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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Video Alert: Charlotte Church - Logical World

GIRL! Control that vibrato! Don't get me wrong, Charlotte Church's first pop effort, 2005's underrated Tissues & Issues did it for me. Yes, the classically-trained pop star might have seemed a bit out of her element but at least she went for it. While sexy singles "Crazy Chick" and "Call My Name" cast aside any trace of her classical roots in an effort to make Church a contemporary pop star, they also cast aside her "Pie Jesu"-loving older fans. I don't blame Church for crossing over, wanting to broaden her appeal, I just wish that she'd kept the momentum going, rather than waiting 5 years to release a follow up.

"Logical World" is the second single off to be lifted off of Church's new album, Back To Scratch, which peaked on the UK album charts at #23. I have to say, I like it quite a bit better than the album's first single and title track. The song seems to work with Church's voice better than "Back To Scratch" although Church's overpowering vibrato does tend to get in the way here. The very pretty video features the doll-like Church dressed up in a variety of costumes, posing and making funny facial expressions, as is standard policy for any music video. Considering Church's first single has yet to chart, the chances of "Logical World" charting when it's released on November 22nd are slim to none but it really is a lovely song so I hope it does well. It's nice to have Church back singing music. I only wish the music were more my cup of tea.

Check out Charlotte Church on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Lykke Li - Get Some

Lykke Li is further proof that all things musically fabulous come out of Sweden. The new video for "Get Some" has Li looking all tribal and stuff, getting down and DIRRTY, grabbing herself and dancing around looking fierce while some eerie black and white video montage plays behind her. The atmospheric and gritty video was directed by Johan Söderberg who's done some video work for Madonna. Very cool stuff. "Get Some," which features a driving rhythmic drum beat throughout, is more ROCK than it is electronica, a style I think really suits the talented singer/songwriter. When paired up with the visually complementary kaleidoscopic visuals of the video, "Get Some" turns into a romping stomping good time. Download "Get Some" for free on Lykke Li's website OR buy it on iTunes with the B-Side "Paris Blue."

Check out Lykke Li on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Lee DeWyze - Sweet Serendipity

It's 'new music Tuesday' and what do we have? A new music video from American Idol Season 9-winner Lee DeWyze of course. The video actually premiered on VH1 yesterday but it's online today, the same day his debut album, Live It Up is released. The video is cute, featuring a snapshot in the day in the life of DeWyze and a pretty girl. The video has the girl running all around the city, following clues he's apparently left for him, all leading up to the inevitable meet-up, where the two (OF COURSE) walk away hand in hand.

While the video might be a tinsy bit cliche, my biggest complaint about the video is the blatantly obvious product placement shamelessly displayed throughout the clip. Cars with voice activated radios, fancy cell phones, etc. OVERKILL. It felt a bit like an American Idol Ford music video and not in a good way (if there is a good way). All of that aside, the song is STILL catchy and a big freakin' deal, considering DeWyze is the FIRST Idol winner to date to receive songwriting credit on a debut single. The David Glass-produced song has yet to make a dent on the Billboard Hot 100 but it has charted on both the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart (#37) and the Adult Pop Songs chart (#38). Lee DeWyze is a talented guy with a great voice so I wish him all of the success in the world. I just wish the video played a little bit less like a commercial.  Lee's debut album Live It Up is out now. Get yourself a copy.

Check out Lee DeWyze on the web:

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Hot Video Alert - Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk (NEW VIDEO)

Back when I first heard that singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon was RE-SHOOTING the video for her #1 Billboard Dance Club hit, "Dirty Talk" I thought - WHY?! After seeing the new video, I get it. The NEW video is the flashy, classy video that Wynter's hit single deserved in the first place. While I do find the original fairy tale interpretation of the Armen Djerrahian-directed clip CHARMING, the new video (directed by Sarah Chatfield) is a sleek, chic step up for sure. Featuring the Jupiter Ace-produced "Dirty Talk" + 5 other tracks, Wynter's The First Dance EP is available to download NOW. Get it!

Check out Wynter Gordon on the web: