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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Video Alert: Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones

Released back in November, "The Broken Ones" is the first official single from Dia Frampton, one half of the sister-sister singer/songwriter duo Meg & Dia and runner-up on the premiere season of U.S. reality show The Voice.  While I'd heard of Meg & Dia before, I really only got to know Dia for the first time while she appeared on The Voice and it was then that I fell in love with her talent, her beauty and her humble, quiet confidence. Criticize her "lack of personality" if you like but the spotlight of fame isn't for everyone.  For some true, genuine artists, it's really all about the art and I felt it was that way for Frampton.

"The Broken Ones" was penned by Frampton, alongside talented up & coming singer/songwriter Ross Copperman (Jennette McCurdy),Tom Shapiro (Sara Evans, Brooks & Dunn) and produced by Greg Wells (Adele, MIKA, Katy Perry).  Quite the lineup, if you ask me.  The song is heartbreakingly beautiful and sung to perfection by Frampton.  While the song definitely feels as commercial as Colbie Caillat or Sara Bareilles, Dia maintains that free spirited singer/songwriter vibe without leaning too far into Top 40 territory.  While I certainly do miss her brilliant arrangements on songs like Kanye West's "Heartless," it's nice to see Frampton put out an album of original material.

Before her time on The Voice, Dia Frampton had a taste of success while signed with Warner Brothers Records between 2007 and 2010,  For the better part of three years, the girls rode the roller coaster that is being an employee of a major record label.  They toured, they did interviews, they did MTV, they did ads and other various promotional activities but ultimately, it didn't work out.  The album, Here, Here and Here failed to gain much traction, debuting at #103 on the Billboard 200 and ultimately the girls were dropped by Warner, left to fend for themselves as unsigned artists.  Some might call this past dabble with success an unfair advantage on a music reality show, but it's important to remember that The Voice is different than most other reality shows.  The Voice is not American Idol or X-Factor. The Voice doesn't have embarassing audition rounds. The Voice is casting talent and while they probably wouldn't shy away from someone fresh and new, they aren't afraid to give someone a second chance.

When Dia Frampton first set foot on The Voice stage, with her frequent downward glances and awkward mannerisms, you couldn't help but fall in love with her.  When she opened her mouth to sing, and when her fingers touched the piano - that was it.  I knew this girl was going all the way.  Now signed to Universal Republic, Dia Frampton has a new album out and everything.  Red, released December 6th, features top notch production from the likes of Greg Kurstin, Mark Foster (Foster The People), Toby Gad and many more.  Co-writing the entire album herself, Frampton had a little help from friends like Isabella Summers from Florence + The Machine, and Isom Innis, touring keyboardist for Foster The People.  Now that sounds like a powerhouse debut to me.  The album debuted at #106 on the Billboard 200 chart and currently sits at #8 on the Top Heatseekers album chart, after debuting at #1 the week of December 24th.

Check out the video for "The Broken Ones" below, featuring a stunning Frampton frolicking around in the woods with some bad-ass looking kids...not quite sure what's going on, but Dia looks fab and the scenery is beautiful.  It's funny how every bit of awkwardness seems to just melt away while she's in her element.  This girl just excudes passion for her craft. Listen to Frampton's fantastic uptempo new single, the Kid Cudi-assisted "Don't Kick The Chair" HERE and download her new album Red on U.S. iTunes HERE.

Oh...and speaking of The Voice season 2 starts up again February 5th after the Super Bowl on NBC so get excited for that!

Check out Dia Frampton on the web:

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