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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot Video Alert: Mohombi feat. Akon - Dirty Situation

Singer/songwriter and RedOne protege Mohombi is back with his third single, "Dirty Situation," featuring Akon on guest duties. Anyone getting a sense of deja vu here? It all sounds very "Taio Cruz" to me here, not that it's a bad thing. Taio Cruz knows a little bit about hits, considering he's successfully crossed over from the UK with #1 and #2 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 ("Break Your Heart," "Dynamite") not to mention a Top Ten album on the Billboard 200 chart. Mohombi, on the other hand has yet to taste any U.S. success. First single, "Bumpy Ride" (which I posted about HERE) failed to impact the charts here in the States. While it did well elsewhere in Europe, his official debut single in the UK, "Miss Me" featuring American rapper Nelly only managed to squeak by at #66 on the official single charts. Here's hoping that trusty rapper Akon does the trick with single #3. So far...not so good.  Released in Europe in November, "Dirty Situation" has only managed to peak at #39 and #92 in Poland and The Netherlands respectively. Yikes.

Mohombi is signed to RedOne's 2101 Records, a joint venture with Universal. His debut album Movemeant is due out in 2011. U.S. fans pick up Mohombi's "Bumpy Ride" on iTunes. The single version is available HERE OR get the remix EP HERE.

Check out Mohombi on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The Lines

Greyson Chance should just get used to the Justin Bieber comparisons right now. That's all I'm saying! While that's certainly not a bad thing, it will be important for him to maintain his own image and sense of individuality. This 13 year old singer/songwriter is definitely one to watch. His version of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" became an instant hit on YouTube with over 34 million hits and counting. That performance got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who eventually signed Chance to her newly formed record label, ElevenEleven (in association with Maverick/Geffen Records). His debut single, "Waiting Outside The Lines" was released at the end of October and features a music video directed by Sanaa Hamri.  The video features the young Chance playing the piano and singing, very much like Vanessa Carlton in her "A Thousand Miles" video, minus the swarms of female fans.

Chance is currently working on his debut album, expected out sometime next year. While we're waiting, check out the video below for "Waiting Outside The Lines" and download the single on iTunes HERE. Also worth a look, Chances' stunning "Paparazzi" cover (HERE) that started the whole craze as well as his performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HERE). Justin Bieber, watch your back!

Check out Greyson Chance on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Jenefer Siân - Call You Out

You may remember when I posted about upcoming singer/songwriter Jenefer Siân while back and how she had started an online campaign to raise funds needed to shoot her new music video. Well...the end result is here! A beautiful (albeit short) video for Jenefer's new single "Call You Out" is done and ready to be seen! Directed by Alan Wain and funded by fans using a website called, the video is very slick and features the gorgeous and talented Siân strutting around looking sexy and sassy and sounding great. Wrangling in Wain is quite a feat in and of itself, considering he's worked as a producer and editor with a variety of artists including Michael Jackson, Sting and Carly Simon. We can expect Siân's EP (including "Call You Out") in early 2011. In the meantime, fans can pick up her previous singles, "Take A Number" and "Operate" on iTunes now released by Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. Get them HERE.

Check out Jenefer Siân on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Kandi - Haven't Loved Right

For those of you who read my blog with any regularity, you know that there are certain genres that I barely touch on. Hip hop, country, rock and R&B. There are artists in each of these genres that I respect and admire and I really do respect all genres of music. Like anyone, I have my favorites. As far as R&B is concerned...I just don't care for slow jams. I just don't! I need something with a beat. Something I can MOVE to. That all aside, if I hear a beautiful song, whatever the tempo, I'm going to take notice. Kandi Burruss' new single, "Haven't Loved Right" stopped me in my tracks and made me take notice.

I'll be honest, I'm a reality TV whore. More specifically...a Bravo reality TV whore. Ever since Kandi, formerly of R&B girl group Xscape, joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta last season I've been drawn to her. She's real. She's got talent. She's got depth. She's got a personality. She's not fake or phony like a lot of reality show "characters." She's genuine. I also got excited because I knew that she's be working on music while filming the series and that the audience would get to see inside that world.  Sure, she's writing for cast mate Kim Zolciak but it's her solo relaunch that's most captivating to me.

When I learned that her ex-fiancee, AJ Jewell (who appeared on the show) was killed, my heart went out to Kandi. "Haven't Loved Right" is the perfect tribute to AJ, a man who was clearly an important part of her life.  The song is about how she hasn't been able to love anyone else since he was taken away. That's some deep, raw emotional stuff right there! The performance in the video is gripping.  Kandi looks gorgeous in a slinky purple number, performing against a black backdrop, while images of AJ periodically pop up on screen.  Watching Kandi record the song on RHOA really tears at your heart strings.  She's still so clearly affected by his memory and the personal meaning that these lyrics have for her

Kandi's second solo album, Kandi Koated, is out now via Kandi Koated/Asylum Records. Download it on iTunes HERE. Check out the video for "Haven't Loved Right" below. On a more positive note, check out the recently released video for new single "How Could You...Feel My Pain" HERE.

Check out Kandi on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Frankmusik - The Fear Inside

Frankmusik (AKA Vincent Frank) is one of those artists I'm proud to say I've known about for years. Signed to visionary U.S. record label Cherrytree Records, Frankmusik just released his debut U.S. single "The Fear Inside" on December 14th on U.S. iTunes. He released it here in the states BEFORE releasing it in his native UK, which is pretty sweet. I feel like the U.S. is always the last to get certain imports so whenever an artist I love from across the pond releases something over here FIRST...I get a little bit giddy. For those of you familiar with Frankmusik's brilliant debut effort, Complete Me, don't worry. "The Fear Inside" doesn't lose any of the glittery 80s electro beats that saturated earlier singles like "3 Little Words," "Confusion Girl" and "Better Off As Two." If anything, "The Fear Inside" kicks things up a notch, going a little bit darker and more mature.

Lifted from his forthcoming sophomore release, Do It In The AM, "The Fear Inside" is a glimpse of things to come from the talented twenty-something Brit. According to Frank, the single "is a song about relieving the pressures and complications of the modern world through the strength of a close and intimate relationship." American fans can download "The Fear Inside" on iTunes HERE, while British fans can pick up the digital EP on UK iTunes including remixes from song co-writtter by songwriter/producer/Cherrytree head Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum, James Whitehall, Digiraatii and Guéna LG (Glam As You). Shot in downtown LA, the video was directed by Guillaume Doubet (Natalia Kills). Check it out below.

Check out Frankmusik on the web:

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Kim Zolciak Unveils 'Google Me' Artwork

While the vague release date time period has long since passed, I and the rest of the world, eagerly await the release of Kim[berleigh] Zolciak's second single..."Google Me."  If the recording and rehearsal process seen on Bravo's hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta is any indication, "Google Me"  has the makings of a dance club hit.  Serving as the long awaited follow up to Kim Zolciak's multi-platinum debut "Tardy For The Party,"  "Google Me" is a kitschy, yet fun dance pop single - as good as anything Zolciak's released previously.  A true artist now, Zolciak now goes by her full name (?) KIMBERLEIGH and has really stepped things up artistically speaking...when it comes to the artwork department.  Remember the original artwork for "Tardy For The Party?" YUCK!  No word yet on the release date for "Google Me" but watch this space. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the lovely artwork and watch Kim sing her way through a live performance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live HERE!

Check out Kim Zolciak on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Adele's new music video is pure perfection. It's the stunning visual complement to a near perfect song. The artfully directed video by Sam Brown features Adele front and center looking stunning in a black evening dress, hair pulled back, seated in an old chair just singing in an empty room. Less is DEFINITELY more in this video. Honestly, what more could you possibly need when you got Adele's powerhouse vocals? Maybe a room full of glasses filled with water, rippling to the beat of this "dark, bluesy gospel disco tune?" DONE. How about a contemporary dancer doing her (?) thing on a dance floor covered in white powder? DONE. China shattering against a wall? A blazing inferno? Drummer playing awkwardly under a stair case? DONE DONE DONE!

Released on iTunes in the U.S. on November 30th, "Rolling In The Deep" was written by Adele and Paul Epworth and went on to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at #68 becoming Adele's second charting single in America. The single comes out in the UK on January 17th, both digitally and on CD single, the latter of which features a B-Side, "If It Hadn't Been For Love." U.S. fans, go download the single HERE, and check out the video below. You should also check out Adele's live performance of the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show HERE. Equally brilliant! "Rolling In The Deep" is the first single to be lifted off of Adele's sophomore record, 21. Pre-Order HERE. Welcome back Adele!

Check out Adele on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes 2.0

Yes, there's already a video for "Skinny Genes," Eliza Doolittle's debut UK single, but that doesn't matter now...because NOW there's a brand new video.  Woohoo! The song was originally released in April of this year and went on to peak at #22 on the UK single chart.  The new version of "Skinny Genes," which is being re-released in the UK on December 27th (in lieu of a rumored new single?) is just as loverly as the original version...probably because it's exactly the same?  Now I'm not complaining at all.  I'll take all the Eliza Doolittle I can get while I eagerly await the release of her debut U.S. record, due out in 2011. The new video is super cute (just as the original was) and features Ms. Doolittle playing dress up and rocking a blonde wig.  While the new video certainly does make me happy, the iTunes release of Doolittle's EP REALLY gets me excited.  I know I'm a bit late with this one but here it goes!  The 5-track EP features Doolittle's three singles to-date PLUS two remixes and three music videos. SWEET!  I honestly can't get enough of Eliza.  Check out my interview with Eliza, grab her EP on iTunes HERE and check out the video for "Skinny Genes" below.  Oh! And before I forget, check out a sweet live performance of Doolittle doing Coldplay's hit from 2000, "Yellow," HERE. was filmed on a moving bus so it may cause motion sickness.

Check out Eliza Doolittle on the web:

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