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Monday, January 10, 2011

Britney Spears Releases 'Hold It Against Me' Tonight At Midnight

Britney fans. The time is NOW! "Hold It Against Me," Britney Spears' new Max Martin/Dr. Luke produced single is available to download NOW on the U.S. iTunes store. AMAZING! According to an official press release from Jive Records:
Britney Spears’ new highly anticipated song “Hold It Against Me” will premiere simultaneously on radio stations and be available immediately in the U.S. exclusively on the iTunes store, Tuesday, January 11th at 12AM EST.

“Hold It Against Me” is produced by Britney’s long-time collaborators Max Martin and Dr. Luke and is the official lead single from her forthcoming album. The as-yet-untitled seventh studio album is slated for release in March, 2011 on Jive Records.

Fans will have the opportunity to purchase the song exclusively on the iTunes store until 1/18.
Well...looks like Brit had something to do with the leak, according to a Tweet earlier today. Fine by me! Already downloaded. AMAZING. I've been listening to the single non-stop since it leaked online earlier today and I can't get enough. Definitely more Euro than previous Britney singles but I think it works. I seriously hope this does well on U.S. radio but I'm honestly a little worried. The sweet little Dub-Step breakdown in the middle of the song is AMAZING but not really something that is played on Top 40 radio here in America these days. Maybe Britney can change the face of Top 40 radio in 2011? Time will tell.

"Hold It Against Me" is the first single to be lifted off of Brit Brit's forthcoming 7th studio album, due in March on Jive. Go listen to the single on Britney's official website HERE and if you like what you the single on iTunes HERE through January 18th. Get it while it's hot!

Check out Britney Spears on the web:

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Kylie Minogue Announces North American Tour Dates

Photo by William Baker

Get excited America! Kylie Minogue has FINALLY announced the dates for the North American leg of her 2011 international tour. I flew home to Chicago to Kylie in October of 2009 and it might have been the most fun I've ever had at an arena concert. Not only did Kylie sound LOVELY live but she fed off the energy of the crowd. It was ELECTRIC.

NOW, she's coming back and I have decided...I NEED to be there. NEED. NEEEEED! The tour kicks off on April 28th in Montreal and ends May 22nd in Vegas. It's not a long tour but it's looking like it's going to be an AMAZING tour, according to the Facebook page for the tour:
FACT 18: 40,000 litres of water will be used during the show.
FACT 19: 30 water fountains will be incorporated within the stage.
FACT 20: The stage is heart-shaped.
FACT 21: The stage will include rain curtains.
FACT 22: The water will be heated up before every show.
FACT 23: During the 'Les Folies' tour, Kylie's band will have 5 members plus 2 background singers.
FACT 24: Kylie will be joined on stage by 10 dancers and 8 air acrobats!
FACT 25: The 'Splash Zone' holds about 2% of the venue capacity and the ticket holder is surrounded by the show!
UM. Water fountains? Heart shaped stage? Acrobats? 'Splash Zone'? No word yet on if the staging of the tour will be exactly the same in North America as it is in Europe but this sounds absolutely beautiful! If you missed Kylie during her first ever North American tour in 2009 you have NO excuse not to see her this time around. Here are the details:

Tour Dates:

April 28th/Montreal/Bell Centre
April 29th/Boston, MA/Agganis Arena
April 30th/Washington, D.C./GMU Patriot Center
May 2nd/New York, NY/Hammerstein Ballroom
May 3rd/New York, NY/Hammerstein Ballroom
May 6th/Atlanta, GA/Fox Theater
May 7th/Fort Lauderdale, FL/BankAtlantic Center
May 8th/Orlando, FL/Hard Rock Live Orlando
May 10th/Houston, TX/Verizon Wireless Theater
May 18th/Dallas, TX/Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie
May 20th/Los Angeles, CA/Hollywood Bowl
May 21st/San Francisco, CA/Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
May 22nd/Las Vegas, NV/Colosseum at Caesar's Palace Pre-Sale: Friday January 14th at 9AM GMT
American Express Pre-Sale: Friday, January 14th at 10AM - Friday January 21 at 10 PM local time
Public On-Sale: Saturday, January 22nd at 10 AM local time

Check out Kylie Minogue On the Web:

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