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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Tatiana - Spider Web

If you haven't heard of Tatiana Okupnik...that's probably because she's virtually unknown in the English speaking world...until now, that is. 2011 just may be the year that changes everything for this talented Polish singer/songwriter who is prepping for her UK debut on April 10th via Upside Records Tatiana's debut single, "Spider Web" is a stunning power pop ballad that serves as the perfect introduction to this talented artist from Eastern Europe. Produced by Tim Hutton (Amy Winehouse, Bat For Lashes) "Spider Web" has been remixed for it's radio debut by Jeremy Wheatley (Leona Lewis, Duffy).

Growing up in Poland, Tatiana strayed away from typical teenage fare, gravitating more towards rock bands like Led Zeppelin and great vocalists like Chaka Khan, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Robert Plant. Starting out studying ballet, Tatiana eventually shifted her focus to music, joining the Polish band Blue Café, selling platinum records and touring all over central Europe. 2006 was a big year for Tatiana, who not only graduated from university that year but also became a solo artist, recording her debut album with jazz-funk legend Lenny White in New York City. The album, On My Own went Gold in Poland, proving that she didn't need Blue Café to be a success.

Already a proven success in Poland, Tatiana now sets her sights on UK success as she gets ready to release her debut UK album, Spider Web, preceded by first single, the album's title track. The album criss crosses a variety of genres - from funk and jazz to soul and rock. The common denomenator in each of the songs of course is Tatiana's powerhouse vocals, which you can clearly hear throughout this first single. Check out the beautiful video for "Spider Web" below and get excited for dance remixes from 7th Heaven, Club Junkies and Bitesize. Don't forget to download the single on April 10th.

Track Listing:

1. Jeremy Wheatley Radio Edit
2. 7th Heaven Club Mix
3. Club Junkies Remix
4. Bitesize DnB Mix
5. 7th Heaven Radio Edit
6. Club Junkies Radio Edit
Check out Tatiana on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Hurts - Sunday

The new single from British electro-pop duo Hurts (Theo Hutchcraft, Adam Anderson) was rises from #147 to #57 on the UK Singles Chart this week. It's disappointing to me that this talented act hasn't really taken off in the UK like I think it should have by now. Hurts, while clearly inspired by electronic pioneers like Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys do bring something unique and interesting to the genre. The latest video release, that of new single "Sunday" is a stunningly beautiful yet hauntingly dark clip, centering around a tragic car accident which appears to claim the life of a young woman. Directed beautifully by W.I.Z. (Massive Attack, Oasis, Marilyn Manson) and filmed on location in Romania, the video's female star is Romanian actress Laura Cosoi, whio also appeared in Hurts' video for "Better Than Love." The video, a 1940s re-telling of the Greek myth Orpheus, where Cosoi plays Orpheus' tempatation in the Underworld {SOURCE}.  Truly a beautiful video.

To date, the group's best selling single has been "Wonderful Life," which peaked at #21 on the UK Singles Chart while follow up single, "Stay," managed to debut at #50. When Hurts released their debut album in September of last year it debuted at #4, which seemed to be a quite promising sign of things to come. Unfortunately chart success has eluded them since then.  "Sunday" is the fourth single to be released off the duo's debut album Happiness.  The single is backed by remixes from Seamus Haji, Midland, Tom Flynn and Glam As You.
Check out Hurts on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Ultra Naté - Turn It Up

For the past twenty years, dance diva Ultra Naté has been churning out hit after hit. Now 42 years old, the Maryland-born singer proves that she still has what it takes, delivering yet another FIERCE club track. Produced by Brinsley Evans and The Thrillers, "Turn It Up" features some hot remixes from Paul Oakenfold, WAWA, Ruffloaderz vs. Scott Giles, Muthafunkaz and Ruben Macias & Raffia Scoccia destined to blow up dancefloors all over the world.

"Turn It Up" is Ultra Naté's first single taken off of her forthcoming eighth studio album, Hero Worship. Check out the delicious new video, directed by Leo Herrera and get ready to dance. I first stumbled upon Ultra Naté in the late 90s when she made an appearance in the 1998 Ryan Phillipe, Neve Campbell drama 54 which chronicled the rise and fall of the infamous Studio 54 Night Club in New York City. Ultra Naté, along with fellow dance divas Amber and Jocelyn Enriquez appeared in the film singing a disco-version of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind." The track, went all the way to #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart becoming her 4th Top 5 Hit on that chart. Since the beginning of her career, Ultra Naté has notched an astounding fifteen Top Ten dance singles, including seven #1 hits. While mainstream success has been more elusive for Ultra Naté two singles have landed in the Top 100 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart including the 1997 hit "Free" (#75) and "If You Could Read My Mind" which peaked at #52.

Besides working on her new album, Ultra Naté has clocked studio time with David Morales, Robbie Rivera, Todd Terry, Quentin Harris, Nervo, Nicola Fasano and Michelle Williams (from Destiny's Child). Additionally Ultra Naté collaborated with Baltimore's Unruly Records crew on a new EP called "Things Happen A Night." {SOURCE} Check out the video below and download a remix EP on iTunes HERE.

Check out Ultra Naté on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: The Reason4

The Reason4 (formerly The Reason) is a new UK boy band from Southampton, England. You might recognize the incredibly talented AND gorgeous Scott, Glenn, Nathan and Marc from their audition this past season on The X-Factor. While the boys didn't make the Final 12 their original interpretation of judge Cheryl Cole's "Fight For This Love" earned them fans all over the UK. Having watched X-Factor for the first time, beginning to end, this past season, the boys definitely have a fan in me as well, which is why I was BEYOND THRILLED to learn that they were still together and more importantly still releasing music.

Now signed to Upside Records (LoveShy, Maria Mena) The Reason4 is working on their debut album, due out in June, preceded by the band's first self-penned single "Take It All." To tied fans over until Summer, the boys are releasing a cover of Hoobastank's 2004 hit single, "The Reason," backed by some hot dance mixes from 7th Heaven and Electric Allstars.

"The Reason" - Remix Promo Track Listing:

1. 7th Heaven Club Mix
2. Electric Allstars Club Mix
3. 7th Heaven Radio Edit
4. Electric Allstars Radio Edit
5. Radio Edit

When American Alternative Rock band Hoobastank released "The Reason" in April of 2004, the album went all the way to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became a Top 12 hit in the UK, going on to become the band's biggest hit to date. "The Reason" has always been one of The Reason4's favorite songs to do live so it's fitting (in more ways than just the title) that THIS will be the UK's first taste of the band since watching them walk away from the Judge's House last year. Drawing influences from The Script, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder, The Reason4's debut album is definitely one that I'm looking forward to this summer.

Check out the boys auditioning for X-Factor last year, performing Cheryl Cole's "Fight For This Love."  You can also hear a demo of a new song called "Empty Bottles" HERE as well as a snippet of the boys forthcoming self-penned song "Take It All" HERE.
Check out The Reason4 on the web:

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Hot Remix Alert: Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown - Champion (Suneil S Remix)

Hot on the heels of his Katy Perry remix, Suneil S is back with his take on UK rapper Chipmunk's latest single, the Chris Brown-assisted "Champion." When the single was released on February 6th it made it's chart debut at #2, narrowly beaten to the top by the Jessie J/B.o.B. hit single "Price Tag."

"Champion" is the first official single to be released from Chipmunk's sophomore set, Transition, due out April 18th on Columbia Records. Written by Chipmunk, Eric Bellinger, Erika Nuri and Harmony "H-Money" Samuels (who also produced) the songs seeks to inspire listeners to become champions in their own right.  Chip's first album, 2009's I Am Chipmunk went on to become one of my most-listened to albums that year.  Debuting at #2 on the UK Albums Charts, the disc wound up producing 4 Top Ten Hits including the #1 single, "Oopsy Daisy."  Now, with the release of this new remix from Suneil S, perhaps Chipmunk could inspire some champions on the dance floor as well?

Download the remix HERE and get dancing!  Chipmunk's new single, "In The Air," featuring American R&B artist Keri Hilson, is due out April 3rd.

Chipmunk Feat. Chris Brown - Champion (Suneil S Remix) by Suneil S

Check out Suneil S on the web:

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Pierre Lewis To Release New EP in June, Gives Fans an Early Taste

Photo by Kate Murrell

British singer Pierre Lewis has released a little snippet of a new song called "Stay" on his YouTube channel and while it may only be a snippet, it really gets me excited about what's coming up next. Produced by Trap Team, "Stay" will be Lewis' first foray into a more R&B direction from his last set of more pop-leaning releases. From what I've heard, "Stay" sounds like a step in the right direction for Lewis who's 2008 debut single "Broken" was good but not good enough to make him stand out as an artist. Trap Team (signed to T-Pain's Dream Star/Nappy Boy Entertainment) may just be what the Doctor ordered to give Lewis an edgy R&B/Pop makeover.

"Stay" will be included on Lewis' forthcoming EP, Transition which is due out the first week of June. The name 'Transition' is fairly self explanatory in that Lewis is changing directions both sonically and stylistically - going through a transition if you will. Preparing for the eventual album release, Lewis also announced that he'll be shooting a documentary over the next few months with filmmaker Stewart Read, who's also worked with JLS.  In addition to shooting a documentary, Lewis has been busy meeting with photographers, including Kate Murrell, who's lovely photo I'm featuring above from the artists' Facebook page. Lewis also seems to be getting noticed here in the States, according to a recent Tweet by Lewis who said that a certain major U.S. TV network is looking to use one of his songs in a hit show.  AMAZING!  Listen to the "Stay" snippet below and make sure you keep checking back for all the latest updates.

Check out Pierre Lewis on the web:

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Adele Maintains Position Atop the Official UK Singles & Albums Charts

For the second week in a row, Adele's beautiful ballad "Someone Like You" remains in the top spot.  Co-penned by Adele and Dan Wilson (who also served as producer) the single started gaining traction a couple of weeks ago after a poignant performance at the BRIT Awards.  So far the single has peaked at #65 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #35 on the Canadian Hot 100.  Check out a magnificent live performance of the song taken from VH1 Unplugged: Adele HERE.  While "Someone Like You" was released as the official single in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, the equally brilliant Fraser T. Smith-produced "Set Fire To The Rain" was released as the official second single.  Below, listen to this brilliant dance remix of "Someone Like You" by The Thin Red Men.
Elsewhere on the singles chart, Jessie J and Rihanna maintain their #2 spots where as Adele drops back to #5 leaving room for Lady Gaga to rise to #4.  Both Chipmunk and Alexis Jordan sink one spot to #6 and #7  respectively.  Singer/songwriter Jessie J, who's album was released this past week must be pleased to see her debut single "Do It Like A Dude" reenter the Top Ten.  As far as new chart entries this week, there aren't too many worth mentioning with the exception of the new Foo Fighters single (#22), and two Jessie J album tracks - "Who You Are" & "Nobody's Perfect" (#40, #81).  Disappointing chart performances include new entries from Alesha Dixon, who's new single, "Every Little Part Of Me" featuring Jay Sean, enters the chart at a measly #78.  Promising beginnings for Britney Spears' who's new single "Till The World Ends" enters at #55 after only being released last Friday and The Black Eyed Peas new single, which was officially released only yesterday in the UK enters the chart at #89.  New singles out this week include "That's The Truth" from McFly, "Mirrors" by Natalia Kills, Olly Murs' "Heart On My Sleeve," Willow Smith's second single, and Tinie Tempah's "Wonderman," featuring Ellie Goulding.  What will happen next week? Do any of these new entries have what it takes to dethrone Adele? We'll have to wait and see I suppose.

Official UK Singles Top 10//March 12, 2011

1. Adele//Someone Like You
2. Jessie J feat. B.o.B.//Price Tag
3. Rihanna//S&M
4. Lady Gaga//Born This Way
5. Adele//Rolling In The Deep
6. Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown//Champion
7. Alexis Jordan//Good Girl
8. Chris Brown//Yeah 3X
9. Bruno Mars//Grenade
10. Jessie J//Do It Like A Dude

On the album chart front, Adele also maintains her #1 position for the sixth consecutive week.  This is BEYOND impressive.  What's even more impressive is how well the album's been doing in America, debuting in the #1 spot and selling over 350,000 copies, becoming the highest debut yet of 2011.  Coming in strong at #2 is Jessie J's debut album, Who You Are, which was bumped up by nearly an entire month, all for the best it turns out.  English rock band Beady Eye (made up of former members of Oasis, including Liam Gallagher) debuts at #3 on the UK Albums Chart, while Clare Maguire's Light After Dark makes an impressive entrance at #7 following the #23 debut of her second single, "The Last Dance."  The final new entry in this week's Top Ten, Alexis Jordan, who's self titled debut was released last week slides into the #9 slot, following the #6 debut of her second single "Good Girl" last week.

Other new chart entries this week come from Lykki Li, who's sophomore set Wounded Rhymes enters the chart at #37 (a vast improvement from the #112 debut of 2008's Youth Novels) and Far East Movement, who's debut album Free Wired debuts at #63.  U.S. acapella group Straight No Chaser also enters the chart this week with their latest album, With A Twist, coming in at #91 on the UK Albums Chart.  New albums out this week which should chart next Sunday include Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby as well as new releases from Lupe Fiasco, Marianne Faithfull, Noah & The Whale and Slash.

Official UK Albums Top 10//March 12, 2011

1. Adele//21
2. Jessie J//Who You Are
3. Beady Eye//Different Gear, Still Speeding
4. Adele//19
5. Rihanna//Loud
6. Bruno Mars//Doo-Wops & Hooligans
7. Clare Maguire//Light After Dark
8. Mumford & Sons//Sigh No More
9. Alexis Jordan//Alexis Jordan
10. Cee-Loo Green//The Lady Killer

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