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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Loads of New Album & Single Artwork!

Massive album artwork update here. Per usual, most of the artwork came from Coverlandia and Covermania. Enjoy!

Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm looking forward to reviewing the debut album, Pretty Mess, from dance music artist, Erika Jayne. Her album is due out August 11th (this Tuesday) and features her #1 dance hits "Rollercoaster," "Stars" and "Give You Everything." Jayne recorded the album with veteran producers Peter Rafelson and Eric Kupper. Can't wait for this one!

Whitney Houston - Million Dollar BillWow. This song makes me really excited about the new Whitney Houston album. "I Look To You" is absolutely gorgeous but this up-tempo jam, produced by Swizz Beats, is HOT. Whitney looks great in the sleeve artwork as well. Nice to see a return to form for Ms. Houston. "Million Dollar Bill" is supposedly going to be released simultaneously with first single, "I Look To You," most likely to appease multiple formats.

Patrick Wolf - The BachelorPatrick Wolf is quite the performer. I had the good fortune of seeing him open for Amy Winehouse at what used to be Avalon. Such a good show. I enjoyed his last album The Magic Position, and should probably check out some of his new material. This is the album artwork from his most recent album, The Bachelor. Not particularly new, since the album was released in June. The first two singles off of the album are "Hard Times" and "Vulture." Also, of particular interest to me...the title features an appearance from English folk musician Eliza Carthy. I reviewed Carthy's CD, Angels & Cigarettes for the Indiana Daily Student back when I was in college. Oh the joys of receiving free music. Of course, most of the CDs I wanted to review I had to pay for. Oh well!

The Killers - The World We Live InAlso not particularly new is the single artwork for the third UK single from The Killers' last album, Day & Age. The artwork for "The World We Live In" (which was released in May) continues in the tradition set by previous singles, featuring a mosaic portrait of one of the band members...this time of bass guitarist Ronnie Vannucci Jr. First single, "Human" featured keyboardist David Keuning, "Spaceman" featured the hotness that is lead singer Brandon Flowers and "A Dustland Fairytale" features guitarist Mark Stoermer.

Paloma Faith - New YorkThe new artwork for the second Paloma Faith single has been unveiled. Lovely. Just as classy and elegant as the "Stone Cold Sober" artwork, and album artwork for her forthcoming debut Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? - out September 21st. "New York" comes out in the UK on September 13th - the video has already been shot. I haven't heard this song yet but I can't wait! Paloma's album is one of my most anticipated albums of the year and one of my "artists to watch." Additionally, you can expect remixes from Tom Middleton, Cutmore and Starsmith. [EDIT] - I LOVE THIS SONG. The video is stunning as well. Wow. Powerhouse.

Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A."Party In The U.S.A." is the first single off of a new Walmart-exclusive Miley Cyrus EP, The Time Of Our Lives. Apparently it's going to be released in conjunction with the unveiling of Miley's new clothing line. The track was officially released to radio stations on July 29th. I'm not the biggest Miley fan, but she does look more mature in this artwork. She's growing up, alright.

Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too MuchThe new Mika album, entitled The Boy Who Knew Too Much, has me really excited. Not only is Mika super cute, but he's super talented. I hope he supports this new album here in the states. It's due out September 22nd in the U.S. (September 21 in the UK) and is lead by first single "We Are Golden." I still need to buy his first album, Life In Cartoon Motion." The album artwork was designed by Mika's sister, who works under the name DaWack. Good stuff!

Erik Hassle - PiecesThis appears to be new album artwork from Swedish singer Erik Hassle, though I'm not sure what this is...album? Single? I was under the impression that THIS was the album artwork. Can anyone confirm? Perhaps this artwork is for the album's UK debut? Regardless...this looks pretty cool.

Erik Hassle - HurtfulThis was Hassle's first Swedish single, "Hurtful." I love the stencil-like fonts here, as well as the black and white photo with the pink lettering. Simple and clean.

Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers"Don't Bring Flowers" is Erik Hassle's UK debut single and has been described as a "synthy acoustic number." Very cool. I'm looking forward to hearing this album in full! The Swedes really do know how to do pop music right. The official video was filmed in LA and has yet to be released but in the meantime - check out this unofficial video.

Dolores O'Riordan - The Journey"The Journey" is the first single off of the new Dolores O'Riordan album, No Baggage, released on August 24th globally and August 25th in the U.S. Released to U.S. radio on July 13th, the single is expected to be released in Europe on August 10th. I've always loved O'Riordan's vocals - ever since she was a member of The Cranberries. The Morgan Page remix of "Ordinary Day," from O'Riordan's debut solo album is hot so I'm hoping for some new remixes from this album. We shall see I guess. The artwork has O'Riordan looking VERY pop. I love it! What do you think?
The Dolly Rockers - Gold DiggerVoted for by the fans, this is the official artwork for "Gold Digger" by The Dolly Rockers. Due out on August 30th, this group is already one of my summer favorites. I've watched the video probably 1000 times and love the Bimbo Jones remix. First single "Je Suis Une Dolly" is also one of my favorite songs of the summer. The girls are recording their debut album, due out at the end of the year.

Daniel Merriweather - ImpossibleThis is the third single from the new Daniel Merriweather CD, Love & War. "Impossible," due to be released on August 17th is the follow up to his last single "Red." Daniel is looking better than ever here...well...maybe not as hot as he did on the cover for "Red," but still...who am I to complain? I'm still hoping he takes a stab at the U.S. market with this new album. I'd love to see him do a live club show here.

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Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart - August 6, 2009

I've been so out of it after work this past week, so my blog posts have become less frequent. I need to get myself some more energy! Perhaps I should go to the gym...I am after all paying for a membership.'s this past weeks Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart. Last week's #1, Erika Jayne's "Give You Everything" drops down to #8 leaving the #1 spot to the Pussycat Dolls. Sweet! I'm also thrilled to see that "Patron Tequila" jumped up to #3. Good for the Paradiso Girls! Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" jumps up 8 spots this week, entering the Top 10 at #9.

Pussycat Dolls I'm super excited about a couple of opportunities coming up...I'll should be receiving a copy of the new (or should I say debut) Erika Jayne album for review, Pretty Mess, due out August 11th via E1 Music. EXCITING! I love Ms. Jayne. She's playing a few clubs here in the States so check her out if you can! August 11, Jayne's playing the House of Blues in Atlantic City and on September 5th, you can catch her in Vegas at Crave.

Erika Jayne
Thursday, August 6 2009

#1 (Last Week - #2)
#2 (Last Week - #3)
Patron Tequila (Paradiso Girls feat. Lil Jon & Eve)
#3 (Last Week - #5)
#4 (Last Week - #8)
#5 (Last Week - #6)
#6 (Last Week - #7)
#7 (Last Week - #11)
#8 (Last Week - #1)
#9 (Last Week - #17)
#10 (Last Week - #14)

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