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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Kelly Clarkson & Daniel Merriweather!

According to both Arjan Writes and Billboard, Kelly Clarkson's new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You" is due out on January 19th! So close! Apparently this album (from what insiders have heard so far) is very reminiscent of "Breakaway." This is good news. I admit that I kind of enjoyed a few tracks off "My December" but not nearly as much as I enjoyed "Breakaway."

Kelly ClarksonDaniel MerriweatherAlso on Arjan Writes, the video for Aussie singer Daniel Merriweather's new single called "Change," featuring Wale. Daniel Merriweather was the voice behind Mark Ronson's brilliant tune last year "Stop Me." He's big in demand now as a featured artist, also appearing as a guest vocalist on Wiley's new track, "Ca$h In My Pocket." Merriweather is uber-talented and very cute to can't wait for his upcoming solo project. Check out a promotional single that came out a while back called "Chainsaw." The boy's got chops!

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Help Re-design My Banner!

So...I have a favor to ask. Is there anyone out there who could do a re-design of my banner? I don't have any art programs or I would totally do it myself. I'm just looking to give this blog a bit of a makeover.

I'm just looking for something with some pictures of some of the artists I talk a lot about. Take a look at the artists in my links section to get an idea.

Please email me! swardkj at gmail dot com.

Thanks in advance!

New Album Artwork

Coverlandia is a great resource if you are in search of new or recent album artwork from your favorite artists. The talented crew of the Coverlandia blog posts official and fanmade artwork for top artists from all over the music charts! Here is some of my favorite official sleeve artwork from the past couple of weeks. What's your favorite? - Via Coverlandia

Still don't think I've heard this song all the way through. Love this album art though. Beautiful!

So glad Melinda Doolittle is back! Loved her on Idol, and while I though Jordin Sparks was more Top 40 material, Melinda had tons of talent, no question! Single artwork is on top, album art below.

I think Daniel Powter (of "Bad Day" fame) looks sexy here.

I love the campaign they are using for Lily's new record! She looks amazing! This is the single (top) and album (bottom) artwork.

Love the vintage look of this. Katy is gorgeous.

Beautiful and festive.

Not 100% sure this is official or not, but regardless. I'm SO excited that Kelly is back with some new material! Word is we can expect to hear this in mid-late January.

Danny Saucedo was a contestant on the Swedish version of American Idol. This is his new single off his new album.

Not sure if Ciara could ever come up with a better set of singles than she had with her last album. "Goodies" and "1-2 Step" were hot! Ts artwork is fun. Love the comic book inspiration!

I guess Beyonce is releasing two singles at a time now? I'm still stuck on "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" and "Diva" isn't really doing it for me. Perhaps it will grow on me. "Halo" is gorgeous, no doubt.

Love Anastacia. Still need to pick up her new album. Perhaps I'll wait to see if it gets released in the U.S. This is her new European single and the sleeve art is virtually identical to that of her first single, "I Can Feel You." The only difference is Anastacia is facing the camera. Her first single's sleeve had an off the shoulder shot. She's stunning! Kind of miss her sunglasses though.

This is the debut single from Alexandra Burke - the new X-Factor winner for 2008! It's a cover of "Hallelujah," most famously sung by the late Jeff Buckley.

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