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Saturday, May 28, 2011

CockNBullKid Releases Debut Album, U.S. Release Planned for Later this Year

CockNBullKid (AKA Anita Blay) is an artist I briefly mentioned in my massive music video round up when I got back from Mexico. Since then, I've been listening to her song "Asthma Attack" on repeat and thought that my love for this song warranted doing a proper post. While I still have trouble saying the name CockNBullKid out loud, I have no problem whatsoever telling people that they need to listen to her music.  I just do it over email instead of verbally.

"Asthma Attack" is the third single lifted off her just released debut album, Adulthood and the follow up to previous singles "One Eye Closed" and "Hold On To Your Misery." Released on Moshi Moshi/Island Records, Adulthood was recorded in London, Paris and Stockholm and produced by Liam Howe (Mariana and The Diamonds, Adele). Look out for collaborations with Gonzales, Peter Bjorn & John's Peter Morén and Metronomy's Joseph Mount.  CockNBullKid just shot a video for just announced single #4, "Yellow," so look out for that shortly.

Adulthood is out now on the UK, download it on UK iTunes HERE. As for U.S. audiences, per a Tweet from the CockNBullKid herself, it's coming out soon so "stay tuned!"  In the meantime, check out fantastic videos for both "Asthma Attack" and "Hold On To Your Misery" below.  Also worth a listen is this live duet between CockNBullKid and Music Is My King Size Bed-favorite Clare Maguire.  Watch these two lovely divas cover Plan B's "He Said" HERE.  CockNBullKid is a complete original.
Check out CockNBullKid on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs - Repo Man (Live on Letterman)

To help psych me out for next week's concert here in Boston, I decided to post a little live video of Ray LaMontagne doin' his thing for Live On Letterman (an online concert of sorts) a couple of weeks back. While LaMontagne did a few songs for the online exclusive set, "Repo Man" was the one featured on the broadcast and it was absolutely brilliant.  The energy that LaMontagne brings to his live performances is electric!  If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Ray perform live then you know that he's a man of few words.  Shy and extremely humble, what LaMontagne lacks in audience interaction between songs, he MORE than makes up for in the actual performance.

"Repo Man" comes from LaMontagne's latest album, God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise, released last August on RCA Records.  The album peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart and went on to earn two Grammy nominations, one for Best Contemporary Folk Album (which it won) and one for Song Of The Year ("Beg, Steal or Borrow").  I'll be there at the Bank Of America Pavillion in Boston next week for his sold out show and I can hardly wait!  Download God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise on iTunes HERE and check out Ray singing "Beg, Steal Or Borrow" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show HERE.  Tickets are available for some of his shows so make sure you check out his full list of summer tour dates HERE.
Check out Ray LaMontagne on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Olly Murs - Busy

I have SUCH a crush on Olly Murs. The runner-up on series six of the UK's X-Factor, Murs is absolutely adorable and unfortunately for me, the video for his latest single only makes me love him more. Due out May 29th in the UK, new single "Busy" was written by Murs, Adam Argyle and Martin Brammer. Taken from his self titled debut album, "Busy" is the fourth single and the follow up to "Heart On My Sleeve," which came out in March. While the song doesn't stray too far outside of the box, at least in terms of his last few singles, in Murs' case that's not a bad thing. He's got that Jason Mraz-quality about his voice, and that coupled with his good looks and charming personality means he'll be around for a while.

The music video features Murs as a seemingly desperate man trying to find love in any way that he can. Directed by Corin Hardy (Keane, McFly) the video was inspired by Lars and the Real Girl, a 2007 indie film about a man (Ryan Gosling) who develops a romantic thing for a sex doll. Of course, Olly Murs is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY singer/songwriter so this is the G-rated version (although there is a shower scene, ladies). The single, which is due out next Monday, features two B-Sides, including one new song and an acoustic cover of "Please Don't Let Me Go," Murs' debut single.  UK fans check out the video for "Busy" below (U.S. readers watch it HERE).  Another easy, breezy summer pop tune from Mr. Murs.
Check out Olly Murs on the web:

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Nicole Scherzinger Releases New Single, Judging U.S. X-Factor This Fall on Fox

You probably already saw my honest critique of Nicole Scherzinger's new song with rapper 50 Cent, "Right There," but if you haven't - let me summarize. Not my cup of tea. Further confirming my feelings towards the song, was Sherzy's lackluster performance of the song on American Idol a couple of weeks ago. The performance itself wasn't necessarily lackluster, but my blase attitude towards the song, combined with Scherzinger's mediocre live vocals + the fact that I'm officially over American Idol this season, made me a little bit indifferent to everything.  Perhaps that wasn't fair to Nicole.  We already know she can sing, so I guess it's good to know that she's human and that she decided to do live vocals WHILE dancing.  That being said, there is some Scherzinger news that I am excited about.

Aside from the upcoming release of her solo album here in America, the recent announcement that Nicole Scherzinger would be co-hosting the U.S. version of X-Factor this Fall actually makes me really happy!  Although NOW, with Cheryl Cole's untimely sacking, it appears that she'll be sitting at the judges table.  Seeing her judge on this past season's UK X-Factor + seeing her as a judge on the U.S. acapella reality show The Sing-Off, I've sort of grown a soft spot for Nicole.  To be honest, the rumors that X-Factor will now have ONE host sounds like a better idea to me.  Anyone remember Brian Dunkleman from series one of American Idol? Didn't think so.  I think Nicole will be great as a judge, it's just a pity that Cheryl Cole won't be a part of it anymore. I was really looking forward to seeing her on TV here in America. It will also be nice to see Welsh TV personality Steve Jones as the sole host as, he's a hot British man and who in their right mind, doesn't love a hot British man?

Joining Scherzinger on the judges panel we have  Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Antonio "L.A." Reid.  Together, they will scour the country for America's next great music act. Very exciting! I'm curious to see if Scherzinger will re-join The Sing-Off for season 3, as it seems like she has a lot on her plate right now. Regarding her X-Factor gig, Nicole doesn't seem to be taking anything for granted, and remains very humble:
"I am thrilled to be asked by Simon Cowell to host The X Factor,” said Nicole, who recently served as a guest judge on the UK version. “I loved working alongside Simon on the U.K. show, and cannot wait to see what he has in store for the U.S. I’m so excited to work with Steve Jones and help discover astounding talent from across the country!"
Good for her. I hope this new gig gives Nicole some good exposure here in the States. If you like her new 50 Cent-assisted single, "Right There," check that out on iTunes HERE. You can also catch the video for the song over on my blog by clicking HERE. I've posted a little behind the scenes footage of Nicole Scherzinger working with 50 Cent on the video for "Right There," so check that out below.
Check out Nicole Scherzinger on the web:

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