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Monday, July 11, 2011

Up & Coming Club Princess, Eva Releases Second Single

Back in May, up & coming popstar Eva exploded onto the dance music scene with her scandalous debut single "Not My Daddy." Entering the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart at #46, the single quickly climbed the chart, becoming Eva's first top ten dance hit thanks in part to fierce club remixes from Laze & Royal, DJ Skeet, Static Revenger and Pagano. Make sure you check out my 'Hot Video Alert' post from May where I spotlighted Eva's video for "Not My Daddy," where she does her thing with rapper Gucci Mane. It's a sassy little slice of pop/dance heaven hell bent on getting you onto the dancefloor.

Ashes Radio Edits by EvasUniverse

Clearly not one to waste any time, Eva is BACK with a hot new single called "Ashes." Taking it's title from a verse in the popular children's nursery rhyme, "Ring Around The Rosie," ("Ashes, ashes, we all fall down") "Ashes" is another hot club jam from the feisty dance diva. Backed by remixes from Chuckie, StoneBridge, Danny Verde and Laze & Royal, Eva looks to take the club charts by storm yet again.

No word on when "Ashes" will be available to download but you can listen to the hot remixes for the song above and catch out the video below, featuring Eva doing the song live to the Chuckie remix. According to the PR, "The clip is a slice of life on the road for the hard-working singer and dancer, who regularly performs in dance clubs in major cities across the country and rocked the recent Pride festivals in Los Angeles and New York." Get ready to ring around the rosie with up & coming club princess Eva! Download the "Not My Daddy" remix EP on U.S. iTunes HERE.
Check out Eva on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Jennifer Hudson - No One Gonna Love You

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jennifer Hudson but MAN does she over-do it in the acting department in her new video. "No One Gonna Love You" serves as the second U.S. (and UK) single off of JHud's sophomore album, I Remember Me (Arista). "Where You At," was released as Hudson's first single in the States while the album's title track, "I Remember Me," served as the album's first UK single. As expected, vocally, "No One Gonna Leave You" is a tour de force, with Hudson baring her soul, belting out notes like it was her business. As if we needed to be reminded that the girl can SING.

In the acting department however, the Oscar-winning Hudson falters a bit, giving an over-the-top, over dramatic performance, thanks in large part to the insipid and downright banal dialog. The cliche-ridden intro has Hudson waking up in bed with a handsome male model/actor, reminding him of their anniversary.  I'm all for a video that tells a long as it's a good one.  I feel like director Diane Martel gave her lines just for the sake of giving her lines.  We know Hudson is an an Award winning actress but sometimes it's best to just let the song tell the story.  As crappy as the dialog is, it's mercifully short.  What the video lacks in the story department, it more than makes up for in the visual department.  Hudson shows off her slim & trim new figure, sexily seducing the camera with every look.  Hot Hot Hot.

Making it's R&B/Urban radio debut on May 24th, "No One Gonna Love You" was written and produced by Rich Harrison (Jennifer Lopez, BeyoncĂ©).  The single (so far) peaked at #30 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, #32 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, #18 on the Hot Adult R&B Airplay chart and #40 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.  I Remember Me was released on March 22nd, debuting in the #2 spot on both the Billboard 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, just as her debut album did back in September of 2008.  In the UK, the album peaked at #20, besting her debut by one spot.  You can watch the video for "No One Gonna Love You," which debuted on VEVO June 24th, below.  Download Hudson's new album, I Remember Me on U.S. iTunes HERE.

Check out Jennifer Hudson on the web:

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