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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Classy Electro-pop with Mannequins: Jessie and the ToyBoys Preview Debut Single

I knew Jessie Malakouti mainly because of her 2009 single "Standing Up For The Lonely" but apparently she's been around for while before that. Why am I always the last to know!?  

ANYWAY - American singer/songwriter Jessie Malakouti has gone ahead and adopted a Marina & The Diamonds like persona in that she's got a name that sounds like it should be a band but it's really just a solo act. I really shouldn't say "just a solo act" because from what I've heard, Jessie and the ToyBoys is way more than just a solo act. Sure, she's got a gimmick in all of her promotional photos, namely her "Toy Boys" (AKA a bunch of mannequins) but she's got talent both as a singer and a songwriter. As a special treat Jessie released a short snippet of her debut single, "Push It" featuring up and coming rapper Yelawolf. The single was produced by Jimmy Harry and Tony Kanal (of No Doubt). Kind of reminds me of a hybrid cross between Natalia Kills and Gwen Stefani. The rap bits sound a bit too much like 3OH!3 (not in a good way) "Push It" provides a nice little taste at what we can expect on Jessie's debut album.

Malakouti's first major break came with her all girl So-Cal rock/rap group called Shut Up Stella. The group became known in dive bars all along the Sunset Strip before getting signed to Epic Records. Their song, "Welcome To My Party" was featured in the Tina Fey/Amy Pohler comedy Baby Mama but after the band failed to take off, they were dropped by Epic and the girls parted ways. Now flying solo, Jessie Malakouti is on her own, doin' her thing.  In addition to working on solo material, Malakouti writes for other artists - whether she means to or not. In 2009, popular gossip blogger Perez Hilton publicly called out the Britney Spears camp for stealing Brit's Billboard Top 20 hit "If U Seek Amy" away from Jessie, claiming Jessie's song "Trash Me" was too similar to be a coincidence. Malakouti did admit in an interview with Company Magazine that she had submitted a version of the song to the Britney camp pre-Blackout era,  she ultimately decided to keep the song for herself.  While she admitted to being gutted initially, Malakouti decided to keep it classy and took it as a tremendous compliment. That's what I like to see. Classy electro-pop with mannequins.  You go girl.  Check out a short snippet of "Push It" featuring Yelawolf below.

-Thanks to MuuMuse and Prophet Blog for the re-introduction/refresher

Check out Jessie and the ToyBoys on the web:

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Vanessa Carlton to Release New Album, 'Rabbits On The Run' in 2011(?)

Talk about flying under the radar! Vanessa Carlton is preparing to release a new album?! How did I miss this memo? The first bit of news (which I missed) came in May, via Carlton's official Facebook page. Here, she announced the title of the new record, Rabbits On The Run.
"I head back to london nxt wed to do strings. The Rabbit and it's spectrum of meaning (time slipping, mind floating) has defined me these last few years. I'm calling the record 'Rabbits On the Run.'"
In this post Carlton also references being attacked by a Pit-bull, which was in the news when Carlton sued the owners and ultimately lost. ANYWAY. Back to the music. This is interesting. So...Carlton was in London working on her fourth album. OK. Five months later Carlton Tweeted:
@VanessaCarlton: I finished the album. It somehow feels more honest than any project i've evr been a part of. I feel pride and loss....leaving england now.x
More promising news. On October 22nd Carlton Tweeted:
@VanessaCarlton: And how lucky am i 2 have had Sir Patrick Hallahan to England with me 2 play Rabbits on the Run? That man is a gem.Can;t wait 2 share it w u.
OK. Curiosity is peaked. Who is Sir Patrick Hallahan? Hmmmm.  Don't worry - I'm still interested. Anything else? Well - on November 10th Carlton Tweeted:
@VanessaCarlton: oh the sweeping lines happening at make me palpitate.....i love it when letters draw themselves. coming soon.....
THEN on November 13th Carlton Tweeted:
@VanessaCarlton: the hare is sleeping at i hope the rabbits of watership down are watching from bunny heaven.....MUST. DO. THEM. PROUD.
TAH-DAH. This makes more sense once you visit Carlton's official website.  It's been redesigned. Swirling lines zig-zag across the screen, forming Carlton's name and the title of the album. At the bottom of the screen..."Coming Soon," and a pictures of a sleeping rabbit.

While no specific dates have been mentioned, all signs point to a 2011 release for Rabbits on the Run. I'm also curious if Carlton is still signed to Irv Gotti's label, The INC, the same label that released Carlton's 2007 album Heroes & Thieves, which peaked at #44 on the Billboard 200 and produced no charting singles (her name still appears on the label's artist roster).'s hoping this blog post spawns some new news on Carlton's forthcoming album. In the meantime, I will try and pay closer attention to her various social media accounts.

Check out Vanessa Carlton on the web:

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Free Download Alert: Eliza Doolittle - Rollerblades

Woohoo! One of my new favorite acts from across the pond, Eliza Doolittle, has the featured iTunes 'Single of the Week' this week on the U.S. iTunes store! Now is your chance to snag a free copy of her single "Rollerblades!" Eliza Doolittle's unique brand of breezy, care-free pop music will have you thinking of summer in no time.  Get your free download HERE.

Check out the video for "Rollerblades" below and pick up a digital copy of her self-titled U.S. EP featuring hit single "Pack Up," + "Skinny Genes" and some fun remixes and videos (download it HERE). "Rollerblades" peaked at #58 when it was released as single #3 in the UK this past October. The song was co-written by Doolittle, Jonny Sharp and Craigie Dodds. A re-release of her debut single, "Skinny Genes" is currently out in the UK. Check out the re-shot video HERE. OH...and while you're at it, have a look see at my little interview with the talented singer/songwriter right over HERE.

Check out Eliza Doolittle on the web:

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Cher Releases Promo Video for 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me'

I know I'm probably the only gay on the planet who hasn't yet seen the epic new Christina Aguilera/Cher masterpiece, Glitter 2 Burlesque, and I'm TOTALLY OK with that. Don't get me wrong, I love my divas individually (Cher & Christina: work it girls) I just don't know if I'm ready to see them acting together on the big screen. I think I'm just going to have to Netflix that shit when the movie comes out on DVD. That all being said...I just had to share this glorified movie trailer that magnificently uses Cher's Golden Globe-nominated "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" as the backing track. It's simply awesome to hear Cher doing her thing again.

The song, one of only two that Cher performs in the film, was penned by Diane Warren and remixed for the clubs by Almighty, Dave Aude and StoneBridge. Destined to be played on dancefloors everywhere this winter, "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" has had quite the ride on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, since it's first appearance 6 weeks ago. The song has already peaked at #3, dropped to the #14 two weeks ago, jumped back up to #8 and currently sits pretty at #5. QUITE the roller coaster ride! I'd LOVE to see this song become Cher's first #1 dance record since 2003's "When The Money's Gone" so let's keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, check out the promo video below and download the remixes on iTunes HERE or get the whole Burlesque soundtrack HERE.  Also, check out Cher as a guest on the fabulous Graham Norton Show HERE where she plays a silly little Cher-inspired game with British  actress, writer and comedian Dawn French. Amazing orange wig. Cher = Goddess. Love.

Check out Burlesque on the web:

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Erika Jayne Lands 5th Consecutive Billboard #1 Dance Single

Congratulations are in order for Ms. Erika Jayne, reigning queen of the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts, who's latest single hit the #1 spot last week. Backed by a super hot remix package, including mixes from Dave Aude, Ralphi Rosario, Sultan & Ned Shepard and DJ Mr. White, "One Hot Pleasure" is Jayne's fifth consecutive #1. Well done, well deserved!

Featuring slick production by Dave Aude, not to mention a sexy video co-directed by photographer Mike Ruiz and choreographer extraordinaire Mikey Minden, "One Hot Pleasure" was destined for chart supremacy. Co-written by Aude, Nick Clow and Luciana, "One Hot Pleasure" basks in the chart success Jaynes' four previous singles ("Rollercoaster," "Stars," "Give You Everything," and "Pretty Mess"), all of which hit the top spot on the bangin' Billboard dance chart.
"I’m super excited that the first release off my label Pretty Mess Records has gone #1. Nothing feels better than creating and delivering the material to the fans that have supported me from the beginning." {SOURCE}
Check out the video for "One Hot Pleasure" below and download the single + all of the hot remixes on iTunes HERE. Look out for a new EP from Erika Jayne, due out this Spring on her recently launched label, Pretty Mess Records.

Check out Erika Jayne on the web:

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