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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Jakwob feat.Smiler - Right Beside You

I detest live music videos. They just seem like such a cop out to me. I understand label purse strings are tight but live music videos are just so freakin' boring! Case in point, the official video for UK dubstep DJ/producer Jakwob. His latest single, "Right Beside You" was released on June 20th via Boom Ting Recordings, the video for which features Jakwob and guest rapper, Smiler both in the studio. Not much to look at, really. Thank GOD the song is dope because there's nothing worse than a boring-ass music video and a shitty-ass song.  I wish that vocalist Nicky would have made an appearance in the video.  A female vocalist always adds a certain amount of flair to an otherwise uninteresting clip.

Despite not caring much for the video, I am pleased to see Jakwob getting a nice big spotlight on his work. This talented guy certainly deserves it! Jakwob (AKA James Jacob) first gained notoriety across the music blogosphere with his bootleg remix of Ellie Goulding's already impressive "Starry Eyed." Amassing over 14 million hits on YouTube, Jakwob has also remixed for an impressive array of talent, both across the pond AND here in America, including Kid Sister, Robyn, I Blame Coco, Empire of the Sun, Temper Trap, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Penguin Prison, Audio Bullys, Jessie J and Diplo.

His impressive DJ and production skills no doubt come, at least in part, due to an early interest in music. Originally from the Midlands, UK, Jakwob's passion for music really took off in his teens, first getting into jazz and moving on to death metal and even folk music. Today, his style transcends musical genres, touching on elements of dubstep, electro, "ghetto-tech" (new one for me) and break beat - among others.

Jakwob also brings a sense of excitement to his live sets, mixing in hip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep and much more, playing sold-out gigs at Fabric, Bugged Out, Together, Death Disco and many more. Last summer Jakwob also made the rounds to a number of festivals, including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Pukkelpop and in Ibiza at Wonderland with Moda. Having recently completed an American tour, including dates at both SXSW and Beyond Wonderland, Jakwob is just getting started and is looking to take his show on the road once again later this year and right into next.  Check out the lackluster video for "Right Beside You" below, if you like, but definitely download the song. It's a hot one folks. Pick it up on UK iTunes HERE.
Check out Jakwob on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

This video is likely old news to most of you but it's new to me, as I'm still catching up on emails from early late May/Early June!  "Call Your Girlfriend" is the latest single released from Robyn's BRILLIANT Body Talk album, released in November of 2010. Written by Robyn, alongside Klas Åhlund and Alexander Kronlund, the single was released in April. Produced by Åhlund and Billboard, "Call Your Girlfriend" is electropop at it's finest, and a very clear standout in her live set. Peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, the single is complemented by a stunning video, featuring the pint-size Swedish popstar doing her trademark spastic dance moves, flitting about a big, empty warehouse-looking space. Directed by Max Vitali, the video appears to have been shot all in one take which makes it even more amazing. Robyn's energetic movements, combined with her emotional delivery really work wonders. It's another amazing electropop ballad, courtesy of Robyn.

After you've watched the video about a bajillion times, make sure you go and show your support by downloading the "Call Your Girlfriend" remix EP, available on iTunes HERE. The EP features fabulous dance mixes from Feed Me, Kaskade and Sultan & Ned. While you're at it, why not download Body Talk, also on iTunes HERE.  Oh, and just for kicks...check out Robyn featured on the new song by American rapper Rye Rye, "Never Will Be Mine," featuring a generous sampling of Robyn's fabulous single "Be Mine!"  Download "Never Will Be Mine" on iTunes HERE.
Check out Robyn on the web:

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