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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

VV Brown Remixes & My Latest Ebay Music Buying Binge

VV Brown - Shark In The WaterJust when I thought things couldn't get any better. I mentioned earlier this week that VV Brown was releasing "Shark In The Water" as her next single, which is an awesome track with a super sleek video. Now I learn that there's an impressive remix package being promoted by the label? Sweet! I'm definitely on the prowl for these! The promo boasts remixes by Wendel Kos, Louis La Roche, Crazy P and Zombie Disco Squad.

1. Wendel Kos Sunlight Mix
2. Wendel Kos Dubb
3. Louis La Roche Remix
4. Louis La Roche Dub
5. Crazy P Mix
6. Blame Mix
7. Zombie Disco Squad Remix
Check out VV Brown on the web:

Speaking of remixes, while perusing Ebay today I snagged a "rare promo" of mixes for Lily's last single, "Not Fair." At first I questioned the official label as this was the first I had heard of any remixes of "Not Fair. Now...I don't know. I'm thinking it might be legit! Remixes are by Style of Eye, Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud, Kris Di Angelis, Eddie Kid & Richard Searle and others.

Lily Allen - Not Fair1. Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Electro Radio Edit
2. Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Electro Mix
3. Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Bassline Mix
4. Kris Di Angelis & Dobie Circus Remix
5. DJ NG Funky Dub
6. DJ NG Urbance Mix
7. DJ Urbance Long Radio Edit
8. Eddie Kid & Richard Searle Mix
9. Style of Eye Remix
Check out Lily Allen on the web:
My final Ebay purchase today was the new Little Boots promo with remixes. Little Boots is another fantastic UK artist who churns out hot little electro numbers (see "Meddle" and "Stuck on Repeat"). Her new single "New In Town" features remixes by Drop The Lime, Fred Falke and Bimbo Jones, and A1 Bassline.
Little Boots - New In Town
1. Fred Falke Remix
2. Bimbo Jones Remix
3. A1 Bassline Remix
4. Fred Falke Instrumental
5. Drop The Lime Dub
6. Bimbo Jones Edit
Check out Little Boots on the web:

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F**k You Lily, F**k You Very Much

Lily Allen - Fuck YouI was excited to hear that Lily Allen was releasing "Fuck You" as her next single. It's been one of my favorites since before the album came out...since she posted it on her MySpace page. It appears to have been a digital single as the only things out now on CD are promos. There's a dirty and a clean version out now in most countries via iTunes. Check it out!
I also wanted to talk about how much I love the artwork for this album and it's singles. Sure, Lily is photographed wearing the same outfit with the same back drop, etc...but that being's simple and fun. I enjoy simple and fun when it comes to album artwork, just as much as I enjoy something a bit more lavish and flashy. Well done Lily's record label. Well done.
Lily Allen - It's Not Me It's YouLily Allen - The FearLily Allen - Not FairArtwork courtesy of Coverlandia
Check out Lily Allen on the web:
Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Bebo/LastFM

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New Artist to Watch - Paloma Faith

Paloma FaithPaloma Faith is one of another crop of British singers that I'm newly obsessed with. I first heard Paloma when Popjustice did a little feature about her in April. Her debut single on Epic Records is called "Stone Cold Sober" and it's out in the UK on June 15th. I think Faith's voice sounds similar to Duffy's except with a bit more bite. She's a former Burlesque performer and magician's assistant so maybe that's why she's got so much sass and spunk.

Needless to say, I can't wait to hear what else she has to offer. I ordered a rare promo on Ebay that features some remixes by Cicada. Can't wait to hear this girl with a thumpin' dance beat! Check out her MySpace for videos, song clips and more. You can also follow her on Twitter.
Paloma FaithPaloma Faith - Stone Cold SoberCheck out Paloma on the internet:

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