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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Balancing University and Music Career, Luigi Masi Ready For Pop Comeback

Anyone here remember an English pop singer named Luigi Masi? He had a few UK club hits back in 2008, 2009? Well, it looks like after some time out of the spotlight, he's back and ready for a comeback. On June 16th, 21-year old Masi released his new single, "Pick Up Line" on iTunes worldwide.  A total guilty pleasure, "Pick Up Line" is heavily auto-tuned, synthy, sleazy electropop at it's best. Listen to the single below! Oh and keep an eye on Masi's official YouTube page this Friday for a newly commissioned club mix for "Pick Up Line." Looks like Masi has another top ten UK club hit on his hands.

Luigi Masi first hit the UK airwaves back in 2008 with the Jim Beanz-produced "Strobelight," which went on to become Masi's first top 10 UK club hit, backed by a top notch remix package that included mixes by Wideboys, Agent X, and Samson. His second single, the Cutfather and Jonas Jeberg-produced "Armed With Love" went on to become Masi's second top UK club hit, with remixes by Future Freakz and Stamp Crew. Masi dropped his 12-track debut album, Save His Shoes (Bunx Records) in the summer of 2009, featuring production and songwriting collaborations from Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jim Beanz, Cutfather, Jonas Jeberg, Quiz and Larossi, Anton Malmberg, Elias Kapari and Eric Sanicola. In December of 2009, Masi released On Your Radar, a 4-track EP that included his next single and soon-to-be third top 10 UK club hit, "Radar."

In June of 2010, Masi announced via his official site that he was putting his music career on hold so that he could go to school, saying that if everything went according to plan, we'd be hearing from him the following summer. Well, nearly a year later, Masi announced his planned return to pop music, making good on his promise.  I have mad respect for Luigi for shelving his music career in favor of education.  I also respect the fact that he's willing to work his ass off during the summer months in order to give his fans what they want to hear!  It's going to be a busy summer, but surely a exciting and gratifying one.  Download "Pick Up Line" on U.S. iTunes HERE.
Check out Luigi Masi on the web:

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Hot Remix Alert: Black Porcelain - Butterflies (DJ Zinhle Remix

Back in April I named South African singer/songwriter Black Porcelain to your attention, calling her one of my 'Ones To Watch in 2011.' There was just something about her that I inspired me to post. I don't know if it was her soulful vocals or her deep and meaningful lyrics, or perhaps it was her story of wrongful termination from her job as a radio presenter. No matter, her music is what speaks to me now and evidently, it speaks to a lot of people all over the world.

While the original version of her single, "Butterflies" remains a beautiful piece of artistry, a new remix might just make me love the song even more. "Butterflies" was the first single released off Black Porcelain's EP, TheInBetween and it's been given a bit of a dance floor makeover by South African DJ Zinhle. Within two weeks of it's release, the remix was play-listed in 17 countries including Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Italy and even her native country, South Africa. Now given the success of the original track, which was play-listed in 8 countries, the success of the remix is not a surprise. That being said, the fact that Black Porcelain is a label-less independent artist and still seeing this amount of success is very exciting indeed. The Soweto born singer/songwriter is currently in the studio finishing up her debut album, Invincible Summer.
"I called the Album Invincible Summer as it has been a very long journey with many rejections on the way. I was inspired by an Albert Camus quote (In the depth of winter, I finally realised that within me there lay an invincible summer), which described this journey so well."
Scope out the hot new remix below and make sure you check my original post to listen to the single version of the track. So glad things seem to be taking off for this talented artist. She certainly deserves all the success in the world.

Butterflies (DJ Zinhle Remix) by BlackPorcelain

Check out Black Porcelain on the web:

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Malaysian Singer/Songwriter Zee Avi Announces Sophomore Album

Zee Avi, 25, is a talented singer/songwriter from Malaysia. Her second album, Ghostbird (the literal translation for owl in Avi’s native language), is due out August 23rd on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records and Monotone Records. Working with producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Bebel Gilberto), Ghostbird is the follow up to Avi's critically acclaimed 2009 self-titled debut. Since the release of her first album, Avi has been touring extensively, including dates at Outside Lands, Bonnaroo and various venues throughout her homeland of Sarawak, Borneo, where the gifted young artist picked up an International Youth Icon Award.

In addition to being an accomplished singer/songwriter, Zee Avi is also a multi-talented musiscian, playing both the guitar and ukulele. The one time fashion design student was discovered by Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs who passed a YouTube link on to his band's manager, who passed her music on to Emmett Malloy who ultimately signed her to Brushfire Records. Since being signed, Avi has toured with Pete Yorn and had a song featured in the season 2 finale of U.S. TV show Private Practice.
Preceding the release of Ghostbird is the album's first single, "The Book Of Morris Johnson," (which can be downloaded for free HERE) an up-tempo song written after a trip to the Florida Everglades and inspired by the Floridian folk artist of the name. Fans can watch a video preview of the album's recording process HERE, featuring three new songs, "The Book Of Morris Johnson," "Swell Window," and "31 Days In June."  Listen to "The Book Of Morris Johnson" above and download the single on U.S. iTunes HERE if you're interested in supporting the artist.  Also, check out the video for Avi's debut U.S. single "Bitter Heart" below.
Check out Zee Avi on the web:

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