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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hot Video Alert: The Saturdays - My Heart Takes Over

I love me some Saturdays, so after "Notorious" failed to have the chart impact everyone was hoping for, it was on to single #2.  While I thought that the first single had a NOTORIOUSLY catchy dance beat, the UK-music buying public didn't see it my way.  While a #8 debut isn't bad (in fact, their debut single "If This Is Love" debuted at #8), it's a better chart position three or four singles in to an album campaign.  The lead single for Wordshaker, "Forever Is Over" came out the box with a #2 debut so I'm sure the girl's were hoping for at least that, if not the elusive #1 that they've been missing out on.  

As the their second single, The Saturdays released another up-tempo club track, the Xenomania, Space Cowboy and MNEK-produced "All Fired Up."  While I think "Notorious" is a hotter song, it clearly resonated more with fans as it peaked at #3 on the UK Singles chart.  For me, the song was a bit too noisy. I just wasn't feeling it like I was "Notorious." Oh well!

Now we're on single #3, the last single before the girls release On Your Radar, their third full length studio album on Fascination Records on November 21st.  The single in question is...a ballad called "My Heart Takes Over."  Just from the title alone you can tell that it's going to be a sappy, sweet love song...and it is. You know how I feel about ballads...especially girl group ballads. That being said, "My Heart Takes Over" could be a lot worse.  The song does showcase the girls' five part harmonies nicely and while traditionally, their live performances are hit or miss, The Saturdays' have been hitting them out of the park recently, so I'd love to see them tackle their new single live during their promotional circuit.

While ballads are a big question mark for me generally speaking, there's nothing I like more than a good remix of a ballad and per usual, The Saturdays have lined up an impressive list of UK remixers to reinvent their new song for the night clubs.  On the remix this time around we have Digital Dog, Soul Seekerz, and Steve More.  AMAZING.  Due November 14th (a week before their album drops) "My Heart Takes Over" could do one of two things on the charts...impress or disappoint (OBVIOUSLY) but I have to be honest, I'm kind of expecting a disappointment here.  I just fear that the girls have already peaked with this latest batch of singles.

As negative as I'm coming across, I am holding out hope that the girls deliver a hit with "My Heart Takes Over," because from the looks of it, their forthcoming album could be their best yet.  Working with the likes of Labrinth, Alphabeat, Taio Cruz, Space Cowboy, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub, Steve Mac, David Eriksen, Brian Higgins, Travie McCoy and Emeli Sandé. What a lineup! And with word that the girls have signed up to do a U.S. reality show on E! next year, not to mention a lucrative U.S. record deal (the aforementioned label has yet to be announced) this could be the one that breaks them in Stateside.  My fingers are crossed and if you're a fan of pop music, your fingers should be crossed as well.

Pre-order "My Heart Takes Over" on UK iTunes HERE and check out the beautiful video, directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock, below.

Check out The Saturdays on the web:

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