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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Florrie - Begging Me

"Begging Me" is the hot new single from English electropop singer/songwriter and percussionist, Florrie (AKA Florence Arnold). Florrie joined the Xenomania production house as their in-house drummer, playing on recordings for such acts as Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys. Back in 2010 Florrie went solo and released her debut EP, Introduction, which included tracks "Call Of The Wild," "Give Me Your Love," "Summer Nights," and "Left Tot Late," giving fans the chance to download it for free on a variety of popular music blogs. The EP was also available as a limited edition 12" vinyl, of which only 500 were made.

I kind of like that Florrie is approaching her solo career by herself, without the support of a major record label.  Banking on the support of music blogs like and Popjustice, social media platforms like Twitter and of course, fans Florrie is really taking a grassroots approach to this whole project.  A lot of indie artists struggle to successfully promote their burgeoning careers so it's great to see Florrie making such a connection across the Internet.  According to Florrie, in an interview with PonyStep:
"I think it's really important to have that contact with fans and for them to be able to buy into your world or you as a person without any pressure from a corporation", says Florrie. "It's a better way of doing it because people can feel like they discovered you as opposed to a major label. I want my fans to feel like they have some sort of ownership." {SOURCE}
"Begging Me" is the first single lifted from Florrie's forthcoming new EP, due out May 26th.  It was released digitally on April 28th so if you haven't downloaded it yet, get it HERE on iTunes.  You can also get the Introduction EP on iTunes HERE.  Check out the video below and see Florrie rockin' it and looking like a supermodel (which she actually is).
Check out Florrie on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: SoundGirl - Don't Know Why

Ch-ch-ch-check this out! It's the latest single, "Don't Know Why," from UK pop/R&B trio SoundGirl. SoundGirl might sound familiar to you, which makes sense, since I posted about their last single/video, "I'm The Fool." Ever since the single was released this past April, I've been jamming out to the remixes - in particular, the Steve Smart & Westfunk, Bimbo Jones, True Tiger and Craze & Hoax remixes.

"Don't Know Why" is an uber-catchy summer jam certain to catapult these young talented artists into the stars. Backed by remixes from the incredible Ian Carey, "Don't Know Why" is due out June 20th on Mercury Records.  The girls have been working on their as-yet-titled album, jetting back and forth between London and Los Angeles, working with some of the industries best writers and producers including Xenomania (Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud) and Toby Gad (Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson).  Touring with Justin Bieber and Pixie Lott in the UK, the girls - Izzy B (16), Olivia (17), and Little Nikki (14) already have a significant following, one that will only grow as we get closer to the release of their debut.  Check out the stunning video, filmed in Barbados, below (U.S. readers click HERE to listen to the song).  SoundGirl's debut album is due out September 19th on Mercury Records.  Download "Don't Know Why" on June 20th.
Check out SoundGirl on the web:

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