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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Tina feat. Fat Joe - So Good

Check out this HOT video by rising star, TINA.  Written by Jim Beanz (Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake) and produced by Charlie Hype (both of Timbaland Productions), "So Good" was originally released back in November - somehow flying completely under my radar. Featuring hip-hop super star Fat Joe, the song sold over 800 downloads in it's first day of release and more than 2,500 downloads within the first week. Pretty impressive for an independent artist!

For those of you who think Tina looks familiar, there's good reason!  The Mumbai-born, Jersey-bread beauty was originally signed with Hollywood Records as an artist (and with Warner/Chappell Music as a songwriter) going by her full name - Tina Sugandh.  Working with top producers including Lester Mendez (Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Jewel), Track & Field (Nelly Furtado), The Monkey Boyz, and Dr. Luke, Sugandh readied an album...however it was unfortunately never released.

In 2008, Sugandh had a touch of success on the Billboard Dance Chart, with her Bollywood dance/pop single "Break Me" hitting the #4 spot with hot remixes from Chris Cox, Freddy Bastone and Soundfactory.  A follow up club single was also released in 2009 called "You Without Me," and featuring remixes by Chris Cox, however it was not as successful as it's predecessor.  Now, no longer attached to a major label, Tina is doing things her way, releasing music through her own production team called Sunset Entertainment Group.

The video shoot for "So Good" was featured in an episode of the Style Network reality series, Jerseylicious, which only helped with the promotion of the single.  The video, directed by Paul Coy Allen (Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake) is a sleek and expensive-looking affair.  Tina, an absolute stunner, is dripping with luxury and sex appeal. The song itself is a "timpani driven high energy pop track with an infectious synth driven chorus," incorporating some of the same Bollywood-pop elements present in her previous dance singles, "Break Me" and "You Without Me."  It's a hot track from a talented artist.  Still not convinced?  Check out THIS jam session between Tina and Ringo Starr! Amazing.  Not only does she play the tabla (Indian drums) but she also plays the guitar.  This lady does it all, and she's gorgeous to boot!  Watch the "So Good" video BELOW and download the single on iTunes HERE.

Check out TINA on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

Swedish indie-tronica artist Lykke Li released the second single, "I Follow Rivers," off of her forthcoming sophomore album, Wounded Rhymes (out February 28th in Europe, March 1st in the States). The follow up single is considerably more mellow than it's predecessor, the up-beat tribal-esque "Get Some."  While I think I prefer the more up-tempo "Get Some," "I Follow Rivers" goes to show just how versatile of an artist Lykke Li really is. The song vaguely reminds me of her 2007 single, "I'm Good, I'm Gone," off her debut album Youth Novels.

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) by LykkeLi

Both "I Follow Rivers" and "I'm Good, I'm Gone" are haunting, but for different reasons. The videos for both songs complement the dark tone with an eerie visual aide. While the video for "I'm Good, I'm Gone" was downright creepy, the video for "I Follow Rivers" is absolutely mesmerizingly beautiful. Directed exquisitely by Egyptian/Swedish producer/director/animator Tarik Saleh, the black and white clip plays out like the scene of a silent film, allowing Lykke Li to flex her acting chops. Brilliantly done. Check out the video below and listen to the amazing Magician Remix above.

Check out Lykke Li on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Zoë Badwi

Thanks Prophet for the heads up on this JAM. It's the latest single from Aussie pop star Zoë Badwi. Born in Melbourne, the talented Badwi first gained recognition as a member of Australian girl group Sirens, replacing the third member of the group who left to pursue modeling. After experiencing some minor chart successes with "Like Fire, Like Rain," and a cover of "I'm So Excited" (originally done by The Pointer Sisters) Badwi parted ways with the girls to pursue her dreams as a solo artist.

Soon after leaving Sirens, Badwi was "discovered" by Grant Smillie of the Australian electro-duo TV Rock and she speedily signed with Neon Records, with whom she released her debut single "Release Me" (not the Agnes song), taking it straight to the top of the ARIA Clubs Chart. While Badwi did release a couple more singles after "Release Me", it wasn't until her forth single, the Denzal Park-produced, Amy Pearson-written "Freefallin'" that she started to gain international recognition, signing with Atlantic Records in the States and in the UK. {SOURCE} "Freefallin," which peaked at #9 on the ARIA Singles Chart transformed Badwi from a dance club diva to an all around pop star with lots of cross over potential. Badwi is hard at work on her debut solo album, working with the likes of Static Revenger, Stuart Crichton, Rogue Traders, Pearson, and (of course) TV Rock. When asked whether or not the album will be all dance, Badwi promises some elements of surprise. "I'm a fun, happy-go-lucky girl. There won't be any melancholy stuff on there. I want it to be like that old saying, all killer no filler. You can tell when people have rushed a few songs on there, I'm happy to wait for the right songs." The album should be out sometime in 2011. {SOURCE}  As a follow up to "Freefallin'" Badwi will release a new single called "Accidents Happen" in her native Australia. Produced by frequent collaborators, TV Rock, the music video is expected to premiere this weekend. {SOURCE} I look forward to hearing more from Badwi in the coming months.

It's interesting to me that she signed with Atlantic, rather than a dance label like Ultra. Let's hope that they promote her properly in the States. I'd hate to see her talent squandered. U.S. fans can download the "Freefallin'" EP on iTunes HERE.  Listen to "Accidents Happen" HERE and check out the hot video for "Freefallin'" BELOW.

Check out Zoë Badwi on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Ola - All Over The World

Professional football player turned pop star? Of course he's got to be Swedish. Allow me to introduce Ola Svensson, a 24-year old singer from Lund. Since appearing on Idol (Sweden) in 2005 Ola has gone on to sell over 135,000 records in his homeland and now he's ready for his big UK break as he prepares to release a new single, "All Over The World."

After being eliminated 8th during his season of Idol (Sweden), Ola was signed to a label and released his debut album, Given To Fly, which went all the way to #1 on the Swedish charts. Ola appears to be quite the seasoned young pop star, despite being only 24-years old. In addition to his debut #1 album, Ola's racked up six #1 singles and four Top 5 singles, including his latest release "All Over The World." Starting his own record label in 2010, Oliniho Records, Ola released his third album, the self-titled Ola and took it straight to the top. One critic praised the album for Ola's marketable brand of pop music: "Ten songs and ten potential hit singles, he is indeed an extremely skilled hitmaker." Ola wrote the majority of the album with hitmaker Alexander Kronlund, who's written songs for Britney Spears, Robyn and the Backstreet Boys.  Stay tuned for more info on Ola's UK release date for "All Over The World," complete with some fantastic remixes from the Buzz Junkies.  In the meantime, check out the club mix HERE and watch the video BELOW.  It doesn't hurt that he's also GORGEOUS. I <3 Sweden!

Check out Ola on the web:

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Lauren Pritchard Posts 'Behind The Scenes' Snapshots from 'Stuck' Video Shoot

Tennessee-born, UK-based singer/songwriter Lauren Pritchard is gearing up for the release of her new single, "Stuck," off her critically acclaimed debut album Wasted In Jackson. Tweeting on Monday morning, "I get the worm this morning being up for the video shoot this early. I win, I win, I win!" Pritchard then proceeded to post a series of photos from the set of the music video.  Putting a story together based on these photos isn't going to be easy.  Let's see...what do we have so far...

 Singing in a wooded, marshy area...
 ...gazing out of a bay window in someone's dining room...
 ...Lauren wearing some shearling-lined denim jacket...
 ...a lovely old English village...
 ...and the outside of an old English house. 

Hmm. I'm going to be honest.  The handcuffs really through me off.  In another Tweet exchange between Pritchard and her co-star, Being Human's (the UK version) Michael Socha, Pritchard asks "btw is your wrist bruised cause mine is, I look like an abused missus haha!"  Anyone have any creative, humorous ideas for what the video might be about - based solely on these 'Behind The Scenes' photos?

"Stuck" is due out on February 28th.  Check out the brilliant Adj remix HERE as well as a list of Lauren Pritchard's U.S. spring tour dates.  Wasted In Jackson is available digitally in the States now and will be available in shops on February 22nd.

Check out Lauren Pritchard on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter//VEVO

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Kris Menace, Chase and Status and Danny Byrd Remix New Clare Maguire Single

"Her voice is a siren call" - NME
"Raw pop power" - Dazed & Confused
"A voice like a gathering goth-gospel storm" - SPIN
"The newest big voice on the block" - The Sunday Times
"An extraordinary voice and songwriting talent" - The Observer
"Clare Maguire will be to 2011 what Florence Welch was to 2009" - The Times
"Her epic sound will be huge this year" - Grazia
Not only that but Clare Maguire was voted HMV's Voice of 2011, made the BBC Poll Sound of 2011 Top 5, and was the winner of Q Magazine's 'Next Big Thing' Award. Clearly, the UK is ablaze with praise for Clare Maguire, a bright new talent ready to explode. Her new single, "The Last Dance" is out February 20th and will be backed with remixes from Kris Menace, Chase and Status and Danny Byrd. Written as an "ode to the death of two of her biggest influences; Michael Jackson and more personally, her beloved grandfather," the single is bound to break Maguire into the mainstream.

"The Last Dance" will be the second single lifted off of Maguire's debut album, Light After Dark, due out February 28th on Polydor Records. The album, produced and co-written by Fraser T. Smith (Pixie Lott, Adele, Beyonce) features 12-tracks of alterna-electro-pop amazingness. Listen to the brilliant Chase and Status remix and the STUNNING Kris Menace remix below.

Clare Maguire - Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix) by Radar Maker

Maguire also features on "Midnight Caller," a track found on the new Chase and Status album, out now in the UK. Make sure you catch Clare Maguire on tour with Hurts, now through February 10th. You can also catch her at The Borderline in London on February 11th as part of the HMV 'Next Big Thing' concert series, along with Saint Saviour and Murray James. Pre-order your digital copy of "The Last Dance" on now. The EP includes the original version of the song plus all three remixes.  You can also watch the beautiful video HERE.

Check out Clare Maguire on the web:

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Mandy Moore 'Stuck in the 70s' On Forthcoming Album

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, singer/songwriter/actress Mandy Moore opened up a little bit about her forthcoming 7th studio album. From the sound of it, Moore will be continuing on in the same Adult Contemporary direction as her last two albums, 2007's Wild Hope and 2009's Amanda Leigh.
"I'm stuck in the '70s. I think it'll always have that kind of influence. Joni Mitchell, Todd Rundgren, Harry Nilsson, McCartney - that's the sort of stuff I'm really inspired and influenced by."
I can't say this is shocking news in the slightest, especially after her marriage to Ryan Adams almost 2 years ago. While there's always a part of me that wishes Moore would go back to that manufactured "Factory-line pop" sound that made her famous back in 1999, she's given every indication that she's put her bubblegum pop past behind her completely.
"Factory-line pop, I like that. Gosh, that's where I started as a kid when you don't have any creative input or input at all. That's what ends up happening. It's nice to have the control to make choices now."
Whatever she winds up doing with her next record, I will be supporting it. I've really enjoyed her last three albums, particularly Coverage. When Moore released Coverage back in 2003, it was a VAST stylistic departure from her previous self titled 2001 release that included top 40 fare like "In My Pocket," "Crush" and "Cry." While there will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for "Candy," the fact that Mandy Moore is putting out the music that she wants to put out is refreshing. Not a lot of artists can afford this sort of a luxury. Check out the video for "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week," off of her Amanda Leigh album below. {SOURCE}

Check out Mandy Moore on the web:

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Britney Spears is a 'Femme Fatale'

And the title of Britney's new album is...TAH DAH! FEMME FATALE! Announced on Twitter this morning, Britney Spears posted an update including the name of her 7th studio album AND the album's lackluster artwork (ABOVE).

Now you know I love me some Britney Spears but I'm very dissapointed with the artwork chosen for the record. There's no doubt that Britney looks absolutely flawless in this photo but I'm sorry - nothing about this photo screams 'FEMME FATALE' to me. Where's the mystery?  Where's the seduction? While there's definitely something lurking behind those beautiful brown eyes, the white background and white furry collar just don't do anything for me! When I think of 'femme fatale' I think of Veronica Lake in The Blue Dahlia or Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, playing a conniving seductress who seduces a man, persuading him to kill her husband. There is nothing in the Femme Fatale artwork that, to me exemplifies a true femme fatale.

Femme Fatale, due out March 15th, features production from some of the best in the business, including Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Darkchild, Stargate, Fraser T. Smith and Bloodshy & Avant. The lead single, the Max Martin-produced "Hold It Against Me" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming Brit Brit's second consecutive number one single and making her the second artist in history (after Mariah Carey) to have two songs debut at #1. The Jonas Åkerlund-directed video was shot two weeks ago and has been described as "a 21st-century 'Rocky Horror,' space age fantasia of dance." {SOURCE}

Regardless of what I think of the album artwork, I know that it's going to be one mother of a hot CD. I just wish the artwork showed a little bit more in the creativity department. Hell, I'd take the Blackout cover artwork over this any day! Download "Hold It Against Me" on iTunes HERE.

Check out Britney Spears on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: KingQueen

I feel like 'SWEDEN' should be synonymous with POP MUSIC. Every time I turn around there's some BIG NEW artist on the horizon and surprise surprise - they are from Sweden! Robyn, Lykke Li, Agnes, Lisa Miskovsky, Elena Paparizou, Velvet...the list just goes on and on and there are new ones being discovered almost daily!

The latest discovery is 23-year old Sabrina Petrini.  Petrini, who goes by the name KingQueen, hails from Helsingborg, located on Sweden's south-west coast.  After leaving Sweden at the age of 20, KingQueen moved to London and soon discovered just how deep her passion for music really was.  After attending the London Centre of Contemporary Music, KingQueen grew bored with London and sought out greener pastures in sunny Los Angeles.

As an artist, KingQueen blends pop, rock and electro sounds into a completely unique package.  In the video for her single, "U Make Me (LOL)" she works a little bit of Joan Jett rocker look, which is a good indicator of the diverse range of influences that feed into her sound.  The song is an up-tempo club banger unlike anything I've ever heard before.  There's just something about KingQueen that I can't quite put my finger on. Vocally the song is more spoken than it is sung (a la Ke$ha) but it's clear that she just oozes talent.  Previous single "Luv Drug" exhibits a bit more vocal range but it quickly reverts back to the speak-singing that seems to define her sound.  It's not till you listen to songs like "NOH8" and her cover of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" that you really get a sense of her true vocal talent. "No Pain" is another gem of a pop song, abandoning the electro-pop sounds so prevalent in her first two releases, she strips things back and just does her thing.  I'm eager to hear what else this talented Swede comes up with.

KingQueen has been featured on, reaching #2 on the popular music channel's 'New Artist' list.  GLBT channel LogoTV has also featured her video several times on their 'NewNowNext' show.  Most recently, KingQueen appeared on the American Music Awards Coca-Cola Red Carpet Show.  We can expect her debut album to drop in March 2011 on the BAM (Brash Accord Music) label.  Check out the video for "U Make Me (LOL)" below.

Check out KingQueen on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Fe-Nix - Red Light

Not gonna lie, the new Fe-Nix single "Red Light" might be one of my new guilty pleasures. While the single is distinctively less R&B than previous releases "Lady Baby," and "Swagga," the song isn't without GRIT. Despite being more pop/electro, "Red Light" definitely has some urban influences woven throughout. According to their bio, Fe-Nix has cornered the market in "dirty pop", a "new genre of inner city urban edge dance music," which makes a lot of sense after listening to the song. The FX-laden video clip is a fun, futuristic romp, much like the song itself.

Fe-Nix (AKA Ayshen, Jade, Tanya and Redd) all hail from London and have been called "the UK's answer to the Pussycat Dolls." In 2009 Fe-Nix took some creative liberties with INOJ's popular 1999 single, "I Want To Be Your Lady," re-naming it "Lady Baby" and making it into a proper club record. In 2010 they released a new song, the urban-pop "Swagga," however neither song ignited the charts like they should have, despite heavy support from both BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. After the release of "Swagga" the girls disappeared, seemingly to work on their debut album and new single "Red Light."

"Red Light," which has already been pushed back a couple of times (January 16, January 23) is now due to be released on February 20th. In addition to radio edit, "Red Light" boasts a pretty sweet remix package with mixes from Ripper, DJ Sticky, Illmanna and Splurgeboys. The single is the latest to be lifted off their debut, as yet untitled album, due for release sometime in 2011 on Genetic Records. The girls roped in producers Sammy Jay, Yogi, Skillz, Sticky, Kettle and up & comer Blair and promise to deliver an album chock-full of "urban flavors with pop sensibilities and club beats." I'm game. Gimme more ladies! Check out the video for "Red Light" below.

Check out Fe-Nix on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Olly Murs - Heart On My Sleeve

Olly Murs released the video for his new single, "Heart On My Sleeve" today and just like the song, it's a syrupy puddle of ooze. The song itself is a sad one and sadly missing the reggae-pop stylings of Murs' two previous singles. I guess, after two mid-tempo pop/rock tunes it was time for Olly to go and release a ballad but I just can't get into this one. The video is nice enough but echoes the whole sentiment and vibe of the song - a lot of Olly sitting around looking sad and melancholy, strolling limply through the city. YAWN! My only hope, as I mentioned before, is that the remixes from StoneBridge and JC can liven things up for me.

If "Heart On My Sleeve" sounds familiar to you there might be good reason. Back in 2009 American Idol season 7 contestant (and another cutie) Michael Johns released the song as a digital single. The song even went on to reach #22 on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. Hmm. I'm going to have to track that one down. "Heart On My Sleeve" was co-written by James Morrison and John Shanks and will be released on March 6th in the UK. The single will feature a new song as the B-Side called "C'Mon, C'Mon." Check out the video for "Heart On My Sleeve" below.

In other news, make sure you're rooting for Olly Murs on the BRITS February 16th when his single "Please Don't Let Me Go" is up for 'Best British Single.'  Voting closes on February 11th so get voting if you haven't already!  Also make sure you catch Olly on tour this Spring. You can see a list of dates HERE.  The tour kicks off on April 29th.

Check out Olly Murs on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Sophia Somajo

Wow. New obsession of the moment? Sophia Somajo. Further proof that Sweden is the capitol of POP MUSIC AMAZING-NESS. Singer/songwriter/producer Sophia Somajo just released her new single, "Wristcutters Inc" on Monday in Sweden and it's pure magic. While Somajo dabbles in songwriting for other artists (she co-wrote Robyn's "Time Machine" off of her Body Talk Pt. 3 album) she's first and foremost, her own artist. "Wristcutters Inc" is the first single off of her forthcoming Universal Sweden debut, Cinema Bejing, due out in 2011. Take a listen to "Wristcutters Inc" below.  You can also check out another new song called "Chinese Tekkno." Cool stuff! Can't wait to hear more from this lady!

Sophia Somajo - Wristcutters Inc. by UniversalMusicSweden

Sophia Somajo - Chinese Tekkno by UniversalMusicSweden

Check out Sophia Somajo on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Mac Miller - Knock Knock

Mac Miller is a white, Jewish rapper. Doesn't sound like your typical, run-of-the-mill hip-hop artist, does he? Well - he's not typical at all. He's something fresh and worth checking out.  As for his faith - I just bring that up because I find it fascinating. I'm Jewish, and until Matisyahu - a Hasidic Jewish Reggage/Hip-hop emerged a few years back - I had no idea that there were any Jewish rappers. Now, about Mac Miller. Ever since I was introduced to this video for a song called "Knock Knock" I haven't been able to stop watching/listening. Firstly, the video is VERY well done! Not sure what the budget was like on this bad boy but it's pretty slick. Mixing the old with the new, the video starts out like a scene from The Andy Griffith Show, black & white, 50s costumes and everything. When the video goes all TECHNICOLOR it turns into a good old fashioned hip-hop video. Mac Miller has serious skills as an MC.  Can't imagine what he could do with a major record label backing him all the way. Hmmmmm...

While the 19-year old hip-hop artist has released a few mix-tapes independently in the past, his most recent, K.I.D.S. was released in August on Rostrum Records. K.I.D.S. features both "Knock Knock" and "Don't Mind If I Do" which samples Owl City's big hit "Fireflies." Check out the video for "Knock Knock" below and look out for Mac Miller. He's a super star in the making.

Check out Mac Miller on the web:

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