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Monday, December 27, 2010

UK Singer/Songwriter Delta Maid does the Delta Blues Justice

Don't judge a book by it's cover. If I showed you a picture of 25 year old Liverpudlian (and Geffen recording artist) Delta Maid and told you she was a Blues artist, I doubt you'd believe me. Well, think again. This young talent from the UK can sing the blues for days, and man does she do it well. A self taught guitarist, Delta became strongly influenced by American roots album from a young age. Album track, "The Changes Made," (Download it free HERE) sounds very much like Jewel. Like Jewel, Delta has a sweet, smooth singing voice, especially when she effortlessly goes into her upper register. Absolutely stunning. Listen to "The Changes Made" below:

Delta Maid - The Changes Made by Delta Maid

Delta's forthcoming album will see a variety of Southern influences from the likes of Patsy Cline, Bessie Smith, Dolly Parton and other American greats, all of whom have a spot in Delta's record collection.  What I find so intriguing about international artists who take on distinctly American genres is where they draw their inspiration from. Seeing that Delta's never been to the Deep South, how does she take this music and make it meaningful to her? This speaks wonders about the universal language that is music. Delta finds parallels between her life in Liverpool and life the deep South, where her genre of music originated. Delta explains:
"There’s something really honest about it. It’'s not convoluted in any way. I feel that’s what Liverpool'’s got in common with delta blues, because there’s a lot of honesty there - we tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves. A lot of the language, believe it or not, is quite similar."
UK fans can pick up Delta's debut EP, Broken Branches (download HERE), which was released this summer. Her debut album, Outside Looking In, is due to be released on March 14th, preceded by lead single "Of My Own" on March 7th. The single, described as a "country fried hip shaker" is only a taste of what we can expect to find on her debut album. Expect a variety of a tempos and styles from sultry, laidback swing to tender acoustic ballads. Kudos to Delta Maid for shedding a spotlight on a genre of music, relatively unknown in the UK. Now, let's hope she comes over across the pond and dazzles American audiences with her talents as well.

Check out some live footage of Delta Maid performing at the Shazam Session (HERE) and at the Mahogany Blog Session (HERE) and check out a lovely video introduction below.

Check out Delta Maid on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011...Clare Maguire

Sometimes a voice comes along, so mesmerizing, so unique, so hauntingly beautiful, that you can't help but stop all that you're doing and listen. The last voice that captured me like that was Katie Melua. When I first heard "The Closest Thing To Crazy" back in 2003, there was something in her vocals that hooked me and made me an instant fan. While Melua's voice will always have a special place with me, I was recently left MESMERIZED by another singer's interesting voice - that of the beautiful Clare Maguire. Admittedly, I've seen her name floating around the internet but it wasn't until last week, when I watched fellow music blogger Arjan's (of segment on CNN talking about "Music You need To Hear" that I re-discovered her. Check out the music video for her current single, "Ain't Nobody" below and tell me this lady can't sing?

Maguire's voice is just so interesting, so bewitching. Listen to "Strangest Thing" (HERE) and you kind of hear a little Paula Cole. Listen to "Ain't Nobody" and there are hints of Florence Welsh (Florence + The Machine) and Marina Diamandis (Marina & The Diamonds). I even hear traces of Amy Lee (Evanescence) in her voice. The thing is, I don't think she's drawing influence from all of these artists...this is just how she sounds, this is Clare Maguire's sound and it seems to change with every song. It's easy, as a music fan, to read an interview with a singer, where that singer discusses other influential artists in their career, and then to here traces of those artists in the singer's own music. With Clare Maguire, that didn't happen.  I didn't read any articles or interviews where she discussed her influences growing up.  I just heard what I heard when I listened to her music.  While there may be traces of other artists in her voice, there's no doubt in my mind that Clare Maguire is an original.

Need more proof? Take a listen to this HAUNTINGLY beautiful cover of "Hope There's Someone" originally done by Antony & The Johnsons.

Clare Maguire - Hope There's Someone (Antony & The Johnsons Cover) by Radar Maker

Completely different! While her vocal style in this particular number might not be everyone's cup of tea (it comes across a bit 'old lady in a church choir' with the warbly vibrato) you have to admit, Maguire has a versatile instrument. Listen to this live cover of Maguire doing Fleetwood Mac's "Big Love" for yet another out of left field AMAZING performance!

While we're waiting for Maguire's debut Mark Ronson-assisted debut album, Light After Dark, due February 28th in the UK via Polydor (later in the U.S.), you can download her debut single "Ain't Nobody" which is available as a single and in remix form on iTunes HERE.  You can also download "Strangest Thing" for free on her website RIGHT HERE.  Maguire's next single, "The Last Dance," will be available in the UK on February 20th. Check out a sneak preview of the video HERE.

Check out Clare Maguire on the web:

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Kimberly Caldwell Releases New Single, Debut Album Set for Spring 2011 Release

One year after the release of her debut single, "Mess Of You," Kimberly Caldwell returns with a follow up "Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys." While the year-long span of time between singles, coupled with the fact that "Mess Of You" barely registered a blip on any chart, does not bode for Caldwell, I choose to remain optimistic. She's got some pipes on her. That deep, honey coated voice that I remember from her season of American Idol (Season 2) sounds better than ever now and this "empowerment anthem for people everywhere" is the perfect vehicle to relaunch Kimberly Caldwell into the spotlight.

The song, written by Tommy Henriksen, BC Jean (LOVE her) and Zac Maloy, was released on iTunes on December 7th and features a yet-to-be-released video directed by Lex Halaby. "Desperate Boys and Stupid Girls" will be single #2 from Caldwell's forthcoming debut album, Without Regret, due out in Spring 2011 on Vanguard/Capitol Records. When talking about her jiving with the song, Caldwell says:
“I automatically connected with this song because life is so much brighter and easier when you stop trying so hard to fit in. It’s important to surround yourself with the special people in your life who appreciate you for who you really are and always have your back.”
Listen to "Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys" HERE and check out the stunning "Mess of You" video below. Doesn't Kim look fabulous?  2011 is shaping up to be quite a good year for pop music. Download "Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys" on iTunes HERE.

Check out Kimberly Caldwell on the web:

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G. Love Still Special w/out 'The Sauce,' Releases New Solo Project in February

I have some very fond college memories surrounding G. Love (AKA Garrett Dutton) & Special Sauce. Back in 1999 when I embarked on my college adventure at Indiana University, my roommate Christian introduced to me to Mr. Love - in particular 2 songs: "Rodeo Clowns," and "Dreamin'" - both off of the band's 1999 album, Philadelphonic. There was something about the laidback, chill vocal style of Mr. G Love that took me in and opened my eyes to a new genre of music.

On February 22nd G. Love is set to release a new solo album called Fixin' To Die through Brushfire Records (Jack Johnson's label, distributed by Universal Republic). The new album was recorded in North Carolina at Echo Mountain Studios and produced by Scott and Seth Avett (also known as The Avett Brothers).
"After a chance meeting in Boston last fall, G. Love and The Avett Brothers forged a friendship and bonded over their love of back road blues. After performing together onstage and discovering their shared musical heritage, G. Love invited Scott and Seth Avett to not only produce his new album, but perform on it as well."
Sounds like a collaboration worth listening to if you ask me! The album features some G. Love originals, "rearranged traditionals" as well as a Paul Simon cover ("50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"). AMAZING!

According to G. Love, Fixin' To Die is one of his most personal records to date:
“It was an emotional recording session and I was truly blown away by the level of focus, care and passion Scott & Seth brought to it. It was a tremendously positive and encouraging experience. This is the most inspired I’ve ever felt making a record.”
Starting on March 1st in Nashville, TN, G. Love goes on tour to promote the record, so get excited for that (check out Tour Dates HERE).  In the mean time, go onto G. Love's official site and download the title track from "Fixin' To Die" for free. Check it out HERE.

Check out G. Love on the web:

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Hot Remix Alert: V.V. Brown - Crying Blood (Rieces Pieces Remix)

Ever Since UK singer/songwriter V.V. Brown went into creative hibernation, working on her forthcoming sophomore record, I've been having MAJOR V.V. Brown withdrawl. While news that Brown's "Shark In The Water" made Spinner's 'Best Songs of 2010' list, it was little consolation.  Enter Rieces Pieces to help bring me around. Rieces Pieces is a Tampa, Florida-based pop music producer who recently turned out an official remix of M.I.A.'s XXXO featuring Rap megastar Jay-Z (Listen HERE).  Signed to Grammy-winning engineer Neal Pogue's Fulton Yard imprint, Rieces Pieces has been busy doing his thing for a variety of artists spanning a variety of genres.  This re-tooling of V.V. Brown's debut single, "Crying Blood" is definitely worth a listen!

VV Brown - Crying Blood (Rieces Pieces Remix) by riecespieces

Check out Rieces Pieces on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011...The Scarletz

"Quirky pop with an Apple on top!" Yep. That just about describes new UK pop group The Scarletz. The Scarletz are 4 lovely ladies from London - Bryony Jobes, Claire-Martyne Newman, Katiya Borlante and Tahnee Lee - and together they make music. I am LOVING these girls so far. I've actually been loving them even before I heard anything from them. You see...they all started following me on Twitter, which of course sparked my initial interest. First I got a follow request from 'The Scarletz' followed one by one by each of the girls. No better way to a Tweeters heart than through Twitter, is what I always say.

Today, the girls unveiled a sneak peak at their first official single, "Messed Up" and I can't stop listening. It kind of reminds me of what Olly Murs' music could have been had he been female and joined by 3 lovely ladies. I don't mean this is a bad thing at all. It's sweet, sing-songy melody reminds me quite a lot of the best bits from Olly's first two singles "Please Don't Let Me Go" and "Thinking Of Me." The girls each have their own distinct personality which they seem to be showcasing in all of their promotional materials. Counted among the bands' inspirations - All Saints, The Bangles, Lily Allen, No Doubt...I hear all of these acts in the first 30 seconds of "Messed Up" and I want to hear/see more from these girls right away.  To get more of sense of what these lovely and talented ladies have to offer, download their buzz single, "Lazy Bones" on UK iTunes HERE (listen to the track HERE).  I'm quite feeling their vocal harmonies on this song. HOT! I think I might have "The Scarletz" fever!

"Messed Up" will be available to download in early 2011. In the meantime, listen to a few new tracks and watch the promo video for the new single.  Both of these should nicely tide you over until we get more Scarletz.

Latest tracks by thescarletz

Check out The Scarletz on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: SoundGirl - I'm The Fool

Sassy Sassy Sassy! I am LOVING SoundGirl, a new UK girl group from West London. Debut single "I'm The Fool" is the perfect introduction for these lovely ladies, all of who started out as a friends before jumping into the studio to make some musical magic. SoundGirl are Little Nikki, Izzy B and Olivia and together they make some of the sweetest electro-soul music I've ever heard. One part Floetry, one part Sugababes, SoundGirl is a unique blend of pop, R&B with electronic influences. The girls are working on their debut album for a 2011 release on Mercury Records, enlisting the help of hitmakers on both sides of the pond including Xenomania (Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud) and Toby Gad (Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson). Sounds like there's more good stuff to come from these lovely ladies. Look out the debut single from SoundGirl in April 2011! Can't wait!

Check out SoundGirl on the web:

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Introducing Bobby Long...

Shaggy hair? Check. Hipster sex appeal? Check. British accent? Check. Smooth, soulful voice and mad guitar playing skills? Check Check. Let me introduce you to Bobby Long, an up and coming British singer/songwriter who's debut album, A Winter Tale, will be released on February 1st on ATO Records. Produced by Grammy-winner Liam Watson (White Stripes), A Winter Tale features material written by the talented 24-year old artist from Wiltshire in South West England. Studying music and film at London Metropolitan, Long became well known and respected on the local open mic night circuit. It was during his time playing various open mic nights that he met future Twilight-mega star/dream boat Robert Pattinson, who would eventually sing one of Long's songs ("Let Me Sign," co-written by Long and Marcus Foster) in that blockbuster about vampires. What sets Bobby Long apart from the rest, apart from a Twilight connection? Well...for starters there's Long's catchy melodies, soulful voice (reminiscent of Jamie Cullum) and deeply personal yet imaginative lyrics. His pure, raw talent and scruffy good looks makes this burgeoning young singer/songwriter someone to look out for in 2011.

Make sure you check out Bobby Long on his U.S. club tour this Winter (check dates HERE) and pick up a copy of A Winter Tale when it's released on February 1st. In the meantime, check out this promo video for the new album and pick up some of his older stuff on iTunes (HERE).

Check out Bobby Long on the web:

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