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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Cascada - San Francisco

Every night before bed, I count my blessings. At least once a year, I thank God for Cascada and the brand of generic, trash euro-pop that vocalist Natalie Horler, DJ Marnian and Yanou bring to clubs all over the world. OK - I don't do any of that but you gotta love Cascada. How can you not? I have to tip my hat to any band that can successfully makeover a country hit like "What Hurts The Most" into a Top Ten hit throughout Europe (and almost a top 50 hit in America).

Cascada's latest single, the uber-catchy "San Francisco," follows the same basic formula that their last few singles used. Dance beat. CHECK! Generic, disembodied man's voice shouting throughout the song (i.e. - "EVERYBODY IN THE CLUB!" and "PYRO-PYRO MANIA MA-MA-MA-MANIA!"). CHECK! Sexy video. CHECK!

For what it's worth, the formula works. Cascada has had more than a few chart successes throughout Europe and even a couple here in the States. "Evacuate The Dancefloor" peaked at #25 on the mainstream Billboard Hot 100 chart, turning into Cascada's biggest U.S. hit since 2005's "Everytime We Touch," which peaked at #10 on the very same chart. Nearly all of Cascada's most recent singles have been in the same vein, catchy RedOne-like electropop tailor-made for a night of clubbing.

When last year's "Pyromania" was released, there were no plans for an album. Instead, Cascada was going to release a few singles (an approach being explored by a number of pop stars in recent years). Following "Pyromania," Cascada released another stand alone single, "Night Nurse," although not officially.  The single wasn't available for download, but a video was made for the song and it appeared on a UK dance music compilation.  "San Francisco" due out July 4th in the UK becomes single #3 from Cascada's recently announced fourth studio album. The video was shot on March 26th and directed by Lisa Mann with choreography by Luther Brown. Apparently Cascada shot the video for a follow up single, "Au Revoir," that same weekend in Toronto (according to a since removed job posting) though I haven't read anything to confirm.  "Pyromania," "Night Nurse" and "San Francisco" will likely appear on Cascada's fourth album, Original Me, due out June 20th in the UK via Zooland Records.  Check out the video for "San Francisco" below and get ready for another string of Cascada club hits just in time for the summer!  Remixing "San Franscisco," we have Cahill, Wideboys, Frisco and Lockout.  Pre-order on UK iTunes HERE!
Check out Cascada on the web:

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Singer-Songwriter Gavin DeGraw To Release New Single June 7th, Joins Train + Maroon 5 Summer Tour

To be honest, when I first heard that Gavin DeGraw was releasing a new material, I wasn't that excited about it. The last Gavin DeGraw album I really listened to was his 2003 major label debut, Chariot (J Records), which spawned his one top ten single, "I Don't Want To Be." That album was chock-full of singer-songwriter pop gold including "Follow Through" and the album's title track, "Chariot." DeGraw had an awesome voice that transcended the singer/songwriter genre, vocally speaking. A little bit folk, a little bit country a little bit R&B - Gavin DeGraw was the voice of the moment, a real, raw, untapped talent and someone who would be on our radios for years to come.  Nearly five years later, DeGraw released a follow up to Chariot. The self titled set featured lead single "We Belong Together," which debuted at #38 before peaking at #26. Unfortunately, after the release of "We Belong Together," I can't for the the life of me remember another Gavin DeGraw single. Thank God for Ryan Tedder, I suppose.

On June 7th, singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw is set to release his new single, "Not Over You" to digital music retailers everywhere. The single is a welcome return for the talented artist from New York, who's last album was 2009's Free. "Not Over You" is an uber-radio-friendly pop/rock number, co-written and produced by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder. It's the first single to be taken from his forthcoming fourth album of original material entitled, Sweeter, due out on J Records August 9th. Check out the new single BELOW and let me know what you think of it. I think it's dangerously skirting into straight up pop territory (UM, HELLO! Ryan Tedder?), but I imagine that an acoustic performance of the single will take us back to the soulful, slightly shy Gavin DeGraw that we all know and love.
Sweeter promises to be typical Gavin DeGraw, at least as far as the voice, melodies and charm are concerned. Fans can expect a few new sounds thrown in the mix as well, per the press release:


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