e. David Guetta, Taio Cruz, Black Eyed Peas). Listening to some of E-Type's old material, it sounds a bit dated now. "Back 2 Life" brings his sound into the 21st century where he belongs.

The single premiered on Swedish radio earlier this month and was released digitally on January 21st. Fans can expect an EP to released through Universal Music Sweden later in 2011, including the single "Back 2 Life." Check out the song below as well as a remix from Ali Payami (Agnes, Basshunter). Nice to have E-Type back. Can't wait to hear what's next for him!

Check out E-Type on the web:

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