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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Clare Maguire - The Last Dance

English singer/songwriter and Universal/Polydor recording artist Clare Maguire recently released the visually STUNNING video for new single, "The Last Dance" on YouTube. Like Maguire herself, the AlexandLiane-directed video is absolutely GORGEOUS. Maguire looks like a cross between Katy Perry and Sarah Brightman and sounds like a mix of Annie Lennox and Florence Welsh. Featuring powerhouse vocals from Maguire, one of my 'Ones To Watch in 2011" the song backs up my prediction and has me practically salivating over the upcoming release of her debut album, Light After Dark, due in the UK on February 28th.

Due for release on February 20th, "The Last Dance," was written by Maguire the day after Michael Jackson's death in response to cruel comments about the late legend which makes the lyrics all the more poignant. "The Last Dance" is the follow up single to Maguire's debut "Ain't Nobody" which peaked at #78 on the Official UK Singles Chart. The fabulous Breakage Remix of the Maguire's debut single is reportedly being used to promote the popular HBO vampire series True Blood, according to a Tweet by Breakage. If you fancy Clare Maguire remixes, then it looks as if "The Last Dance" is getting the remix treatment as well. According to a recent Tweet from Maguire herself:
@ClareMaguire: Just received an epic remix for #thelastdance X
EPIC indeed. Can't wait! UK fans can pick up her new single, "The Last Dance" on February 20th, followed by the album Light After Dark on Feburary 28th. U.S. fans can download Maguire's Let's Begin EP (HERE) featuring the song "You're Electric" as well as two live performances and an iTunes interview. Also make sure you download "Ain't Nobody" on iTunes now (HERE) as well as the fabulous Breakage remix (HERE).  No word yet on when Maguire's album will be released in the States but we can expect it sometime in 2011 once the album's been released and promoted in her native UK. As soon as I know, you will know!

Check out Clare Maguire on the web:

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Ones To Watch in 2011...J Latif

LA-based pop/R&B artist J Latif already released his debut EP, Room Without Walls back in August of last year followed by first official single "I Wanna Go There" in November, both via Interscope Digital Distribution. While it's been a couple of months since J Latif released his single here in the States, I couldn't have picked a better time to post as he's currently preparing to release the track in the UK! "I Wanna Go There" is the perfect blend of electro beats and R&B soul. Backed by fierce remixes from Grammy-nominated remixer StoneBridge and up and coming remix/production team Mot and Krid, the track deserves your attention as much as J Latif deserves success as a talented singer/songwriter. His back story is as interesting you'll ever hear. Check out a little snippet from his official website:
"South Central L.A. are streets of legend, immortalized in the poetry of a new generation. Mean streets where only the strong survive, where moving up means getting out.

Born into these storied blocks was J Latif and his mother instilled in him three things a young man needed to rise above the sucking gravity of South Central: passion, tenacity and love. As a boy J Latif was special. He used music as an escape from the grim realities of the world outside his door. And these experiences are reflected in his lyrics and music. Inspiration, hope and the desire to create fun, up beat and heavy beats that will keep you up and dancing all night long."

Wow. Check out his full bio HERE for more on his intriguing story. As a songwriter, J Latif is just starting out on what will hopefully be a long-lasting and fruitful endeavor. 2011 will see him working with some of the biggest names in the LA music scene including Ne-Yo, Compound Entertainment and Stacy Barthe (Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Britney Spears). Joining forces with European songwriter/producer (and friend) Thomas Gallmeier (Glen Ballard, Cindy Gomez/Interscope) J Latif is hoping to push the boundaries of traditional R&B music by infusing DJ beats with pop music and R&B style. If "I Wanna Go There" is any indication, J Latif is on the right track.  With additional support from Swedish DJ and producer StoneBridge, (who debuted his mix of "I Wanna Go There" to an excited LA club crowd) J Latif hopes to bring UK club goers onto the dancefloor with a massive remix package. 

U.S. fans can download his EP (HERE), the single (HERE) and the remix package (HERE) on iTunes.  Also worth a look, this 'Behind The Scenes' footage of the video shoot for what appears to be J Latif's second single, "Keep Smiling."

Check out J Latif on the web:

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Olly Murs to Release 'Heart On My Sleeve' As Single Number 3

Thank you Sony for the high-res artwork!
Series Six X-Factor runner up (and all around cutie) Olly Murs is abandoning the "upbeat ska-pop" sound of his previous two singles in favor of a straight up ballad. The track is a good showcase piece for Murs' vocal ability, which up until this point I hadn't really heard. While the album version of the James Morrison/John Shanks co-penned ballad is a bit too syrupy for my taste (think typical Westlife, Boyzone fare) forthcoming remixes from StoneBridge and JC should satisfy my Olly Murs dancefloor urges as Digital Dog and Cahill remixes did for his last two singles, "Please Don't Let Me Go" and "Thinking Of Me."

The single is due for release on March 6th via Epic Records and features a new track written by Murs called "C'Mon C'Mon." UK fans can catch Olly Murs this Spring when he embarks on a sold out UK headlining tour starting in April. UK fans, act fast as one new date has been added at London's Hammersmith Apollo theater on May 26th (get tickets HERE). Congrats go out to Olly for his first BRIT Award nomination. Debut single "Please Don't Let Me Go" is up for Best British Single and faces tough competition from the likes of Alexandra Burke, Matt Cardle, Cheryl Cole, The Wanted, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz, Florence + The Machine and more. Chosen by the British public, voting closes 12 PM on February 11th followed by the results announcement at the BRIT's ceremony, to be held at London's O2 Arena on February 16th. Good luck to Olly! Vote for Olly HERE.

Check out Olly Murs on the web:

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