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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confirmed: Official U.S. Tracklisting for Debut Ellie Goulding Album

Yo yo! Check out this cool one-sheet promoting Ellie Goulding here in the States. I was pleasantly surprised this evening when I received an email from Universal Music Group with a digital copy of Goulding's Lights album in advance of it's March 8th U.S. release via Cherrytree/Interscope RecordsAMAZING!

In related news, I also can confirm the tracklisting AND the correct track order for Goulding's U.S. debut album:

Lights (Single Version)
Guns & Horses
Starry Eyed
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Under The Sheets
The Writer
Every Time You Go
Your Biggest Mistake
Salt Skin
Not sure if the album artwork will be different but rest assured, I'll let you know when I know.  Now - let's discuss the tracklisting itself.  I'm semi disappointed that other Bright Lights tracks didn't make the cut - specifically "Little Dreams," "Human," "Home" and "Believe Me."  Maybe they'll show up on an iTunes bonus tracks edition or something?  Here's hoping.  I was also sort of hoping for a couple of COMPLETELY new tracks for the U.S. market.  That being said, her album was virtually perfect as recorded so additional tracks really aren't necessary.  I do think the addition of "Your Song" will be a nice introduction for Goulding here in the States, as it's a song everybody knows and loves.

All in all, I think the tracklisting is pretty solid.  Expect more on the March 8th U.S. release of her album as well as upcoming North American tour dates.  Remember, U.S. fans can download her EP, An Introduction to Ellie Goulding on iTunes now (HERE).  Meanwhile, UK fans can expect Goulding's new single, "Lights" to be released in the coming weeks (no concrete release dates available just yet).  While the video for "Lights" to leaked on the web last week, it's been swiftly taken down by Polydor.  Here's hoping an official version of the video makes its way on to YouTube shortly.  While the embed doesn't work anymore, check out my review of the single/video HERE.

Check out Ellie Goulding on the web:

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Esthero Announces Title of Third Album, 'Everything Is Expensive'

Now I'm not really one to create an entire blog post around one, single who am I kidding. Of course I am! One of my favorite Canadian-born, California-based singer/songwriters Esthero (AKA Jenny-Bea Englishman) Tweeted the working title for her forthcoming third album.
@theRealEsthero: The album is called 'everything is expensive' - mainly because I'm pretty sure 'let's talk about Sax' is taken
I can hardly contain my excitement here! I've been on pins and needles, waiting for new material to surface from Esthero. I first heard Esthero's "O.G. Bitch," which was released as an EP with a whole slew of remixes. At the time "O.G. Bitch" came out I was relatively new to the whole electronica/dance music scene but her smooth soulful vocals sold me almost instantaneously. When her 2005 (Warner Brothers/Reprise) record, Wikked Lil' Grrrls came out I was already a fan. When I started hearing her music on TV and in films, I would get a little giddy because I knew who she was! Why the album didn't solidify Esthero's place in the mainstream is a mystery to me. Wikked Lil' Grrrls is an underrated album if you ask me, one that should have launched Esthero into the stars. Featuring high-profile appearances by Sean Lennon, André 3000 and Cee-Lo not to mention musical gems like "Fastlane," "Thank Heaven 4 You" and of course the title track - this album is still one I listen to today and love.

Breath From Another, Esthero's debut album (Sony/The WORK Group) came out back in 1998 and featured two official singles - the title track, "Breath From Another" and "Heaven Sent." "That Girl" was also released as a promotional single with a companion music video. Admittedly I wasn't familiar with Esthero prior to "O.G. Bitch" and the Wikked Lil' Girls album, but the whole Trip-hop sound of her debut still sucks me in.

While we eagerly await details on her forthcoming album, we're fortunate enough to be graced with some snippets of new music. Listen to a beautiful new song called "You Don't Get A Song" over on This Is Real Music. Also worth a listen - an incredibly stunning ballad from the new album called "Black Mermaid." Want to download some Esthero to hold you over? Well - U.S. iTunes doesn't have Breath From Another but you can get it HERE. iTunes has Wikked Lil' Girls (HERE) as well as "O.G. Bitch" (HERE). Also worth the download, Esthero's "We R In Need of a Musical Revolution" EP (HERE).  Look out for more info on the new album (hopefully) soon!  You can also catch up and ask Esthero some questions via Formspring so make sure you do that too.

Check out Esthero on the web:

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