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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

HOT Talent Alert! Jay-J, Bradley Say & Christian Burns

While music usually speaks for itself, having a pretty instrument can't hurt. Here are three artists that I've just been introduced to, thanks to ArjanWrites and one of my new favorite blogs, EQ. These guys are as talented as they are attractive. Check them out below!

Jay-JJay-J - This Belgian-born electro-pop star got his start on a MTV Belgium reality show called "The Project," which was searching the country for a hot new R&B star. Jay-J went on to win the competition, signing on to a division of R&B superstar, Akon's label, Konvict Muzik. Jay-J's first single, "Body To Body" (released June 12) is a sexually charged electro-pop jam with a super-hot video to boot. his debut album is expected in October. - Via EQ
Jay-JJay-JCheck out Jay-J on the web: MySpace

Bradley SayBradley Say - British singer/songwriter Bradley Say lists among his influences - Girls Aloud, the Sugababes, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Mika among others and calls his sound "electropopurban." Sounds right up my alley! I just discovered this artists, thanks again to ArjanWrites. Arjan calls his debut single, "Say What," a "hook laden pop song with a fun, '80s electronic edge." I love it. Check out some of his other songs on his MySpace player. Standouts include "Wasted," "Murderer" and "Showdown." Also promising, a new "club/pop/anthem" that Say talks about on his blog called "Alter-Ego." Sounds hot! I'm definitely keeping this guy on my pop-radar. His album, Seeing Red, is due out soon. Americans, you can purchase his debut single "Wasted" on iTunes now! - Via ArjanWrites

Bradley SayBradley Say Check out Bradley Say on the web: MySpace//Official Blog//Showcase Your Music//Twitter

Christian Burns Christian Burns - According to his MySpace bio, British singer/songwriter Christian Burns found his spotlight in the dance music world when he was contacted by the world famous DJ Tiësto to help write and do vocals for his Elements of Life album. Having previously been a member of BBMak as well as his new group, The Bleach Works, dance music wasn't exactly the logical next step. It appears that working with Tiësto changed his mind, collaborating on Tiësto's 2007 single "In The Dark." The singer's vocals are also featured on Tiësto's 2008 albumIn Search of Sunrise 7. 2008 also saw a collaboration with Benny Benassi ("Love and Motion"). His album with The Bleach Works is due out in 2008, as are collaborations with Matt Darey and BT. Check out EQ for a little video of Burns' recent visit to New York. Make sure you listen for "Breakdown," a hot new song from Burns. - via EQ

Christian Burns
Christian BurnsCheck out The Bleach Works on the web: MySpace//Facebook//Bebo//Twitter//YouTube

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V.V. Brown To Hit America January 2010 + New Single & Remixes

VV BrownFirst bit of news...V.V. Brown has signed to Capitol Records (home to Lily Allen) in the U.S. and will release her debut album in January 2010! BRILLIANT! The press release goes on to say that Brown will make her way to the States in the new year. This is great news! I look forward to seeing her perform live.

VV BrownNow...onto the new V.V. Brown single, which is awesome news in and of itself. I've been eagerly anticipating an announcement as to what her official 4th single will be AND if there will be any remixes. With each subsequent release, the calibre of remixers becomes greater and greater. First things first...the new single is track #2, "Game Over," co-written by Brown herself. The track was inspired by a trip to Africa, which allowed Brown to get in more in touch with African sounds, rhythms and beats. She even got the chance to play her brand new melodica on the track, going to show just how multifaceted of a performer she really is.

VV BrownVV Brown
Photos via V.V. Brown's Official Flickr

This time, we have mixes from UK producers/DJs/remixers Dave Spoon, Superbass and French DJ/producer Chris Kaeser. I cannot wait for these!

UK Promo Tracklisting:

Dave Spoon Remix

Superbass Extended

Superbass Dub

Chris Kaeser Remix

Chris Kaeser Dub

Check out VV Brown on the web: Official Site//Myspace//Facebook//Bebo//YouTube//Twitter

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Róisín Murphy Defends Herself and Talks New Music

I've never been one to shy away from artists with similar vibes, which is why recent comments from Irish electro-pop artist (and former member of Moloko) Róisín Murphy, ceased to bother me. When I first read the reports that Róisín Murphy was going on the offensive, claiming that Lady Gaga stole her all sounded to me like it was taken out of context. Claiming that Murphy said "Lady Gaga is just a poor imitation of me," didn't sound right at all, given what a classy lady Murphy appears to be.

Roisin Murphy - OverpoweredIn attempt to clear the air, Murphy issued an official statement, where she defends her comments and confirms that they were in fact taken out of context. According to Murphy, the quote about Lady Gaga being "just a poor imitation" was completely fabricated. On her official blog, Murphy says "I respect Lady Gaga's work as an artist and as a fellow fashion icon. She is a very talented performer, playing piano, singing live and dancing too." My thoughts exactly. I think there's room in the music world for the both of them.

In an interview with, Murphy sheds a little more light on this situation. Explaining why she released an official statement, she says, "It's for the fans, it is not for the average Daily Mail readers...At least as long as my fans know that this is not the way I am." I'm certainly glad that she did come out and say something. It's clear that she cares for her loyal fan base and doesn't want any falsities out there about here. I think her true fans knew that there was something amiss here, as soon as the claims came out.

Roisin Murphy - Movie StarMoving on from the tabloid controversy, Arjan asks Murphy about her new music. I'm beyond thrilled at the idea of a new Róisín Murphy CD. I still very much love Ruby Blue and Overpowered, so the chance to add another album to my collection is very exciting. According to Murphy, the as yet untitled album was recorded in London and is in the mixing stages, with some tracks as of yet, still unfinished. Judging from the interview, the new album sounds like a nice mix of genres...from "British urban," to house music to "old-school electro." One song called "Billionaire" was produced by Seiji, who also produced much of Murphy's last album.

Roisin Murphy - You Know Me BetterWhatever her new album sounds like, you can be certain of two things...I'm going to love it AND you'll probably hear it on an upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Roisin MurphyCheck out the interview with Róisín Murphy on, and on EQ, where Raj discussed her charity work as well as delved a little bit deeper into the Lady Gaga controversy.

Roisin Murphy - Let Me KnowCheck out Róisín Murphy on the web: Official Site//Official Blog//MySpace//Facebook//YouTube

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Indie Artists You Should Know...Ace Noface

Lately, because of my blog, I've been fortunate enough to listen to new music from tons of independent artists. While my preferences generally lean more towards top 40 and dance/electronica music, this doesn't mean that I close myself off to all types of music. I plan on spotlighting 1 - 2 indie artists per week that either inspire me because of their music, or inspire me because of their story. Here's one artist that I've been turned onto recently that I think others should know as well.

Ace Noface - Toxic Charm
Ace Noface - Pure Piano Rock for the Brave- Accompanying many of the CDs I've received have been various promotional materials - T-Shirts, Mardi Gras Beeds, Stickers, Posters, etc. Oftentimes, less is more. In the case of East Lansing-based Ace Noface, I happened to read the note accompanying the press release. It's words were matter of fact and to the point:
"You'd better hurry up and play this CD, because if you wait too long, I won't be able to talk to you about it. I have Lou Gehrig's disease, which will rob me of the ability to speak."

Wow. You don't need to ask me twice! Having a parent with Lou Gehrig's Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS), I know all too well of the disease's ability to rob. I didn't need to read anymore...I was sold.

In listening to the songs on Toxic Charm, I can hear the strain in his voice. It's heartbreaking, yet empowering all at the same time. My mother's form of ALS robbed her of her mental capacity, rendering unable to think or communicate effectively and unable to control her emotions. It's also taken it's toll physically as she is not able to walk, stand or do virtually anything by herself. She is essentially a shell. For Ace to be stricken with the very same illness that has taken my Mother hostage, and still be able to sing...I can't help but be amazed.

Formerly the bassist for an indie-rock band, Ace was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, which understandably sent his life spiraling in another direction completely. As devastating as the diagnosis was, with the help of friends, Ace pushed through and continues to make music with the aid of new technology and computer software. According to Ace (via his website), "When I'm writing music or lyrics, I completely get lost in it - I forget that I have any kind of disability."

Toxic Charm is a beautifully put together piano-rock album. Each song oozes with personality, pain, love, anger..every emotion you could possibly imagine. It's very clear that this album was a labor of love. Truly inspirational.

Download These Tracks: Whiskey Bottle, 2000 Bikes, Concept, Mercy

Check out Ace Noface on the web: Official Site//Myspace//Facebook//Twitter//YouTube

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My Weekly Last FM Chart

In following with last weeks format, I'll be doing my top 10 listened to artists of the past week, according to my Last FM Chart. Since I work at a desk job, music is really what keeps me going day-to-day. Here are the artists that kept me going this past week.

Last FM Chart

Most Listened To Artists:

1. Noisettes

2. Erika Jayne

3. Calvin Harris

4. Roisin Murphy

5. Straight No Chaser

6. The Saturdays

7. Natasha Bedingfield

8. Kelly Clarkson

9. V.V. Brown

10. Adele

This weeks chart, like last weeks, is female-dominated. What can I say? I typically prefer a female vocalist to a male. It's just the kind of music I prefer. On the whole, female vocalists have are more impressive to me. In the top position this past week are the Noisettes, mainly because of the concert I attended last Monday. I tend to listen to an artist before a show, as well as after the show. This helps both with blogging about the show as well as prolonging my enjoyment of said concert. Erika Jayne also sits pretty at #2, as I reviewed her album Pretty Mess. Calvin Harris was on my mind as his new album, Ready For The Weekend is out this week and Roisin Murphy, she is working on a brand new record (which I will talk about later). Straight No Chaser released their brilliant new A capella EP, Six Pack which I promptly snagged. As for The Saturdays, Natasha Bedingfield, V.V. Brown and Adele - I was just in the mood at some point during last week to listen to each of those artists and or groups.

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Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart - August 13, 2009

Not too much movement in the Top 10 this past week. Most artists moved either one or two spots up. The Paradiso Girls dropped from 3 to 10, as did the The Pussycat Dolls, but that was to be expected as they were in the #1 spot last week. Bubbling under the Top 10 are some exciting artists including La Roux (Bulletproof - #11), Jonas Brothers (Paranoid - #21), and the Noisettes (Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) - #22). And without further's this past week's Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart.

Katy Perry
Thursday, August 13 2009

#1 (Last Week - #2)
#2 (Last Week - #4)
#3 (Last Week - #5)
#4 (Last Week - #6)
#5 (Last Week - #7)
#6 (Last Week - #9)
#7 (Last Week - #10)
#8 (Last Week - #1)
#9 (Last Week - #8)
Patron Tequila (Paradiso Girls feat. Lil Jon & Eve)
#10 (Last Week - #3)

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