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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Video Alert: Sheryl Crow feat. Justin Timberlake - Sign Your Name

Sheryl Crow keeps getting sexier and sexier with age. WOW. The stunning singer/songwriter seduces the camera in this video for "Sign Your Name," the second single from her seventh studio album 100 Miles From Memphis, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200 Chart. The song is a cover Terence Trent D'Arby's 1987 Billboard Hot 100 top 4 hit and features Justin Timberlake on background vocals.  The single is a follow up to "Summer Day," which peaked at #2 on Billboard's Triple A Chart back in June.  My only JT in the music video.

Check out Sheryl Crow on the web:
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UK Soul Singer Duffy to Release New Single and Album in November

I've been waiting for new stuff from both Adele AND Duffy since they released their respective 2008 debut albums and while both imports have been hard at work on follow ups, it appears that Duffy is going to be the first one out of the gate.  I'm fine with fact I'm excited by this!  The 6.5 million selling, BRIT and Grammy-winning Rockferry is no doubt a solid album through and through but as soon as "Mercy" came out...that was it.  While the album had loads of other good songs, NONE of them possessed the same energy that "Mercy."  The rest of the songs were soulful ballads. Nothing wrong with a good ballad, but "Mercy" sort of set a bar for any subsequent singles in my mind.  "Warwick Avenue" was great but by and large, the rest of the material she had to work with (not to mention new track "Rain On Your Parade") was snooze-city.

The upcoming release of Duffy's follow up album, Endlessly was announced yesterday.  Due out November 29th on A&M Records, the album will be preceded by "the infectious lead single" "Well, Well, Well," which features The Roots on rhythm section. I'm excited already!  The new album was written and recorded in New York and London this past year with the help of Albert Hammond and "together they have written and produced the next chapter of Duffy's meteoric career."  Duffy has a lot to prove with her sophomore album, especially considering how successful her debut was and I honestly wish her nothing but the best.  Definitely one of the most anticipated album's of the Fall.  "Well, Well, Well" is due out November 21st.

Check out Duffy on the web:
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Diana Vickers To Release 3rd Single in November

After her second single "The Boy Who Murdered Love" suffered a disappointing chart run peaking at #36, popstar Diana Vickers is BACK this November with single #3. Called "Wicked Heart," the track will appear on a planned re-release of the singer's #1 debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree.  Played first on Radio 1's The 5:19 Show last Sunday, the song was co-written with Dee Adams and produced by James Earp.
"I think it shows a different side to me and it's a track I've written which I'm really proud of. I feel I've grown up a lot since I wrote the last album and this track really shows that."
"Wicked Heart" is due out digitally on November 7th and physically on November 8th.  A video was shot in LA.  Check out an official snippet below. I admit...I'm not loving it.  I was still hoping for "You'll Never Get To Heaven" as single #3 but C'est la Vie.

Check out Diana Vickers on the web:
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