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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Future Club Hit: Vietnamese American Pop Singer Yenn Releases New Single

Over 2 years ago I did a little "INTRO" post about a new Vietnamese American singer/dancer called Yenn. Basically M-I-A since the release of her single "So Good To Be Wrong" back in 2009, I'm happy to announce that she's back and ready to finally unleash a HOT new single, FIERCE new remixes and yeah...that long promised debut album. Let me RE-INTRODUCE you to Yenn.

Performing since the age of 13, Yenn has toured much of the world, including North America, Australia, Russia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic - to name a few. Yenn began her career performing traditional Vietnamese music, appearing in a series of musical DVDs showcasing both her singing and dancing talents.  In addition to the DVDs, Yenn released ten albums in her native tongue and soon gained a following throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.   Eventually gravitating away from her traditional roots, Yenn dove head first into modern pop, recording a HOT club single, "So Good To Be Wrong" which peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with remixes from Karmatronic, DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious.  I'd call that a hit and I'd call those some HITmakers on the club scene.  So what's with the time lapse?  Well, from the sound of it, Yenn has been working hard at creating another hit - an album FULL of hits, for that matter.

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Joss Stone Teams Up With Eurythmics Producer For New 'LP,' Due Out July 26

I've been lovin' on UK soul singer Joss Stone since the release of her debut album, 2003's The Soul Sessions. After severing ties with EMI, her label for the better part of 6 years, Stone up and started her own record company called Stone'd Records and plans to release her fifth studio album, LP1 on July 26th.

While few details have been released as of yet (a brief Press Release appeared on Stone's official website) we do know that she's partnered up with producer Dave Stewart who's most well known for his work with the Eurythmics but more recently with Stevie Nicks on her newly released album, In Your Dreams.  Check out the full press release below the cut and scope out the promo artwork up top. LOVE. {SOURCE}
"Stone'd Records & Surfdog Records are proud to announce their partnership to release Joss Stone's next album, LP1 on July 26, 2011. As a world-renowned soul singer who Smokey Robinson calls "Aretha Joplin," Joss has sold over 11 million records globally. Having just turned 24, Joss has already amassed a career's worth of successes. She is a Grammy winner, five-time Grammy nominee, and the recipient of several Brit Awards.

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Jordin Sparks Gets Dancey On New Single, 'I Am Woman'

Well, THIS is a pleasant surprise! American Idol alum Jordin Sparks is set to release the first single off of her upcoming third album next Tuesday. Due out digitally on May 10th, "I Am Woman" marks a decidedly different musical direction for Sparks, who's last album was a mixed bag - both critically and chart performance-wise. "I Am Woman" is less syrupy sweet than previous releases, with more of a focus seemingly placed on slick pop production rather than on Sparks' impressive vocal range. I'm inclined to agree with The Prophet, who likens the song to Beyonce's latest single "Run The World (Girls)." Produced by Ryan Tedder, the man responsible for Jordin's last real hit, "Battlefield," the song doesn't exactly SCREAM hit to me. This could be because I've only listened to it once, but if I'm basing this off of first impressions alone...I'm left wanting more.

The single premiered yesterday on AOL Music alongside an interview with Sparks where the 21 year old pop singer opened up about her new trim figure, female role models and her upcoming new album. In addition to working with Tedder, Sparks collaborated with R&B singer John Legend as well as the Underdogs, the team behind her biggest hit, "No Air." Sparks also talked about opening for NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys) on their joint summer tour. According to the interview, Sparks is getting ready for the "I Am Woman" video shoot, working on choreography...which is interesting since there's not even a director yet. Sparks tells AOL Music,
"Everything is still in the early stages. I'm still looking for an amazing director to do the video and we'll see what happens, but this time around I'm really trying to step my game up. I want to evolve, not so much that people don't know who I am still, but I'm experimenting with different things and different sounds and adding choreography is definitely different. So I'm excited!" {SOURCE}
Like I said...the jury is still out for me on "I Am Woman." It could take a few more listens to settle in for me so I'll reserve final judgement for later, but at first listen, this is where my head is at.  Listen to the new single over on AOL Music by clicking HERE and tell me what you think. If you're craving new music from Jordin Sparks now, you can download "The World I Knew," from the Disney documentary African Cats HERE on iTunes.  Sparks also shot a video for the song which you can catch over on VEVO HERE.

Check out Jordin Sparks on the Web:

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