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Monday, August 16, 2010

Marina & The Diamonds To Release 'Shampaign' as Fifth UK Single, Launch U.S. Tour Next Month

I'd heard rumblings about Marina & The Diamonds releasing a FIFTH single off The Family Jewels for some time now, in fact Greek radio station 88 FM Radio 1 has had "Shampaign" listed as a upcoming UK single for months now! Well, now it all seems official.  We have official single artwork (via The Prophet)! FINALLY! CONFIRMATION! "Shampaign" has always been one of the standouts on Marina & The Diamonds' criminally ignored (in the U.S.) debut album so it's nice to see it get some more exposure. Listen to the song below:

The single was written by Marina [Diamandis], Pascal Gabriel, and Liam Howe and produced by Gabriel, Howe and Richard Stannard. It's the follow up single to the Greg Kurstin-produced "Oh No!," which only managed to hit #36 on the UK singles chart. Not all that disappointing of a position if you consider first single "Mowgli's Road" and it's  #147 position but at the same time, "Hollywood" made it all the way to #12. You win some, you lose some, I guess.  The Family Jewels peaked at #5 on the UK Album Chart and #138 on the Billboard 200. Check her out as she makes her way to North America this fall. Unfortunately she's coming to Boston on September 1st...moving day for me. GRRRR! Oh well. Next time Marina. Next time.

Tour Dates:

9-1/Boston, MA/Paradise
9-2/New York, NY/Webster Hall
9-3/Philadelphia, PA/World Cafe Live
9-5/Asbury, NJ/The Wonder Bar
9-6/Washington, DC/930
9-8/Toronto, CA/Opera House
9-9/Chicago, IL/Lincoln Hall
9-10/Minneapolis, MN/Triple Rock
9-13/Seattle, WA/Crocodile
9-14/Portland, OR/Doug Fir
9-15/San Fransisco, CA/Independent
9-17/Los Angeles, CA/El Rey Theatre

Watch her super-fun video for "Oh No!" below.

Check out Marina & The Diamonds on the web:
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Hot Video Alert: Alesha Dixon - Drummer Boy (Live on Tonight's The Night)

Mis-Teeq's Alesha Dixon continues to impress me as promotion for her new single, "Drummer Boy" gets underway.  The single which started out as a cluttered, noisy mess of percussion and shouting has turned into pop magic before my very ears. I honestly don't know what happened.  Perhaps I've beaten myself over the head enough times?  Whatever the reason is, I now find myself shimmying and shaking along screaming out the lyrics. Not a pretty sight.  TRUST ME.

In her first (?) televised performance of new Shama "Sham" Joseph-produced single Dixon is full of energy and impressive Drumline-inspired choreography.  The 2007 Strictly Come Dancing winner (the UK version of Dancing With The Stars) showed her dancing chops, appearing on the BBC's Tonight's The Night, hosted by actor/singer John Barrowman.  The show, which helps make audience members' wishes come true, welcomed Dixon who not only performed her new single but performed with a young audience member, singing a duet of The Zutons' "Valerie." How nice of her.  While THIS rendition definitely pales in comparison to the Amy Winehouse version (not to mention The Zutons' version), Dixon does fine, as does Lauren Simister, Dixon's young duet partner.

"Drummer Boy" is due out on September 6th featuring remixes by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, Benny Benassi, Crazy Cousinz, Swindle and MoDrums.  Check out the performance below!

Check out Alesha on the web:
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Riding High, Mark Ronson Releases "The Bike Song" As Single No. 2

Mark Ronson's Record Collection is shaping up to be another HOT-LIKE-FIRE album for Ronson, who's last album Version still ranks up there in my Top 10 favorite albums of the last few years! First single, "Bang Bang Bang" featuring Q-Tip and MNDR peaked at #5 on the UK Singles Chart and has spent an impressive 5 weeks at the top of the NME Chart!  Co-written by Dave McCabe of The Zutons ("Valerie"), follow up single, "The Bike Song" may not be as infectious as it's predecessor, but it's still a groovy good time.  Helped in part by a cute little bike bell and a catchy hook by Ryan Falconer (of The View fame) as well as an energetic performance by Spank Rock - "The Bike Song" is a definitely a good choice for a single. The Prophet has it right, calling the song "quirky" and "retro."  That describes the sound of this album perfectly.  Check out these pics of a platinum blond Ronson filming the video in South London with real life model girlfriend Josephine De La Baume (via The Prophet).  Record Collection comes out in the UK September 27th and in the U.S. on October 5th.  Maybe I'll get to see him live this time around!  Check out "The Bike Song" below.

Check out Mark Ronson on the web:
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Hot Video Alert: Alexandra Burke - Start Without You (Live on Alan Carr: Chatty Man)

Alexandra Burke might not be releasing her new single, "Start Without You" until September 6th but the promo has already begun.  The 2008 X-Factor winner stopped by Alan Carr: Chatty Man (via We Are Pop Slags) the other night and performed her new RedOne-produced/Laza Morgan-assisted single, complete with a troupe of sexy shirtless male dancers (ooh la la).  "Start Without You" is the follow up to "All Night Long," off Burke's debut album, Overcome.  The song, which features American rapper Pitbull made it all the way to #4 on the UK charts!  "Start Without You" isn't as up-tempo as I might like but the song is a decent showing for Burke.  Her performance is nice and she looks amazing, sporting a new haircut.  Check out the official album artwork up top - another instance of Burke looking fierce and sexy with a slightly new look!  The video for "Start Without You," which was shot in Los Angeles, is expected to premiere sometime this week.

 Check out Alexandra Burke on the web:
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Darin Is a 'Lovekiller,' Releases New Swedish Album This Week

There's no hiding that Swedish pop singer Darin is one of my MANY pop crushes, but I think it's safe to say that he's secured a place in my heart with his new single "Lovekiller." Sure, the chorus basically repeats over and over and over and over but less is more as far as I'm concerned. "Lovekiller" does a good job showcasing Darin's killer vocals and when the BIGGER THAN LIFE chorus comes in (like right off an early Will Young album!), watch out! It's a little chintzy and repetitive but I can't stop singing the chorus! "You're a lovekiller. You're a love love killer. You're a lovekiller. You're a murderer!" 

The single was co-penned by Darin and Tony Nilsson (Marie Serneholt, Alcazar) "Lovekiller" is the title track off of Darin's forthcoming fifth studio album, due out August 18th in Sweden. The 10-track album features Darin's Swedish Top 3 single "You're Out Of My Life" as well as his cover of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." Lovekiller is Darin's FIRST album signed to Universal Music, parting ways with Sony after the release of 2008's Flashback.

Darin fans should check out the singer/songwriter's official YouTube channel between now and the 18th to hear snippets of new music from Lovekiller. The latest sneak peak, "Drowning" is a pretty little pop song, backed by gorgeous strings section and percussion, Darin's vocals sound near perfect. The boy can REALLY sing.  First garnering attention as the runner up on Swedish Idol all the way back in 2004, Darin has worked with industry powerhouses including RedOne, Robyn and Max Martin.  His duet with American singer Kat DeLuna, "Breathing Your Love," one of my favorites, peaked at #2 on the Swedish charts.  Darin's also been flexing his songwriting muscle, penning music for last year's X-Factor winner Joe McElderry.  "Lovekiller," the single is out now in Sweden, Lovekiller the album drops on August 18th. Show your love Sweden!  I would if I could here in America.

Check out "Lovekiller" below:

Check out Darin on the web:
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Hot Video Alert: V.V. Brown - Shark In The Water (Degrassi Version)

Well this is a pleasant surprise. One of my FAVORITE imports from across the pond, V.V. Brown released a new video for her hit single "Shark In The Water," this time as part of a promotional campaign for Degrassi, the Canadian teen drama which airing on TeenNick here in America. The video features the cast of Degrassi in character at an amusement park. V.V. Brown plays a beautiful singer. While I might prefer the original video, this one is cute. Brown is currently on tour in the U.S. with Maroon 5 through early September.

Maroon 5 Tour Dates:

Aug 19/Miami, FL/Bayfront Park Amphitheater/with Kris Allen
Aug 21/Alpharetta, GA/Verizon Wireless Amph/with Kris Allen
Aug 24/Davidson, NC/Davidson College/with Kris Allen
Aug 29/Pittsburgh, PA/Amphitheater @ Station Square/with Kris Allen
Sep 4/Mahnomen, MN/Shooting Star Casino

Check out VV Brown on the web:

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