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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kosovo-Born British Singer/Songwriter Rita Ora Drops Hot Debut U.S. Single & Video

Rita Ora

Hot off the success of her collaboration with DJ Fresh, Kosovo-born British singer/songwriter Rita Ora is ready to make a splash over on this side of the pond, releasing the video for her debut U.S. single "How We Do (Party)."  Produced by hip-hop hit makers The Runners (Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Usher), "How We Do (Party)" is the ultimate party song, borrowing lyrics from Notorious B.I.G.'s 1993 single "Party and Bullshit."  Released March 20th on Jay-Z's Roc Nation, "How We Do (Party)" was written by Andre Davidson, Andrew Harr, Bonnie McKee alongside a troop of other talented songwriters.

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Erik Hassle Releases Heart-Drenched New Single 'Stay', Sophomore Album Due Late Spring

Erik Hassle

23 year old singer/songwriter Erik Hassle has been one a 'Music Is My King Size Bed' fave, ever since he released his debut Swedish album, Hassle back in 2009.  Now, I'm pleased to announce the release of "Stay," (listen BELOW) a first tease off his forthcoming sophomore album.  The sonically stunning power pop ballad was written by Malin Dahlström of the Swedish electropop trio Niki & The Dove and features Hassle at his best and most vulnerable.  The melancholy track starts out with a lovely piano intro before Hassle's flaw-free, heartfelt vocals ease in.  Violins join the piano on the bridge, followed by light percussion and a big emotional second chorus featuring some of Hassle's best vocal work to date.  THIS is why Erik Hassle was born, folks.  He was born to touch the souls of each and every one of us.  "Stay" is a chill-inducing, heart-wrenchingly beautiful ballad that commands your attention with each note and chord.  Simply stunning.

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Hot Video Alert: Keane - Disconnected

Keane Disconnected

I have a treat for all you Keane fans out there - the brand new video for the band's new single "Disconnected."  As I reported this past weekend, "Disconnected" will be released April 20th in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  The video, filmed at a haunted house in Barcelona, was directed by Spanish director Juan Antonia Bayona and writer Sergio G. Sanchez, who first worked together on internationally acclaimed 2007 horror film, The Orphanage.  The duo's next picture, due out later this year, is called The Impossible.  The new film, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, takes place in Thailand at the time of the tsunami that devastated the country back in 2004. 

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Rebecca Ferguson Debuts 'Glitter & Gold' Video, and Remixes, Heads off To America

Rebecca Ferguson Glitter and Gold

Rebecca Ferguson, a Music Is My King Size Bed 'One to Watch,' will release her third single, "Glitter & Gold" April 29th via RCA Records.  Penned by Ferguson, alongside Alex Smith (Example, Natalie Bassingthwaighte) and Paul Berry (Cher, Enrique Iglesias), "Glitter & Gold" was produced by Smith and Mark Taylor (Tina Turner, Diana Ross) and serves as the third single off of her (nearly double) Platinum-selling debut album, Heaven.  The album debuted at an impressive #3 on the UK Albums Chart back in December of last year and will be released in the U.S. on May 15th via Syco/Columbia Records.

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Portland-Based Electrorockers Gossip Drop New Single, Album out May 22nd


31 year old Beth Ditto of the American indie rock outfit Gossip probably has one of the most iconic pop voices of all time, which makes it all the more unfortunate the band is one of the most underrated & under-appreciated in the States right now.  Released March 13th on iTunes, "Perfect World," the trio's latest single, showcases Ditto's range and talent perfectly - restrained and subtle in the verses and big and belty in the choruses.  Ditto's voice is MASSIVE so showing this kind of restraint in a song is truly a beautiful thing to behold.  "Perfect World" serves as the lead single off the band's fifth studio album, A Joyful Noise, due out May 22nd on Columbia Records and produced entirely by Xenomania founder and mega pop hitmaker Brian Higgins (Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Rachel Stevens, Girls Aloud, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kylie Minogue).  

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Hot Video Alert: Chris Rene - Young Homie

Chris Rene Young Homie
For those of you unfamiliar with Chris Rene, he's is the inspirational X-Factor USA contestant (and father of an adorable little boy, Ryan) who's troubled past and now bright future was chronicled during the reality show's first season.  A recovering drug and alcohol addict, Rene had been clean and sober for just 10 weeks at the time of his audition for the popular series.  First performed during his audition and released digitally worldwide on March 13th, "Young Homie" is Rene's first single from his forthcoming debut album, due out later this year on Epic Records.  While never considered one of the competition's true contenders vocally, Chris Rene's spirit and heart warming story carried him to the finals, where he came in third place. 

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