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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Little Boots - Shake

"Shake" is the latest offering from 27 year old English electropop diva Victoria Christina Hesketh, better known to lovers of classy-not-trashy synth-laden smashes as Little Boots. "Shake" offers listeners a tease off of what's sure to be one of my most-anticipated albums of 2012, the young DJ/singer/songwriter's sophomore album, due out sometime this year via 679 and Atlantic Records.  Released back in November on limited edition vinyl and digital download, "Shake" is a synthy, slinky, sexy little electropop ditty co-written by Boots alongside Ellis James, who also serves as producer on the track.  What the song is lacking in the lyrical department (and it's lacking a lot) it more than makes up for in sick beats.  
"As powerful as it is enigmatic, the cavalcade of pounding kick drums and swirling analog synth tension turbo charge her return with an uncompromising energy," the press release goes on.  "It's tightly woven with those unmistakable hooklines and bewitching melodies that first catapulted Victoria Hesketh into the spotlight, reminding us exactly what we've been missing."  
Coined "a monstrous modern disco epic" (and rightfully so), "Shake" is a thunderous return to form for one of my favorite new artists to emerge in the last few years.  While the song is lyrically deprived, the song does offer up a clear message, which Boots elaborates upon in the release: "I love the statement shake 'till your heart breaks; it's that violent kind of romance that runs through some of my favourite songs." 

Little Boots' debut album, 2009's Hands produced a whole bunch of ear candy, including the infectious singles "Stuck on Repeat," "Meddle," Remedy," and "Earthquake."  Hands turned out to be a star-making release for Little Boots, who's album went Gold in the UK and debuted in the top 5 on the Official UK Album Charts.  Over in the U.S. the album (released Stateside on Elektra Records) hit the top 10 on the Heatseekers Albums chart and spawned a little American tour (which I'm still devastated about missing).  To help promote the singles release, Little Boots embarked on a worldwide DJ tour, spinning all over the globe in a diverse array of locales including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing, all culminating in a ribbon-cutting warehouse bash in London town. Man...wish I could have been there for that!

Little Boots - Shake (Azari & III remix) by LittleBoots

Little Boots- Shake (Crazy P remix) by LittleBoots

I'm including some hot remixes of the track from Miracle, Azari & III and Crazy P for your enjoyment. Make sure you also listen to the smash in it's original form below.  "Shake" peaked at #37 on the UK Dance Singles Chart when it was released last fall.  Download the single on U.S. iTunes HERE.

Check out Little Boots on the web:

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