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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recent Ebay Purchases - CD Promos Galore

Alright. It's been far too long since I've posted on here. Work has me exhausted and beat every day during the week and on weekends...well I have no excuse.

I went on Ebay today and wound up spending like $50 on various promos and CD Maxis. AHHH! Ridiculous. Ebay can be a death trap, especially if you find one seller who has everything you could possibly want! Here's a breakdown of what I bought today.

Gabriella Cilmi - Sanctuary Remixes

Gabriella Cilmi - Sanctuary (Promo CD Maxi)


1. Sanctuary (Mac Project club mix)
2. Sanctuary (Solitaire club remix)
3. Sanctuary (Alex B club mix)
4. Sanctuary (Alex B dub mix)
5. Sanctuary (Alex B radio edit)
6. Sanctuary (Solitaire radio edit)
7. Sanctuary (Mac Project radio edit)

Notes: I am excited about this one. This is the 4th single for the 17 year old Cilmi, off her debut album "Lessons To Be Learned." I remember listening to the song back when I first heard of her - 7Digital had it for sale (back when Americans could buy music on 7Digital) so I bought it. It received an official release on November 10th and had some remixes attached. Check out the video here. So far I've heard both the Mac Project and the Solitaire remixes and love them! Can't wait to hear the Alex B. mix. This promo has been difficult to find online so I'm glad Ebay had it. Oh...and a little side note...a version of this song will be included in the Disney animated film "Rapunzel," starring the vocal talents of Kristin Chenoweth and David Schwimmer.

Bette Midler - In These Shoes Remixes

Bette Midler - In These Shoes (CD Maxi Single)


1. In These Shoes (Radio Mix)
2. In These Shoes (Sound Factory Vox Mix)
3. In These Shoes (Mark's Heels To Platforms Vocal Mix)
4. In These Shoes (Other Side Mix)
5. In These Shoes (Extended Radio Mix)
6. In These Shoes (Sound Factory Dub Mix)
7. In These Shoes (Mark's Sole Dub)

Notes: I've loved the remixes for this song since I heard them last year. Released in 2001, the song is a fun and jazzy romp filled with character. So far, I've heard the Mark Picchiotti and Jonathan Peters (Sound Factory) mixes and love them! The Ebay item I bought doesn't have a tracklisting but it is the CD Maxi Single so I'm hoping for the best! It was only $7.00. Check out this video of Midler performing the track on David Letterman. Oh...and listen to the Mark Picchiotti mix here.

Sugababes - No Can Do Remixes

Sugababes - No Can Do (UK Promo CD Single)


1. No Can Do (Wawa Club Mix)
2. No Can Do (Wawa Radio Edit)
3. No Can Do (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
4. No Can Do (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
5. No Can Do (Mowgli Club Mix)
6. No Can Do (Mowgli Radio Edit)

Notes: I just listened to this song for the first time recently. It's the Babes' follow up single to "Girls", off their new album "Catfights & Spotlights." I bought the album recently and haven't given it a fair listen yet. I enjoy what I have heard and am pleased that this smooth number is their new single. With remixes by Wawa and Bimbo Jones, I am particularly excited! Mowgli mixes in the past haven't done much for me but I'm cautiously optimistic. Listen to a clip of the Wawa remix here.

Bryn Christopher - Smilin' Remixes

Bryn Christopher - Smilin' (UK Promo CD Single)


1. Smilin' (Edit)
2. Smilin' (Instrumental)
3. Smilin' (Jony Rockstar Dirty Latin Mix)
4. Smilin' (Moto Blanco Edit)
5. Smilin' (Moto Blanco Club Remix)
6. Smilin' (Moto Blanco Remix Dub)
7. Smilin' (Wideboys Bassline Mix)
8. Smilin' (Wideboys Electro Edit)
9. Smilin' (Wideboys Electro Full Club Remix)

Notes: I've heard a couple of these mixes before and love them. I don't know if Christopher is straight, gay or what...but in his video for Smilin', he just exudes so much sexuality! The song is fun and very...theatrical. I can't wait to have this full promo.

Will Young - Grace Remixes
Will Young - Grace (UK Promo CD Single)


1. Grace (Fred Falke Remix)
2. Grace (Fred Falke Dub)
3. Grace (Fred Falke Radio Edit)
4. Grace (Tom Neville's Falling From Grace Remix)
5. Grace (Tom Neville's Falling From Grace Remix Dub)
6. Grace (Tom Neville's Falling From Grace Instrumental)
7. Grace (Tom Neville's Falling From Grace Radio Edit)

Notes: This is Will Young's second single off his 4th album "Let It Go." "Changes" also had some decent remixes...though I'm happier with the selection on this radio edits always make me happy. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to listen to an 7 or 8 minute remix!

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