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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Forthcoming & Recently Released Remixes!

Here are some upcoming remixes that are being serviced to DJs, either digitally or via CD. I'm jealous. I wish I knew how to spin. I'd love to sign up for one of these services. Anyway - these are some of my favs! Can't wait for some of them to surface!
Jordin Sparks - Battlefield: I cannot WAIT for this song to get remixed. I'm thrilled that Bimbo Jones is on the mix. I was hoping for an anthem, not something Bimbo Jones usually delivers. Perhaps some U.S. mixes will surface? What a great track.

Jordin SparksRelease Date: 6/09/2009
Label: RCA/Jive
1. Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
2. Bimbo Jones Club Mix
3. Monk & Prof Mix
4. Monk & Prof Instrumental
5. Radio Edit

Jonas Brothers - Paranoid: I've never really been a Jonas Brothers fan to be honest. It's a bit below my demographic, however I'm willing to give anything remixed by StoneBridge a chance. Last remixes I heard from these boys were the Jason Nevins remixes of "When You Look Me In The Eyes." These sound promising.
Jonas BrothersRelease Date: 6/08/2009
Label: Hollywood Records
1. Stonebridge Edit
2. Stonebridge Club Mix
3. Stonebridge Dub
4. Soul Seekerz Edit
5. Soul Seekerz Club Mix
6. Soul Seekerz Dub
7. Original

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi: I've already heard these puppies and let me tell you - Moto Blanco worked it out (in my opinion). Love, Love, Love! Stuart Price's pop mix is actually a nice alternative to the radio edit. The Yusek mix is interesting as well, though not so good for a dance club. I need to listen to the others. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there were mixes for this track already!
Lady GagaRelease Date: 7/6/2009
Label: Interscope
1. Radio Edit
2. Filthy Dukes Mix
3. Stuart Price Mix
4. Yuksek Mix
5. Moto Blanco Edit
6. Demo Remix
7. James Camareta Mix
8. Bonus - Moto Blanco Club Mix
9. Bonus - Moto Blanco Dub

Metro Station - Seventeen Forever: While I most certainly do NOT want to be 17 forever, I'm interested to hear these mixes. Lenny B also did some mixes for the bands first single, "Shake It" which were alright. I'll give these a shot. I wish there was more of a package here. Oh well.

Metro Station
Release Date: TBC
Label: Columbia
1. Lenny B Extended Mix
2. Lenny B Instrumental
3. Original
4. Instrumental

Royksopp feat. Robyn - The Girl & The Robot: I love most any music out of Sweden, and anything with Robyn on vocals. While I still think I prefer the original version of the song to any of the remixes, the Spencer & Hill mixes are quite nice. I need to give the rest of them a good listen.
Royksopp & RobynRelease Date: 5/27/2009
Digital Release Date: 5/27/2009
1. Radio Edit
2. Album Version
3. Spencer & Hill Remix
4. Spencer & Hill Edit
5. Joakim Remix
6. Kris Menace Re Interpretation
Taylor Swift - Teardrops on My Guitar: I absolutely LOVED the Digital Dog, J Stax and Nevins mixes of "Love Story," so when I saw that there was a Cahill mix for Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar," I nearly died. Of course, I'd rather there be a bunch of mixes - I'll take this one please. Thanks. ;-) P.S. - anyone know how long this "edit" is? Is there a full length mix?

Taylor Swift

Release Date: 6/01/2009
1. Cahill Edit

The Script - Before The Worst: These sexy boys are coming back to Boston soon. They were scheduled to play at the Paradise but the show was cancelled (poor ticket sales?). Last remixes I heard from these guys was "We Cry," with remixes by Bimbo Jones, Ashanti Boyz, Afroganic. I kind of wish "The Man That Can't Be Moved" got some remixes, but beggars can't be choosers. Armand Van Helden (almost) always delivers, so this should be good.

The ScriptRelease Date: 6/15/2009
1. Armand Van Helden Mix
2. Original

Valeriya - Wild: Love this song! Wow. This song AND it's remixes are FIRE! Back when this Russian pop star (who many say is the Russian equivalent to Madonna) released her first UK single - "The Party's Over," it took a while for me to get into it. The remixes were alright, with jams churned out by the Manhattan Clique & Ortega & Gold, the song just wasn't anything special. "Wild" should have been the first single - HANDS DOWN! An impressive remix package includes mixes by Manhattan Clique, Oretega & Gold, Ian Carey and Bimbo Jones. I'll say it again - FIRE!

Release Date: TBC
Format: Digital
1. MHC Remix
2. Bimbo Jones Remix
3. Ian Carey Remix
4. Ortega & Gold Remix
5. Ian Carey Club Mix
6. MHC Dub
7. Bimbo Jones Dub
8. Ortega & Gold Dub

Will Young - Tell Me The Worst: Who's my favorite Pop Idol? Well, it's not Michelle McManus (although I did enjoy the Soul Survivor remix of "Just For You"). Will Young - not only do I have a crush on the guy, but his voice melts a good way. I bought his last album, I also bought a promo for his single "Grace" off of Ebay. Remixes for "Grace" came to us from Fred Falke and Tom Neville. There were also some great remixes for his first single, "Changes," by Chris Lake & Superbass. The new single features remixes by Fred Falke. Can't wait!
Will Young
Release Date: 7/07/2009
Digital Release Date: 7/07/2009
Label: RCA
1. Fred Falke Radio Edit
2. Fred Falke Full Version
3. Fred Falke Dub

Dolly Rockers - Je Suis Une Dolly: Don't know much about these girls, but I love their look and their video. This song is fun and the Soul Seekerz generally churn out a decent pop/dance remix. I'm game.
The Dolly RockersRelease Date: TBC
Label: Parlophone
1. Radio Edit
2. Soul Seekerz Retro Club Mix
3. Soul Seekerz Club Mix

Chris Cornell - Long Gone: Chris Cornell remix. Never thought I'd see the day. Well, that's not true - but still a little surprise. I enjoyed the remixes to "Part of Me" by DJ AM, DJ Demarko, Quentin Harris, Steve Aoki, Kleerup and others. Not bad...nice rock edge...sort of Tommie Sunshine-esque. These mixes for "Long Gone" come to us from Digital Dog, which sounds like fun to me!
Chris CornellRelease Date: TBC
Label: Interscope
1. Digital Dog Club Mix
2. Digital Dog Dub
3. Digital Dog Edit
4. Digital Dog Urban Extended
5. Radio Edit
6. Radio Pop Mix Edit

V.V. Brown - Shark In The Water: While I already own some of these, the promo I got on Ebay wasn't the same one mentioned below. Noticeably and disappointingly absent from my promo were the Wendel Kos Sunlight Mix and the Louis La Roche Dub. Overall, I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something a bit more "housey" but I guess they'll do. Can't wait for her album. It's certainly one of my anticipated summer albums of this year. Girl's got talent for miles.

VV Brown

Release Date: 08/06/2009
Digital Release Date: 08/06/2009
Label: Island
Format: Digital
1. Wendel Kos Sunlight Mix
2. Wendel Kos Dubb
3. Louis La Roche Remix
4. Louis La Roche Dub
5. Crazy P Mix6. Blame Mix7. Zombie Disco Squad Remix

Zarif - Over: Love her. Just got into her, but I already love her. I just started listening to her remixes for "Let Me Back" and now we get word that her second single is already being remixed? HOT! Can't wait. Bimbo Jones, Digital Dog, Paul Jackson - hot trio right there.
Release Date: 9/10/2009
Digital Release Date: 9/10/2009
Label: RCA
Format: Digital
1. Shy Fx & Benny Page Remix
2. Digital Dog Club Remix
3. Digital Dog Radio Remix
4. Bimbo Jones Club Remix
5. Bimbo Jones Radio Remix
6. Paul Jackson Remix
7. Breakage Remix

MSTRKRFT & John Legend - Heartbreaker: I'm sure there will be some mixes of this least I hope so. I love John Legend and I enjoy MSTRKRFT. The combo sounds like a winner to me. I very much enjoyed the remixes I heard of "Ordinary People," and of course the remixes of "Green Light." I have high hopes for this one!
MSTRKRFT & John LegendRelease Date: 7/27/2009
Digital Release Date: 7/27/200
Label: Geffen
Format: CD
1. Radio Edit

Kevin Rudolph feat. Kid Cudi - Welcome To The World: Kevin he pop? Is he rock? Is he R&B? Is he hip hop? I don't know anything about this guy! I love him all the same, but I don't know a thing about him. I could always do some research (and perhaps I will) but for right now, it's all about the music. This promo features mixes from RedTop. There are also mixes floating around from Mike Rizzo. I enjoyed the remixes I heard of Rudolph's "Let It Rock," and I of course enjoy Kid Cudi - so I'll give these a listen.
Kevin Rundolph & Kid CudiRelease Date: 5/31/2009
Digital Release Date: 5/31/2009
Label: Universal Island
Format: Digital
1. Red Top Extended Remix
2. Red Top Dub
3. High Rankin Remix
4. Red Top Radio Edit

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Beth Ditto Called Out for Being a Bad Role Model? - Blimey!

While perusing Perez, I found a disturbing post about this douchey gossip columnist from the UK named Alex Blimes. Blimes took the time today to blog about his distaste for Beth Ditto, her fashion icon status AND her band Gossip. Calling Ditto out for being a bad example to young women b/c of her weight, essentially saying that she's AS bad an example for being fat as a super skinny girl would be a bad example for being skinny.

While Mr. Blimes is certainly entitled to his own opinions, his comments are a bit unnecessary. In reference to the band, Blimey says that they are "the one-hit wonders who provide Ditto with a night job." UGH. What a dick. Gossip's new album Music For Men, (one of my most-anticipated summer albums) is released on the 22nd in the UK and digitally Stateside the next day. Check out the just released video for new single "Heavy Cross."

Check out Gossip on the web: Official Site/MySpace

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