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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Delta Maid Releases 'Nashville-friendly' New Single in July, Tours with The Pierces & Bryan Ferry

Following on the heels of her "country-fried" debut single, "Of My Own," Liverpudlian Delta Blues singer/songwriter Delta Maid is back with a followup (and EQUALLY AMAZING) single called "Spend A Little Time."  The single, due out July 10th on Geffen/Future Records, is a "perky dose of down to earth country" and a worthy follow up to her snappy debut.  The "Nashville friendly, blues inspired" song sees Delta rejecting the advances of a big shot big spender in favor of a man who just wants to spend time with her. Listen to what Delta had to say about the song's origins:
"I wrote this after having a talk with friends about prospective partners, a couple of them were a bit guilty of aspiring to go out with someone rich, powerful or famous. That was the trigger for this song. It was a light hearted way of saying money and status isn't everything, well, to me it isn't anyway."
On May 9th, Delta Maid released her debut album, Outside Looking In, to rave reviews from The Sun, who called Maid "Sexy, young and with a talent for writing songs that cut right to the emotional core," and MOJO, who claimed "Outside Looking In has grooves packed with the weathered kind of emotion L'Oreal can't erase." Listen to "Spend A Little Time" below and tell me what you think.

Delta Maid - Spend A Little Time by Delta Maid

Delta is currently in the midst of her first headlining tour in the UK. Check out a list of remaining tour dates, festival dates, and supporting dates with Bryan Ferry and The Pierces below and try and check her out! Pre-order "Spend A Little Time" on UK iTunes HERE, download "Of My Own" HERE or download the album, Outside Looking In HERE.

Tour Dates:

June 15th//LONDON//Bush Hall (WITH THE PIERCES)
June 16th//LONDON//Bush Hall (WITH THE PIERCES)
July 14th//SALISBURY//Lamer Tree Festival
July 15th//Gloucestershire Forestry Show (WITH BRYAN FERRY)
July 16th//Norfolk Forestry Show (WITH BRYAN FERRY)
August 14th//LEICESTER//Summer Sundae Weekender

Check out Delta Maid on the web:

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Ms. Dynamite Set To Release New Single July 18th

Ms. Dynamite (AKA Niomi Arleen McLean-Daley) is a 30-year old UK garage, R&B, hip-hop singer with two BRIT Awards, three MOBO Awards and a Mercury Music Award under her belt.  Her new single, the Labrinth-produced "Neva Soft" is due out July 18th in the UK and will be her first solo single since 2006.  Ms. Dynamite did surface again in 2010, appearing on a couple of dance tracks including the crazy infectious "Wile Out" with DJ Zinc and Music Is My King Size Bed favorite Katy B's second single, "Lights On."  These two recent appearances got me excited thinking that she might again be working on new material by herself.

To date this mega-talent has only put out two albums including her Platinum-selling, critically acclaimed debut 2002 album, A Little Deeper. A Little Deeper featured such top ten hits, "It Takes More," and "Dy-na-mi-tee" as well as the top twenty hit "Put Him Out." In 2005 Dynamite released her sophomore set, Judgement Days, featuring the single "Judgement Day" which peaked at #25 on the UK Singles chart.  A follow up single was scheduled for release however it was cancelled after Dynamite was arrested outside of a London night club.  Further promotion for Judgement Days was scrapped and she soon left her label, Polydor Records.  Between 2006 and 2010 Dynamite was virtually M.I.A. at least on the music front.  She did appear in a couple of reality TV series including The Race (a celebrity car race series) and Hell's Kitchen.

Now it's 2011 and Ms. Dynamite is ready for her comeback.  Don't let the intro to new single, "Neva Soft" fool you.  While the lovely female vocal may call to mind Janelle Monae's "Tightrope," things get quite grimy quite quickly.  The song is a gritty, R&B/Hip-Hop jam with heavy reggae/dancehall influences.  It's a welcome return to form for Ms. Dynamite, whose presence in the music industry has been sorely missed. Check out her official site for a nice little video refresher on her career, as well as a look at what's coming next.  Glad to have Ms. Dynamite back in her element!  Listen to "Neva Soft" below and get happy! {SOURCE}

Ms.Dynamite 'Neva Soft' by lucidonline

Check out Ms. Dynamite on the web:

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