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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kimberley Locke Sets Her Sights on Another No. 1 Dance Single with 'Strobelight'

Looks like all of those #1 Billboard Dance Hits finally did the trick. Kimberley Locke is finally releasing a dance record!  After topping the dance charts with the remixes for "Fall," "Change" and "Band Of Gold," Kimberley Locke is releasing a song that has me dancing even BEFORE the remixes are released.  "Strobelight," produced by Cutfather and Paparazzi is pure disco-pop perfection.  I've always loved Locke's sound...despite note watching American Idol during her season.  While R&B isn't always my cup of tea, you can't help but stop and notice talent when you hear it, and Locke's got talent!  "8th World Wonder" is still one of my jams!  Whatever Randy Jackson did to help make this possible - Randy, Dawg...I thank you!

Now that we've heard the first single, I'm intrigued to hear what the rest of the album is going to sound like?  Is it all going to be up-tempo or is THIS going to be the one club track on the record?  I'm all for a bit of variety, but Kimberley! This is what I want to hear!  Locke is already out promoting the record, hitting up Miami last week at the Winter Music Conference and says via her MySpace Blog that some media and TV appearances are being finalized.  It appears that Locke has her sights set on conquering the Billboard Dance Chart for a fourth time with her new single.  According to Locke via Twitter, remixes are in the works including a remix by the incomparable Tony Moran. EEEEE! I wonder who else is on the remix?

@Fool_4_Music @kimberleylocke Glad you're doing a dance single. Surely we'll get some remixes right? Remixers <3 YOU!

@kimberleylocke @Fool_4_Music Yes, we are hard at work getting the remixes back and ready to go :)

@Fool_4_Music @kimberleylocke sooo excited. Must have it on my iPod STAT!

@kimberleylocke @Fool_4_Music Less than a week!!! Just wait until you hear the Tony Moran remix!!! 

"Strobelight" is out digitally next Tuesday, April 6th.  Get it on iTunes folks! In the meantime check out Kimberley Locke's American Idol blog on US Magazine online!

Check out Kimberley Locke on the web:

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Before Kelis...My Whole Life Was Acapella


Kelis | MySpace Music Videos

I LOVE Kelis. The video for her new David Guetta-produced single "Acapella" officially premiered on Monday and it's a stunner. I LOVE all of the tribal influences and Kelis looks absolutely fabulous throughout.

"Acapella" is the first single off of Kelis' forthcoming 5th studio album (her first with Interscope Records). Flesh Tone is due out May 17th in the UK and sometime in June in the U.S. The single was co-written by Kelis, Makeba Riddick and Jean Baptiste and features remixes by Dave Audé, David Guetta and Bimbo Jones. It's available on iTunes now in the U.S. and will be released April 26th in the UK. For Flesh Tone, in addition to David Guetta, Kelis roped in talent like Benny Benassi, Diplo, Boyz Noize, Switch and Now THAT's a solid club record right there. Lookout for Kelis performing "Acapella" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on April 6th.

I have high hopes for this single and album. I've been following Kelis since her Kaleidoscope days and really think she's a force to be reckoned with in the industry. I really thought she shined on the Richard X collaboration "Finest Dreams" and other such dabs in electronic music. While I definitely appreciated her R&B/Hip-Hop leanings, that's not where I normally gravitate (although Tasty is undoubtedly one of her best albums to date).

Flesh Tone seems like the logical NEXT STEP after Kelis Was Here failed to impact the charts (aside from "Bossy" which managed to crack the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100). While she achieved a little more success in Europe, electro is where it's at these days - especially if you've got David Guetta guiding you along the path. After topping the Billboard Dance Club charts with "Acapella," it looks like she made the right call! While I would love to see the single do well in other U.S. radio formats, I'm not certain it will. it'll do really well overseas but I'm still holding out hope for U.S. success. We are in the era of Lady Gaga so anything is possible.

Check out Kelis on the web:

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Hot Song Alert: Christina Aguilera - 'Not Myself Tonight'

Well folks. It's here. The debut of the new Christina Aguilera single "Not Myself Tonight"...IN FULL. The verdict? DEFINITELY worth the wait! This song is HOT. I like it because it's CURRENT (God, I feel like that word is so cliche b/c of American Idol), up-tempo and sexy. Considering her last album was a throwback to jazz and old school R&B, a proper club hit was overdue. I also must say that while the song showcases Aguilera's vocals very well, there aren't any crazy, unnecessary riffs (i.e. - "Ain't No Other Man"). Christina's just doin' her thing, backed by slick production and sassy songwriting. We all know the girl can sing. It's definitely smart to make the first single up-tempo and radio friendly. Well done Sony! Written by Ester Dean and produced by Polow Da Don, this single hopefully gives us a little taste of what we can expect from Bionic, due out in the U.S. on June 8th.

Remember "Not Myself Tonight" impacts radio on April 5th and is available to download on April 13th Check out the song above and let me know what you think!

Also check out the brand, spankin' new promo photos courtesy of Hot, right? Oh - and go check out The Prophet Blog for some cool hidden treasures he discovered hiding in the Bionic album artwork. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Check out Christina Aguilera on the web:

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