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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Kristin Chenoweth - I Want Somebody (Bitch About)

I was THRILLED when I heard that Broadway singer and television actress Kristin Chenoweth is releasing a new studio album and single. What I wasn't expecting was a country song!  Really a fabulous little number, "I Want Somebody (Bitch About)" is actually a little bit country and a little bit Broadway, taken from Chenoweth's upcoming fourth studio album Some Lessons Learned, due out September 13th on Sony Masterworks.  Chenoweth's enjoyable little country twang is very reminiscent of her Emmy nominated role on Glee, April Rhodes and makes me wonder what sort of album this is going to be.  At this point, it could go country or it could go Broadway.  To be honest, I could get into either of those options.

Check out the FABULOUS Roman White-directed video featuring Kristin Chenoweth gossiping with her friends in a beauty salon.  As Chenoweth gets into the meat of the song, the video turns into a full throttle, Broadway production number, complete with a big sound stage, lots of backup dancers and fabulous glittery dresses. Ha. As if Kristin Chenoweth needs a sequined gown to shine any more than she already does.  This video is absolutely charming.  Chenoweth's last release was 2008's A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas, released by Sony Masterworks.  The album peaked at #77 on the Billboard 200 chart and #7 on the Billboard Holiday albums chart.  Prior to her Christmas album, Chenoweth released a Christian album, As I Am in 2005, where it peaked at #31 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart.

Download "I Want Somebody (Bitch About)" on U.S. iTunes HERE and get ready for a ChewFu remix of the track.  Per ChewFu himself on Twitter June 16th, "singer Kristin Chenoweth asked me to refix her new single, it's a fun track i should be done this weekend." Can't wait!
Check out Kristin Chenoweth on the web:

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Swedish Dance Diva Therese Releases New Single, Album Due Out in the Fall

If you're as big of a dance music freak as I am, then in all likelihood, you're familiar with a Swedish dance-pop artist by the name of Therese. Therese collaborated twice with Swedish DJ and producer StoneBridge, one in 2004 on the single "Put 'Em High" and then again in 2005 on the single, "Take Me Away." Both singles were massive hits on dance charts worldwide, even hitting #6 and #9 respectively on the mainstream UK Singles Chart.

In 2007, Therese collaborated with Swedish house duo The Attic on a song called "The Arrival," which was a modest success in Sweden, peaking at #18 on the charts. To date, Therese's biggest chart hit has has been her collaboration with Swedish singer/songwriter Danny, who was known for his time on Swedish Idol. Therese featured on the track, "If Only You," and saw it rise all the way to the #3 spot on the Swedish charts.  With so many featured spots, it's about time for Therese to take the spotlight back for herself and I think her new single might do just that.

"Remedy" was released on June 15th, backed by remixes from Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman and Zoo Brazil (Kylie Minogue, Moby). Catch the Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman remix edit below. It's a hot one! "Remedy" follows Therese' last single, "Drop It Like It's Hot," which was remixed for the clubs by Alesso and The Wideboys, climbing up to the #2 spot on The Club Chart and Commercial Pop Chart in the UK. This Fall, Therese will release her first album in nearly 10 years, called Missing Disco. The album, her first since 2002's Acapulco, is actually the first of two mini albums, the second of which will follow later this year or early next year. U.S. fans can download "Remedy" on Beatport HERE. You can also pick up "Drop It Like It's Hot" on U.S. iTunes HERE.
Remedy by UniversalMusicSweden

Check out Therese on the web:

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