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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Jessie J feat. B.o.B. - Price Tag

Jessie J. is back with her HOTLY anticipated second single, "Price Tag," featuring American rapper B.o.B. The single is decidedly more POP than her successful debut single, "Do It Like A Dude," which went on to the #2 spot on the Official UK Singles chart. With it's reggae undertones and up-beat GIRL POWER lyrics "Price Tag" is a worthy follow up to a an amazing first single. While not as hard hitting as "Do It Like A Dude," "Price Tag" really showcases Jessie J's softer side which I quite like. The fun video, directed by Emil Nava, (who previously directed "Do It Like A Dude" and most recently - Parade's debut video for "Louder") features Jessie J. dressed up like a sexified music box ballerina, a trashy marionette and a variety of other "youthful" fan-TASTY characters. "Price Tag" is the second single to be lifted off of Jessie J.'s forthcoming debut record, Who You Are, due out on Universal March 28th in the UK and on Lava/Universal Records in the States on April 12th. The single is out now on iTunes in the UK.

Check out Jessie J on the web:

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Lauren Pritchard Releases New 'Stuck' Remix, Announces U.S. Tour

I wanted to share this brilliant remix by Adj Buffone of Lauren Pritchard's forthcoming new single, "Stuck," which I talked about earlier last year. Set to be released February 28th on Island Records, "Stuck" is Pritchard's 5th single of her critically acclaimed debut album Wasted In Jackson. Listen to the Adj Remix below:

Lauren Pritchard - Stuck (Adj Remix) by charmfactory

Produced and written with Eg White Wasted In Jackson shows a lot of depth and raw emotion, considering Pritchard is a mere 23 years old. Listen to the original single version of "Stuck" HERE.

Wasted in Jackson is out now digitally (HERE) in the U.S. but will be out physically on February 22nd through Universal. Make sure you catch Lauren in a city near you when she goes out on tour in the U.S. this March.  Kicking off in Little Rock, Pritchard will be joined on tour by Matt White and Brendan James.  Too bad she's not stopping by Boston.

Tour Dates:

March 17/Juanita’s/Little Rock, AR
March 18/Poor David’s Pub/Dallas, TX
March 19/Cypress Saloon/Cypress, TX
March 24/The Soiled Dove/Denver, CO
March 25/Logan Arthouse and Cinema/Logan, UT
March 26/The Reef/Boise, ID
March 27/The Tractor/Seattle, WA
March 31/Red Devil Lounge/San Francisco, CA
April 1/Hotel Café/Los Angeles, CA
April 2/LeStat’s/San Diego, CA
April 3/Rhythm Room/Phoenix, AZ
April 7/The Bottle Neck/Lawrence, KS
April 8/Fine Line Music/Minneapolis, MN
April 9/High Noon Saloon/Madison, WI
April 10/Firebird/St. Louis, MO
April 11/The Ark/Ann Arbor, MI
April 12/Space/Chicago, IL
April 14/Birdy’s/Indianapolis, IN
April 15/The Basement/Columbus, OH
April 16/Musica/Akron, OH
April 17/Diesel/Pittsburgh, PA

Check out Lauren Pritchard on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter//VEVO

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