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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Countess Luann - Chic C'Est La Vie

Well, it looks like Real Housewife of New York's Countess Luann de Lesseps has released a second single, "Chic C'Est La Vie."  She certainly took her sweet time, didn't she? Previous single, the super catchy "Money Can't Buy You Class" was released all the way back in May of last year!  I mean I know The Countess is busy writing books, being philanthropic and canoodling with her French boyfriend, but come on Luann!  Your music fans have needs too!

Signed to indie dance label Ultra Records, Countess Luann brings us another spoken word dance treat.  "Chic C'Est La Vie" is fun...if you forget the fact that the woman can't sing, or act for that matter.  The most I could hope for here is a cool video. Unfortunately, The Countess does NOT deliver in this regard either.  Where as the video for "Money Can't Buy You Class" was poorly acted, at least it had a sleek, chic, modern look and actually resembled a music video.  The "Chic C'Est La Vie" video is a hot mess, essentially a weekend girls trip filmed at The Borgata in Atlantic City with New York Housewives pals Jill Zarin and Kelly Killoren Bensimon (the only two who would agree to appear in the clip).  Where as the "Money Can't Buy You Class" video was sleek and contemporary, the "Chic C'Est La Vie" video is pure camp and cheese.  While in the video, The Countess and her friends flaunt wealth and luxury, it's nothing but a cheap representation of both. Pity.

The single was digitally released June 28th and features two dance remixes and a "Moroccan" mix, clearly inspired by the housewives recent trip to Morocco on the show.  As far as the remixes go, they are very clearly a big step up from the original track which lacks pretty much everything, especially talent.  I'm officially putting a moratorium on Bravo reality stars releasing music...except for Melissa Gorga on New Jersey. That girl can actually sing. I'll give her a shot.  Download "Chic C'Est La Vie" on U.S. iTunes HERE and check out the riveting music video below.  I love watching all of the awkward extras pretending like they give a shit.

P.S. - Check out my review on the rest of the Housewives singing careers.
Checkout Countess LuAnn on the web:

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Leona Lewis To Debut New Single Later Today

Photo Credit: Courtesy of J Records/Syco Entertainment  

I nearly jumped out of my bed when I read about Leona Lewis' forthcoming new single. AHHHHHH! In a series of Tweets, Popjustice unveiled some details about the new single. Here's how it all went down:
So, to summarize...Leona Lewis' new single is called "Collide" and it was written by singer/songwriter Autumn Rowe (Alexis Jordan, Cher Lloyd) and produced by Sandy Vee (Rihanna, Britney Spears, Taio Cruz).  Popjustice also Tweeted a picture of some of the lyrics from the chorus, take a peek HERE if you're so inclined.  Based on Popjustice's description, the song sounds like a bit of a departure from the schmaltzy, over the top pop ballads Lewis has seemingly gravitated towards in the past.  Up-tempo, dancey and purple.  Sounds like my kinda pop song...add to the fact that there's a remix from Dutch producer/DJ Afrojack? YES PLEASE!  The single will make it's radio debut this Friday July 15th on The Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1.  Can't wait to hear it!

This news confirms past reports that Lewis would be moving in a different direction...musically.  Back in May, Lewis gave an interview to the Hackney Citizen, telling them of the album's "more progressive," and "eclectic" sound.  Lewis has reportedly been in the studio with a myriad of big name songwriters and producers including Dallas Austin, Ryan Tedder, Rico Love, Ne-Yo, Hurts, Jessie J, Emeli Sandé, and members of Blazin' Squad.

Sounds like this album, her third, might be her best yet!  Lewis' last album, 2009's Echo went straight to the top of the UK Album chart, becoming her second #1 album.  Here in the states, Echo peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200, with the album's first single, "Happy" peaking at #2 in the UK and #31 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Her debut album, 2007's Spirit was a #1 hit in nine countries, including the States.  Her debut single, "Bleeding Love" crashed onto the charts, peaking at #1 on the UK Singles chart as well as the Billboard Hot 100.  It's nice to have some new Leona Lewis music on the horizon.  "Collide" will be released on September 4th.

Check out Leona Lewis on the web: