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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Andrea Corr Releases New Album, Single and Video

Andrea Corr first came to my attention back in 1996 when she had a bit part in Alan Parker's big screen adaption of the musical Evita, starring Madonna. Corr only played the part of Juan Peron's mistress and had no speaking lines, but something about her presence struck me. Later on, of course, I discovered that she was a part of Irish folk rock/pop band The Corrs, who back in 1996 had already released their debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten (Atlantic, 143, Lava).  The album, which ultimately went Gold in America must have completely missed my radar, as I was basically oblivious to The Corrs until their 2000 album In Blue.  In addition to her work with The Corrs, Andrea Corr has had some success as a solo artist as well, releasing her debut album Ten Feet High back in 2007 on Atlantic Records.  Now, nearly four years later, Corr is ready to release her sophomore effort, Lifelines on May 30th in the UK via AC Records.

"Tinseltown In The Rain, " the first single lifted from Lifelines, is available to download on UK iTunes HERE.  The album was produced by John Reynolds (Belinda Carlisle, Sinéad O'Connor) and features co-production on several tracks by Brian Eno (U2, Coldplay).  The album is a compilation of songs that have personal meaning to Corr, including her take on tracks originally written/performed by John Lennon, Roy Orbison, The Velvet Underground, Kirsty McColl, Harry Nilsson, Ron Sexsmith, Nick Drake and The Blue Nile.  The album, which is available to Pre-Order HERE, will be available as both a standard edition CD and as a special edition, complete with a bonus DVD.

Throughout their career as a group, The Corrs did see a few modest hits here in America, including  "Runaway" (#68) and "The Right Time," (#112) both from their debut album and "Breathless" in 2000 from their album, In Blue.  Their cover of Ryan Adams' "When The Stars Go Blue," featuring U2 frontman Bono might be one of their more well known songs here in America.  Recorded for their 2002 live album, VH1 Presents: The Corrs, Live in Dublin, the single made it all the way up to #18 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart.  As a solo artist, Corr has focused on Europe and is yet to release material here in the States.  Her debut album, Ten Feet High peaked at #38 on the UK Albums chart and #24 on the Irish Albums chart, while over in Spain, the album was a Top Ten hit.  This new record will be her first since Ten Feet High, which you can sample below.

Andrea Corr Album Sampler by Andrea Corr

Check out the album tracklisting, tour dates and the video for "Tinseltown In The Rain," all below the cut.

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Melanie C to Release New Electropoprock Single Next Month

Former Spice Girl Melanie C is BACK with a new electropoprock single called "Rock Me!" Melanie co-wrote the song with Dave Roth (Tokio Hotel), who also served as producer on the track alongside Andy Chatterly (Kylie Minogue, Diana Vickers). According to Mel C's official blog:
"‘Rock Me’ is a motivating anthem featuring an infectious chorus of Melanie’s exciting and distinct vocals. With its high energy and relentless beat, it is fitting that the track has been chosen as the official song for German TV channel ZDF’s coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup." {SOURCE}
As of now there are only plans to release the single in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - no UK release just yet. It's no surprise that Melanie and her self-started indie label Red Girl Records are choosing to focus everywhere EXCEPT the UK for her as yet untitled fifth album, especially considering how her fourth album tanked when it was released in 2007. This Time only managed to reach #57 on the UK Albums chart.  Over in Austria the album peaked at #26, Germany #15 and Switzerland #8.  Not only was the album a relative failure in Britain, but none of the This Time singles really made any sort of connection with UK music buyers.  The only modestly successful UK single was Mel's cover of "I Want Candy," which peaked at #24.  Subsequent singles, "Carolyna," "This Time," and "Understand" all either charted poorly or failed to chart in the UK but over in Germany, first single, "The Moment You Believe" managed to chart at #15.

Sure sometimes singles are released in different markets but I think it's clear that right now, Melanie C is hotter in Germany, Austria and Switzerland right now and that's OK.  Bypassing the UK is clearly a calculated, intentional decision on the part of Red Girl Records, focusing on the markets where Melanie C has most recently seen success on the charts.  I guess you just have to go where the majority of your fans are.  Hopefully, with the upcoming release of Mel's fifth studio album and new single, "Rock Me," Mel will find fans all over the world.  "Rock Me" is due for release on June 24th.  Check out a snippet of the single below.
Check out Melanie C on the web:

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