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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sky Ferreira Unveils Debut Album Details, Releases 'Obsession' Video

Pop's next big thing, Sky Ferreira just released the video for her first official U.S. single, the Ryan Tedder-written "Obsession" and it's NOT what I expected at all. The video features 18-year old Ferreira as an obsessed fan of actor Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill). Bizarre? Random? Yes. Creative? Absolutely. The beautiful, young model-like Ferreira looks gorgeous throughout as the Marc Klasfeld-directed video chronicles her stalkerish relationship with the 53 year old actor.

"Obsession" is the first U.S. single to be released off of Ferreira's debut album, due out January 11th (1/11/11). Already garnering buzz with the release of promotional single "17" and her first international single "One," Ferreira is looking to keep the momentum going with the release of "Obsession" here in the States. Despite receiving features in NME, Dazed & Confused, The Sunday Times, MusicWeek and RWD, debut European single "One" only managed to peak at #64 on the Official UK charts. Rather disappointing, considering. Calling all pop pessimists...I wouldn't discount Ferreira's chart potential JUST yet though. Working with the likes of Bloodshy & Avant, Greg Kurstin, Linda Perry, Dallas Austin, Paul Epworth, Teddybears and Frankmusik...I think it's safe to say that Sky Ferreira has a few more tricks up her sleeve.  Her debut album looks like it's going to be RIDDLED with miniature pop masterpieces.
"Imagine some of the ska glamour of Gwen Stefani, the party-all-night-looks of Ke$ha, and a dash of Bjork. Got all that? If so, you're probably conjuring up Sky Ferreira." (via Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog)
"Obsession," already available on iTunes, has been getting some prime time exposure, having been included as a "Now What's Next" Bonus Track on the digital release of Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 35 not to mention an appearance on the soundtrack to the CW drama The Vampire Diaries out October 11th. Not bad! "Obsession" is due to be released November 8th in the UK.  This album is looking to be one of my most anticipated this winter. Can't wait!  Check out the "Obsession" video below. The as yet untitled album will be released on Capitol Records here in the States and Polydor in the UK. In the meantime, check out this awesome live cover of Miike Snow's "Animal."

Check out Sky Ferreira on the web:

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Introducing...'An Introduction to Ellie Goulding'

Fresh off her MuuMuse-approved NYC debut at the Hiro Ballroom on September 30th, one of my favorite UK imports, Ellie Goulding is at the cusp of a planned U.S. domination.  OK OK. Domination might be TOO strong of a word, considering Ellie's only done two shows so far here in the states, but I have high hopes for this 23 year old English singer.  It seems as if the stars might be aligned for me getting to see Goulding live.

September 21st saw the release of the 4-track EP, An Introduction To Ellie Goulding, through Cherrytree Records, home to Lady Gaga, Robyn, and many other influential electro-pop artists from all over the world.  The EP gives U.S. audiences a little taste of what her debut album Lights, (produced by the uber-talented Starsmith) has to offer.  In her native UK, Goulding's debut album shot up to #1 and her popular single "Starry Eyed" has received over 10 million views so far on YouTube.  Garnering a whole mess of praise in the UK from NME, Q, and winning The Critics Choice Award at the 2010 Brit Awards is just the beginning for this talented "electro-folk-acoustic-pop" singer/songwriter.  Starting out as a support act for electro pop/rock acts Little Boots and Passion Pit, Goulding has come a long way indeed, selling out her third UK headlining tour.  According to a press release:
"Ellie’s songs mix heartfelt emotion with other-worldly atmospherics,
spinning electronica into dreamy warmth. If you see her live, you can expect to see her play guitar and drums."
 In addition to her headlining show in New York City, Goulding dazzled West Coast audiences on September 28th, doing a live set at The Roxy.  Ellie will be back in 2011 to support the "special" release of her debut album in America.  Download a free track called "Wish I Stayed" HERE and watch the video for the infectious single "Starry Eyed" below. Also be sure and download the EP now.  See the "Introduction" tracklisting below. Also available for download is a live EP of Goulding's iTunes Festival performance this year in London.  Ellie overload! Here's hoping this next tour brings her out East again.


1. Starry Eyed
2. Guns and Horses
3. The Writer (Live Acoustic Version)
4. Lights

Check out Ellie Goulding on the web:

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Ray LaMontagne to Co-headline with The Levon Helm Band

Ray! WHY do you gotta do me wrong! I just want to see YOU live! While seeing David Gray live was great, what's with the co-headlining gigs? Fresh off a nationwide tour with David Gray, Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs are about to embark on ANOTHER co-headlining tour, this time with the Levon Helm Band.  The tour kicks off November 2nd in Jacksonville, FL and wraps up on November 12th in Austin, TX.  Despite skipping over the Boston area this time, I couldn't resist a post about my favorite smokey-voiced crooner from the Northeast.

LaMontagne's 4th studio album, God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 and went to the top of the Digital album charts.  Last month, first single, "Beg Steal or Borrow" went #1 on the AAA BDS and Mediabase charts making for his first radio #1. Well done sir! It's about freakin' time Ray had some success on American radio.

One of Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, LaMontagne's tourmate Levon Helm is a "legendary musician and rock icon," having played with the likes of both Ronnie Hawks, Bob Dylan and of course The Band.  Levon Helm and the Band are the subject of Martin Scorsese's rock documentary, The Last Waltz, which was filmed on Thanksgiving 1976 at the Winterland Ballroom. This was Levon Helm and The Band's last concert performed together. Since then, Helm has released solo albums and won numerous prestigious accolades including a Grammy and a Recording Academy lifetime achievement award as an original member of The Band. This musical pairing sounds like a match made in heaven. Tickets are on sale now. Catch them in a city near you!

Tour Dates:

Nov 2/Times Union Center of Performing Arts/Jacksonville, FL
Nov 4/Pompano Beach Amphitheater/Pompano Beach, FL
Nov 5/Ruth Eckerd Hall/Clearwater, FL
Nov 7/Saenger Theatre/Mobile, AL
Nov 8/BJCC Concert Hall/Birmingham, AL
Nov 10/Orpheum Theatre/Memphis, TN
Nov 11/Verizon Theatre @ Grand Prairie/Grand Prairie, TX
Nov 12/Bass Concert Hall/Austin, TX

Check out Ray LaMontagne on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Charlotte Church - Back To Scratch

I'm NOT a fan of the new Charlotte Church pop single, "Back To Scratch" and I don't forsee this one being a "grower" either. There's something about it that just DOESN'T work.  We all know that Church started out her career as a child opera singer and it worked out well for her...for four whole albums it worked out well for her. Then she went ahead and went pop back in 2005 with her Tissues and Issues album. Tissues and Issues was Church's second highest charting album in the UK behind her debut, producing two top ten and two top twenty singles. Being that this was the first audiences had heard from Church since 2001's classical album Enchantment, there was something pleasantly unexpected about her "new sound."  I actually really enjoyed singles "Crazy Chick," "Call My Name" and "Moodswings (To Come at Me Like That)," especially the former two. They were solid pop tracks.  New single "Back To Scratch" is NOT a solid pop track. Not by a long shot.

Five years after the release of Tissues and Issues, Church is ready for a musical comeback of sorts and if this first single is any indication of things to come, she might find herself going back into hiding.  Back To Scratch (the album) is due out October 25th on indie label Dooby Records and features production from Martin Terefe (Jamie Cullum, KT Tunstall) and Sacha Skarbeck (Adele, Duffy).  Church claims that the sound of the album is a "new different sound but also one that goes with my voice," and unfortunately I don't agree.  The song sounds like it's trying to be a pop song, but her voice is trying to be classical, too heavy on the vibrato. When you throw the video into the mix it turns into even more of a mess.  The video LOOKS to be a slick pop video, but looks can be deceiving.  Un-mute it and it just doesn't work.  I would agree with Church, who has called the new songs "quirky" but I don't necessarily think that's a good thing. The title track and first single was digitally released on September 19th.  I may be judging a book by it's cover here, the cover being the first single and the book being the new album...but so far...not so good. Here's hoping the rest of the album isn't such a musical contradiction.

Check out Charlotte Church on the web:
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Attention UK Rihanna Fans...Win a Free Makeover from Ri-Ri herself!

Um. JEALOUS of London pop music fans. Rihanna took to her Twitter to announce a contest for UK fans.
@rihanna LONDON!!!!! Let’s go shopping girls, win your chance to come hang with me this Monday here! Stay tuned.....
@rihanna Here is the link...Let's shop!
 Amazing opportunity here!  Enter a contest to have Rihanna makeover 5 UK fans over at Top Shop's Oxford Circus location this upcoming Monday afternoon around 4PM.  Rihanna's coming to Top Shop's Personal Shopping suite to offer fans the chance of a lifetime.  As if meeting Rihanna isn't enough of a treat, the five winners will be able to take home the outfit Rihanna chooses. To enter, leave a comment on the Top Shop official blog explaining why you want a style consultation with Rihanna.  The international pop star will hand pick her five favorite responses. Get cracking Rihanna fans!

Rihanna's new single "Only Girl (In The World)"  is due out on October 25th in the UK. The single is already out in the U.S with a video coming soon!  Rihanna's 5th studio album, Loud, is out November 12th in Australia, November 15th in the UK and November 16th in the States. Get ready for new Rihanna! In the meantime, check out this video teaser for "Only Girl (In The World)."

Check out Rihanna on the web:

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KT Tunstall to Tour North America, Tiger Suit out on Tuesday

I had the pleasure of seeing KT Tunstall perform a live set at Earth Fest a couple of years back in Boston. It was a short set and she was just sort of getting started here in the States. I believe at that time "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly I See" had been released in the States, giving Tunstall a launchpad of sorts over on this side of the pond...but subsequent singles never really saw as much success in the States as those two. Sad really, considering Tunstall's sophomore album Drastic Fantastic peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200 (twenty-four spots higher than her debut album).  "Hold On," the only "Drastic" charting single to be released in the States peaked at #104 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Here's hoping that Tunstall's new album Tiger Suit gets her right back up where she belongs - on U.S. radio stations and on stages and pavillions across America.  Tunstall's talent isn't one that should be cast aside.

In support of Tunstall's third studio album Tiger Suit, due out next Tuesday on Virgin Records, Tunstall will be stepping out on tour (and on TV) this Fall, playing twenty dates starting October 31st in Portland and ending in New York City on December 1st. AMAZING!  Alongside New York-based band Hurricane Bells, KT Tunstall will be playing theaters and clubs, criss-crossing her way from one side of the country to the other.  Tickets are on sale now so get yours!  To mark the release of the album on Tuesday, Tunstall will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno performing her debut U.S. single "Fade Like A Shadow."  Watch the Paul Minor-directed video HERE!  The single is decidedly more up-tempo than her first UK single "(Still A) Weirdo," (watch the video below) which was released last Monday.  That was apparently a calculated move by Virgin Records, who thought that the song might do better on U.S. radio stations. I can't say I blame them, though in all honesty Tiger Suit is a pretty a solid album filled with a bunch of potential singles.  Here's hoping U.S. radio gives her a shot this time around. In an interview with Billboard, Tunstall admits that her new "nature techno" sound might lose some old fans but she remains optimistic overall. "I may lose some fans of the old stuff, but I get the feeling I've already made a few new ones by embracing a bit of experimentation." (via Billboard)

Tiger Suit was produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Editors) and serving with Tunstall on songwriting duties we have Linda Perry and Greg Kurstin, not to mention longtime collaborators Martin Terefe and Jimmy Hogarth. AMAZING! Check out the tour dates below and catch KT in a city near you. Tiger Suit will be released on October 5th.

Tour Dates:

Oct 31/Portland, OR/Crystal Ballroom
Nov 1/Vancouver, BC/Commodore Ballroom
Nov 2/Seattle, WA/The Showbox SODO
Nov 4/Spokane, WA/Knitting Factory
Nov 5/Boise, ID/Knitting Factory
Nov 7/Reno, NV/Knitting Factory
Nov 8/San Francisco, CA/Warfield Theatre
Nov 11/Los Angeles, CA/The Music Box
Nov 12/San Diego, CA/House of Blues
Nov 16/Denver, CO/Ogden Theatre
Nov 18/Minneapolis, MN/Epic
Nov 19/Indianapolis, IN/The Vogue
Nov 21/Chicago, IL/Vic Theatre
Nov 22/Detroit, MI/The Crofoot
Nov 23/Toronto, ON/Phoenix Theatre
Nov 25/Montreal, QU/Club Soda
Nov 26/Philadelphia, PA/The Trocadero
Nov 27/Washington, DC/9:30 Club
Nov 29/Boston, MA/House of Blues
Dec 1/New York, NY/Terminal 5

Check out KT Tunstall on the web:
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Jamiroquai To Release 'Organic' New Album and Single This November

After hearing their new promo single "White Knuckle Ride," it's like Jamiroquai never left! Jamiroquai is one of the first bands that really peaked my interest in dance music. While I think it was "Virtual Insanity" that first grabbed my attention (and subsequently helped break Jamiroquai into the mainstream) there are SO many classics from the band's six album catalog that it's hard to choose a favorite.  In addition to the band's breakout hit, songs like "Cosmic Girl," "Deeper Underground," "Canned Heat," "Little L," "You Give Me Something" continue to pop up on my playlist from time to time and EVERY time one does I hope for a comeback. Well. Looks like I'll be getting my wish next month when Jamiroquai releases their 7th studio album Rock Dust Light Star on November 1st. *HAPPY DANCE*

"White Knuckle Ride," the band's first single since 2006's "Runaway," is a slice of musical heaven and a sign of good things to come from the new album.  Written by band members Jay Kay and Matt Johnson the song marks the groups first single signed to Mercury Records.  To be released as a "taster" on a limited edition vinyl, "White Knuckle Ride" is backed by remixes from Seamus Haji, Monarchy and Penguin Prison so it's looking like this record will be prime club play material. BRILLIANTRock Dust Light Star, Jamiroquai's seventh studio album and the bands' first in 5 years is the sort of comeback I was hoping for.
"At a time when many acts are producing electronic, disco influenced tracks, with "Rock Dust Light Star, Jamiroquai have moved on from the sound they helped popularize and reverted to a more organic, live sound."
Interesting. I'm not going to lie..."White Knuckle Ride" kind of sounds like another Jamiroquai song to me. Perhaps I need to go back and listen to the old catalog again, but I don't think this is a bad thing in the slightest.  Perhaps the re-jiggering was done under the hood, and not audible? Perhaps I just haven't listened to it enough. Regardless of whether or not the new sound is actually new, Jamiroquai is back and I'm beyond thrilled with the result.

According to frontman Jay Kay, "Everything on the record is live. It's a real band record. The last, album - fantastic - but the whole thing became a little sterile. This time we've captured the flow of our live performances."

Maybe that's the problem! I need to see Jamiroquai live! While it doesn't appear to have a U.S. release date just yet, here's hoping. The first official first album single "Blue Skies" will be released in November 1st, the same day as the album release and is described by the band as "pure class" and "an epic, blissful, sun-kissed Californian mid tempo song with lush string arrangements and perhaps Kay’s most emotive vocal to date." Can't wait! Check out the video for "White Knuckle Ride" below!

Check out Jamiroquai on the web:
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