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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

DJ-KiCKS + Chromeo = AWESOME

DJ KiCKS + ChromeoWell this is exciting news! The new installment of the DJ-KiCKS series is coming soon and features the talents of none other than Chromeo! DJ-KiCKs + Chromeo = AWESOME. I'm familiar with the DJ-KiCKS series mainly because of Norwegian electro-pop singer Annie's contribution a couple of years back.

Photo by May Truong via MySpace

DJ-KiCKS is a series of albums mixed by various artists for the independent !K7 Records. Past compilers include DJs, producers, and musicians. Included amongst the names - Kruder & Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation, Stereo MC's, Tiga, Chicken Lips, Annie, Hot Chip, Booka Shade and more.

Photo by May Truong via MySpace

Ever since I saw Chromeo perform live last year, I've been craving more from the Montreal-based duo, Dave One and Pee Thugg. With their last release, 2007's Fancy Footwork, I became an instant fan! If you sign up for the !K7 email list, you'll get an exclusive Chromeo synthesized cover of the Eagles "I Can't Tell You Why." This track will definitely keep me occupied until the new DJ-KiCKS album drops. Sign up and get your free Chromeo track HERE.

Check out Chromeo on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook

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Carmen Reece - Right Here - Steamweaver Remixes

I was thrilled when Steamweaver sent me his latest batch of remixes for the Carmen Reece club-stunner, "Right Here." I loved his remixes of Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," so of course I was game to hear whatever he was working on next.

Carmen Reece

Up until now, I hadn't really heard of Carmen Reece. I saw a couple of tracks appear on dance music compilations and on iTunes (including a nice mix from Dave Audé) but I never stopped to listen. I'm glad that I did because this girl has a great voice! Steamweaver's mixes definitely do this song justice. Thanks to these mixes, I'm now a Carmen Reece fan.

Carmen Reece

Download the mixes HERE. Mixes are available in WAV and 320Kbps MP3. The Radio Mix #2 can be heard on Steamweaver's MySpace page. Next up from Steamweaver? Britney remixes!

Right Here (Steamweaver Club Mix) - 9:20
Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #1) - 3:48
Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #2) - 4:31

Carmen Reece - Right Here
Check out Carmen Reece on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter

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My Weekly Last FM Chart

Here's this weeks Last FM chart, chronicling this past week in terms of most listened to artists and songs.

Most Listened To Artists:

This past week, the new Jordin Sparks album came out. As a result, Jordin appears in both my most listened to artists for the week as well as most listened to tracks. I've been dealing with a bad cold/flu this past week, so the soothing sounds of Regina Spektor and Duffy were helpful in making me feel better. Blake I get ready for his new album, Heartbreak On Vinyl...I went back and listened to his debut album, as well as his new brilliant single "Sad Song." Good stuff! Lily Allen...there's always room for Lily! Her music just makes me happy.

Most Listened To Songs:

1. Jordin Sparks - The Cure
2. Jordin Sparks - Don't Let It Go To Your Head
3. Jordin Sparks - Faith
5. Jordin Sparks - Walking On Snow

Hmmm...turns out I didn't to the same song more than twice this past week. All of these songs I listened to 2 X exactly. Other songs that made the list include the rest of the Jordin Sparks record and the Brooke Hogan/Flo Rida jam, "Ruff Me Up."

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New Album Artwork!

First things first...that Holly Valance artwork I blogged about last week? FAKE! I knew it was too good to be true. Holly took to her MySpace blog to address "comeback" rumors, saying "Why would anyone release something without promoting it and anyone hearing it first? It takes months of promotion and plugging to get radio onboard and people in the know about your music." She continues, "For those that wanna hear a new record, it will be done the right way. Like it was last time. You just might be waiting a while."

That being said, I'm a bit dissapointed but not surprised. The artwork reminds me of Jessica Simpson's artwork for "A Public Affair." I knew I would have heard something about a comeback single if it actually existed. Looks like she's taking her sweet time, so good for her. I hope she comes back strong. The girl deserves a music career for sure.

Anyway, here's some other cool other official artwork posted on Coverlandia.

I gotta say...I'm excited to hear the new Pitbull record. I have a bit of a crush on him to...he's HOT. I love that he's infusing hip hop and dance in his new music...first with "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" and now with "Hotel Room Service." The album artwork appears to feature Pit's "Calle Ocho" video co-star Sagia, lookin' fierce as ever in camo body paint.

Honor Society
When I saw the trailer for the new movie BandSlam, I thought "oh no...another High School Musical clone...not to mention the fact that it stars HM alum, Vanessa Hudgens. This movie looks better. Plus, it stars Lisa Kudrow so there's an obvious plus! The boys of Honor Society are cute and talented and are featured on the soundtrack album (via Hollywood Records) for the movie. Check out their new single "Where Are You Now" from the BandSlam soundtrack and see them on tour this summer with the Jonas Brothers.

Here's the single artwork for R&B singer Cassie's new jam featuring Akon. Looks like she's showing off the new haircut that's been photographed recently. It's an interesting look. Cassie is absolutely stunning so I think she'd pretty much look good bald. Looking forward to her new album.

Arctic Monkeys
I enjoy the Arctic Monkeys. I'm not the BIGGEST fan per say, but I have enjoyed the singles that I've heard, downloaded them on iTunes and the like. This album artwork was just too cool looking NOT to post about. I'm interested to hear what these guys have coming next.

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