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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera Join Forces on New Single

Capitalizing on the popularity of The Voice, the latest in music reality TV, Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 cohorts released a new single, "Moves Like Jagger" on June 21st (A&M/Octone Records). The single features Levine's fellow judge and superstar, Christina Aguilera in what I think is rip-roaring, up-tempo dance/pop/rock SMASH worthy of Maroon 5's extensive back catalog of hits and probably one of the catchiest pop tunes to come out so far this summer. While Christina does make an "appearance" towards the end of the track, make no mistake - Levine is the star here, and Aguilera nothing but an after thought.

Upon it's release, "Moves Like Jagger" debuted at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 after quickly rising to the #1 spot on the iTunes chart less than a day after being released digitally. The song was written by Levine, Benny Blanco, Ammar Malik and Shellback and produced by Shellback and Blanco. It becomes Maroon 5's first top ten single since 2007's "Makes Me Wonder" and Aguilera's first top ten since 2008's "Keeps Gettin' Better." The song also marks the first time two 'Best New Artist' Grammy winners have come together on a Billboard Hot 100 hit, telling the story of a man who uses his Mick Jagger-like dance moves to impress and seduce one lucky lady.

Given the seemingly bitter TV rivalry of Levine and Aguilera, it's nice to see the two of them come together here on this single. Maroon 5 hits the road with Train later this month in support of their last album, Hands All Over Me, which was released last September and peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album's last single, "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" failed to make an impact on the charts, peaking at #56 on the Hot 100 chart. The album's debut single, "Misery" has been the album's most successful single, peaking at #14 on the Hot 100. The release and success of "Moves Like Jagger" can only do good things for Adam and Maroon 5 and with Adam and Christina signed on for a second season of the runaway hit reality show, I can only hope that they see continued success. Check out this live performance of "Moves Like Jagger" from The Voice as well as a lyric video for the single.  Also make sure that you download the single on U.S. iTunes HERE.
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Check out Christina Aguilera on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Meital Dohan - Yummy Boyz

If Meital Dohan looks familiar to you guys, there's good reason. Meital starred on the hit Showtime series Weeds during season 2, playing 'Yael Hoffman,' as well as in the critically acclaimed indie picture Monogamy, co-starring alongside Rashida Jones and Chris Messina. In addition to her television, film and stage roles, Dohan is an accomplished playwright and author, writing the book Love and Other Bad Habits back in 2007. Meital Dohan is an author, a playwright and an actress...what else can we add to her resume?  Singer?  CHECK!

On June 12th, Meital (pronounced "Mey-tall”) released her debut single, "Yummy Boyz" on iTunes via Human Loves Human. The Israeli born talent's debut single is a fun little electropop gem of a song with a sassy video that complements the song's sense of humor to a T. The video starts out with some famous historical figures dancing provocatively to the song's intro, while Meital comes strutting out a Nixon (?) mask. Hot, right?  The video continues down this path of comedic seduction straight to the end, with Meital finding herself in a series of compromising situations with everything from sexy firemen, and mannequins, to a President Obama & Bin Laden lookalike and Santa Claus. Pure hilarity.

While I'm not quite sure where Meital is going with her music - comedy or pop - if "Yummy Boyz" is any indication of what we can expect from debut album, I'm In Hate With Love, I'm on board!  The album is expected out later this year, but in the meantime make sure you check out the video for "Yummy Boyz" below and download the single on U.S. iTunes HERE.
Check out Meital Dohan on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Brittany McDonald

Orange County, California native Brittany McDonald is a fresh new pop talent worth a listen. Her new summer single, "Boy Basher" seems almost primed for teen summer movie soundtrack success. The song really does has POP HIT written all over it, from it's infectious chorus to McDonald's matter-of-fact lyrics and phrasing to her overall sassy yet classy tone.  In 2009, McDonald became a finalist in the 2009 International Songwriting Competition for her single "Another Wanna Be," which was picked up by Sony for it's Walkman MP3 advertising campaign {SOURCE}. Currently an unsigned artist, Brittany McDonald is working her connections and posting music on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace hoping to catch a break.  While McDonald seems to be singing right now just for the pure joy that it brings her, here's hoping that she gets noticed real soon. I'd hate to see her sink into obscurity.

Speaking of obscurity, in listening to "Boy Basher" I'm reminded of a certain Hawaiian popstar from the early 2000s named Hoku.  Hoku was a soundtrack queen in her own right, with songs appearing on three kids films between 2000 and 2003.  While Hoku struggled to find success outside of those movie soundtracks, two singles in particular have stuck with me all these years later.  Hoku's  first hit was her top 30 single "Another Dumb Blonde," which was featured in the film Snow Day.  Hoku's next hit, "Perfect Day" was featured in the popular Reese Witherspoon vehicle Legally Blonde, although it only managed to hit #121 on Billboard.  Brittany McDonald's brand of simple, sassy pop music could very well fill the gap that Hoku left behind after sinking into popobscurity.  Check out the lyric video for her song "Boy Basher" below and tell me what you think.
Check out Brittany McDonald on the web:

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