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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amy Studt Parts Ways with 19 Recordings

Amy Studt
Photo by Andy Fallon (via MySpace)

I was sad to read that Amy Studt, a favorite British pop star of mine since I first heard her second single "Misfit," (off her fabulous 2003 album False Smiles) has parted ways with her management and record label (19 Recordings) and will be venturing out into the world as a free entity. According to Amy on her MySpace blog:

Amy Studt
Photo by Andy Fallon (via MySpace)

"It just came down to them not being the right company for me and it being the right time to part ways. They have been wonderful to me over the last 10 years I have been with them and I wish them all the very best."

This isn't the first time Amy has been dropped by a major label. In 2004, Polydor dropped her after her album and latter single failed to match the success of her first couple singles).

Amy Studt
Photo by Andy Fallon (via MySpace)

I guess things seemed to be heading in this direction, when her most recent album, My Paper Made Men (released digitally May 5, 2008 & physically March 2, 2009) and subsequent 3 singles failed to impact the British Charts. Frankly, I was surprised when the label decided to release the album in physical form to begin with, given that "Furniture" and "Chasing The Light" failed to chart at all.

Amy Studt - My Paper Made Men Amy Studt - Nice Boys
I bought the album digitally on 7Digital (back before international licensing issues halted that from happening) and would love to get my hands on a physical copy. It's definitely a departure from the poppy sound that comprised False Smiles. Darker, more lyrically & melodically complex, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a fun album (though I love the dance remixes that were done for third single, "Nice Boys").

Amy Studt

Scott Archibald photography for Who's Jack Magazine, via MySpace

What I like about this album is that it shows us who Amy Studt is as an artist, songwriter, etc. I love when artists take risks and show their true selves. While Amy probably would have sold more records had she gone the pop route again, she didn't want to compromise her artistry. Unfortunately, it's a risk that didn't pay off in the long run.

Amy Studt

Photograph by Kate Sullivan (via MySpace)

What's next for Amy? According to her blog, she's taking part Sony Erickson/Vodaphone Inside Tracks project, where you can follow her and a few other artists as they go out eating, shopping and partying around London.

Amy StudtAdditionally, Amy is off to New York next week with her guitarist Connor McDonald and his band mate from Napoleon. She's also aiming to hit up LA for some songwriting, time permitting. Best of luck Amy. You're a true talent.

Check out Amy Studt on the web: Official Site/Official Forum/MySpace/YouTube/Bebo/Facebook

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Noisettes - A Little Bit of Everything

Noisettes - Wild Young HeartsSo one of the CDs I bought while in London a couple weeks ago was the new album from the Noisettes, a UK indie rock band. Why did I buy this CD? Honestly, I bought it because it was one of the new releases that was going to be out there while I was there. Also, I bought their previous album, What's The Time Mr Wolf? so I knew that I liked their sound.

Noisettes - What's The Time Mr Wolf?The thing is, I never really listened to the album the full way through, choosing instead to listen to a few of the singles ("Scratch Your Name," "Don't Give Up"). This was at the time that I was walking into Newbury Comics after work and buying CDs from bands that I wanted to check out (the CD also happened to be on sale).

Shingai Shoniwa
While listening to my iPod at work last week, one of their songs came up on my random pop playlist. I was instantly hooked! Lead singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa has an interesting voice that calls to mind, Amy Winehouse. Their last UK single, "Don't Upset The Rhythm" is an infectious, up-tempo jam and the rest of their new album, Wild Young Hearts, (also the name of their first single off the new album) is solid through and through. If they're ever back in the States, I'd love to see them live!

Shingai Shoniwa
According to Radio 1, their 3rd single will be "Never Forget You," (June 15th).

Check out Noisettes on the web: MySpace/LastFM/YouTube

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Kylie Minogue Announces her first North American Tour!

Kylie Minogue - 2009 North American TourBAH BAH BAH BAH!!! I was so excited when I was catching up on today's Tweets and read that Kylie is touring the States for the first time this Fall! While not a huge tour, it's still a 6 city North American Tour! Kylie is hitting Oakland, CA, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and New York and hitting in a big way, according to Perez Hilton on Twitter.

Kylie Minogue - Promotional Photo
@PerezHilton: Just got off the phone with Kylie! I don't wanna reveal her surprise for the tour. But, she promises to bring a BIG production to America!

Sure, I've never seen Madonna live (that's partially because tickets start at $100 +) but I'm willing to drop $75 on a ticket to see Kylie Minogue. Yes. I am ready to jump on a plane, train or bus to go and see this lovely lady. I remember doing gym class relay races in 1st grade to her song "Locomotion!" Ridiculous! I must see her! The question I see her in New York City or do I see her in Sweet Home Chicago?

Kylie Minogue - Promotional PhotoChicago of course is my home town, so I'd kill two birds with one stone...well three birds. Family, friends and Kylie. The downside is I would have to get an airline ticket. New York is closer but I don't really have a guaranteed place to stay. Regardless, I need someone to go with. Anyone? Cricket...

Tickets go on sale May 16th through Ticketmaster.

Sep. 30 Oakland, CA Fox Theater
Oct. 3 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl (Palms Hotel & Casino)
Oct. 4 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
Oct. 7 Chicago, IL The Congress Theater
Oct. 9 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
Oct. 11 NYC, NY Hammerstein Ballroom

Here's the official press release:

For Immediate Release


Kylie’s 6-City Tour Kicks Off September 30th
Includes A Performance At The Historic Hollywood Bowl In Los Angeles

Multi-Platinum Aussie Superstar To Make An Appearance
on NBC’s “TODAY” With Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb On May 8th

Latest Release Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008 Available Now

(New York, NY – May 6, 2009) – North American fans of international pop superstar Kylie Minogue will finally get a chance to experience the icon live in concert when her 6-city tour kicks off in Oakland, CA on September 30th (full schedule below). Over the course of her extraordinary 20-year-career, Minogue has been a global force in pop music with more than 40 million albums sold worldwide, 50 hit singles including the U.S. Billboard dance-chart toppers “Can’t Get You Our of My Head,” “Love At First Sight,” “Slow,” and the Grammy-Award winning “Come Into My World,” countless awards and accolades including an OBE from the Queen and 8 sold-out world tours including last year’s KylieX2008 tour which traveled to 21 countries throughout Europe, South America, Dubai, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, generating and estimated $70,000,000 in ticket sales. Kylie couldn’t be more excited about her first tour through North America.

“I’ve wanted to tour in America and Canada for years and know that fans have been waiting a long time for this,“ said Minogue. “I’m thrilled that the opportunity has finally arrived.”

The tour is being produced by Los Angeles-based concert promotion firm Bill Silva Presents (BSP). Company CEO Bill Silva commented, “Kylie has such a successful career outside of North America that it has taken quite a while to find a window in her schedule for the U.S. and Canada. Her amazing fans in North America will be well rewarded for their patience when they experience her show and its entire spectacle. We are confident in the tour’s success, and hope that Kylie will make this the first of many tours to our shores.”

Tickets will go on sale in each market on the weekend of May 15, however early access to tickets in the U.S. will be available to American Express Cardmembers beginning this Thursday, May 7, through Ticketmaster. Members of's mailing list will receive an email that contains information of special ticket pre-sale offers.

Kylie’s last visit stateside was in early 2008 with a promotional trip to support the release of her 10th studio album X (Astralwerks/Capitol) in which she performed on Ellen, Dancing With The Stars and the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Kylie has since toured the globe with KylieX2008, hosted the prestigious Brit Awards, earned her 5th Grammy® nomination, released a range of bed linen called “Kylie at Home,” released her 5th fragrance “Couture,” released Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008, and traveled to Mumbai to participate in the most expensive Bollywood feature film ever made entitled “Blue.” In addition to a cameo role in the film, Kylie performs the main musical number written and recorded with internationally renowned composer AR Rahman. Kylie shows no signs of slowing down with the announcement of the North American tour and plans to commence work on her 11th studio album.

Kylie Minogue released her first single “Locomotion” in July 1987. The Little Eva remake became an instant hit around the world and launched the music career of the now icon. Kylie is one of the world’s most successful female artists with over 40 million albums sold, 50 hit singles, ten studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVD’s, plus her Greatest Hits and Ultimate Kylie double album, multiple video packages and eight world tours.

Since 1979, Bill Silva Presents (BSP) has produced over 10,000 events from small clubs to major stadiums all over the world. Shows produced have included such prodigious talents as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, The Police, Madonna, Nirvana, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. BSP have also produced North American Tours with Dr. Dre’s “Up In Smoke Tour,” the most successful hip hop tour of all time; and international tours with comedian Margaret Cho.

For information on Kylie’s North American tour please visit the Kylie Minogue North American tour widget at For more on Kylie Minogue, including news updates, photos, streaming audio and video, and downloads, please visit

For album artwork, photos and other press materials on Kylie, please visit

Visit Kylie on the web: Official Site/MySpace/iLike/LastFM

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