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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Haley Reinhart Unveils 'Listen Up!' Artwork, Track Listing, Performs on 'Conan' Tonight

Haley Reinhart Listen Up

Haley Reinhart recently unveiled the artwork and track listing for her upcoming debut album, Listen Up!, due May 22nd through 19 Entertainment/Interscope Records.  The album artwork highlights Reinhart's affinity towards all things retro, fabulous and glamorous as she plays the part of a sexy lifeguard.  Check out a 'Behind The Scenes' video of the album photo shoot BELOW where Haley talks about her fashion inspiration and the overall look and feel of the new album.  It's nice to know that Reinhart's own taste is being exhibited here and that she's not just some pop puppet being forced to look and dress a certain way to sell records.  Haley Reinhart is the real deal.

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[Hot Video Alert] Gabriella Cilmi - Vicious Love

Gabriella Cilmi

Back in January, Australian pop singer/songwriter Gabriella Cilmi QUIETLY released a new video onto her official YouTube page for a song called "Vicious Love."  The new song sees Cilmi moving away from the mainstream electropop sound of her 2010 sophomore album, and going back to basics with a more pop/rock sound.  "Vicious Love" is a return to form for the talented Cilmi who's debut album, 2008's Lessons To Be Learned remains one of my favorites, thanks mainly to her breakout single "Sweet About Me," which went top 5 in ten countries and top 10 in three countries (including the UK). "Sweet About Me" also managed to peak at #99 on Billboard's Pop 100 Chart.

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[Free Download] Daniel Bedingfield Releases New EP Today, Offers Free Download

Daniel Bedingfield Stop The Traffik Secret Fear

New Zealand-born British singer/songwriter Daniel Bedingfield dropped his brand new EP, Stop The Traffik: Secret Fear, today.  The EP is available in two versions including an iTunes Exclusive 7-track version and a 5-track version which you can download for free using the widget below.  

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[Hot Video Alert] Giulietta - VooDoo

Giulietta Voodoo

You might remember my piece on Australian dance/pop singer/songwriter Giulietta from earlier this month when I made her one of my 'Ones to Watch in 2012.' Well, looks like I was right about that. Giulietta just released a scorchingly hot video for her new single, "VooDoo," and it's definitely worth watching.  Produced by Simmy Beats, "VooDoo" is the second single lifted from Giulietta's as-yet-unreleased sophomore album, 911: Code Pink. The song offers dance music lovers a taste of what's to come on the new album, which Giulietta promises to be "edgier" than the material found on her 2010 debut, Ascension

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[Review] Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

Adam Lambert Never Close Our Eyes

Released April 17th, "Never Close Our Eyes" is the name of Adam Lambert's new single from his forthcoming sophomore album, Trespassing.  The single was written and produced by Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke and serves as the follow up to "Better Than I Know Myself," which by most accounts was a commercial floppity-flop.  "Never Close Our Eyes," sees the flamboyantly big-voiced Lambert return to his dance-pop glory days in this pulse-pounding new dance-floor-ready new single. Stylistically, "Never Close Our Eyes" is right in Lambert's wheelhouse, echoing the same sound of his past club friendly hit "If I Had You."  Lambert does his thing, belting out the big chorus, his voice soaring over the bangin' electro-rock beats and sleek production.  It's clear that Lambert's looking for another anthem, and "Never Close Our Eyes" very well could be it.  Here's hoping radio latches on to this one more than they did with the lead single.

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