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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Frankmusik featuring Colette Carr - No I.D.

Music Is My King Size Bed favorite, Frankmusik, premiered the video for his latest single yesterday on the AOL Music Blog. An infectious summery pop jam, "No I.D." was released on iTunes September 6th and is the third official single lifted off Vincent Frank's sophomore album, Do It In The AM due out later this month via Island Records/Cherrytree/Interscope Records. Featuring fellow Cherrytree Records newbie Colette Carr, "No I.D." is the perfect pop song to close out the summer. Unlike previous singles, "The Fear Inside" and "Do It In The AM," "No I.D." strays away from his familiar electropop sounds, instead delivering a sassy mid-tempo pop jam with hints of reggae.  Carr absolutely shines in this duet, showcasing more of her vocal ability that we really didn't get to see on her equally hot debut single (produced by Frankmusik) "(We Do It) Primo."  While I do love the club beats Frankmusik usually brings to the table, I have to admit that I kind of like seeing this softer, more playful side.

The second track off of the album, "No I.D." was co-written by Frank, Carr, Nick Dresti and Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum, and will be featured on both Do It In The AM as well as on Carr's forthcoming debut album.  According to Carr, "There are always insane creative vibes when we are in the studio together, we never know what we will come up with, and we feed off the energy of the unknown." Frank himself echoed that very same sentiment, saying, “It was amazing working with Colette and transforming the original rap style into a sung song."  It's nice to see such mutual admiration between two equally talented artists.  The addition of Frankmusik and Colette Carr to the already impressive Cherrytree roster just goes to show how focused on creating quality music Cherrytree Records really is.

The Hyperballad-directed video pays tribute to Grease, featuring Frankmusik in the Danny Zuko role and a STUNNING Colette Carr playing the part of Sandy Olsson.  Look out for a cameo from fellow up & coming popstar Simon Curtis, dancing his cute little ass off in a scene featuring Frank and the boys.  While I fail to see a parallel between the video and the lyrics, I just don't give a s@*t because the song is just so much damn fun!  Frankmusik is set to release Do It In The AM on September 26th in the UK and on September 27th here in the States (pre-order it HERE).  In addition to releasing his own album, Frank is currently on tour with the legendary electropop group Erasure, whose album he also worked on.  Check out Colette Carr's video for "(We Do It) Primo" HERE and download her single on U.S. iTunes HERE as well as a brand new EP with remixes HERE.  You can also snag "No I.D." on iTunes HERE. Summer may be over but at least we've got Frankmusik and Colette Carr to keep the mood nice and breezy.

Check out Frankmusik on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

Last month the lovely boys of One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson) released the video for their debut single, "What Makes You Beautiful," and I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed. I'm not just disappointed in the video, but the song as well. It's all just a bit...expected? Written by Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha and Rami Yacoub, "What Makes You Beautiful" was unveiled to English radio listeners on August 10th when it made it's BBC Radio 1 debut. Upon making the single available for pre-order, One Direction broke records for Sony Music, with "What Makes You Beautiful" earning the most pre-release downloads of any Sony Music act. If this is any indication of the success to come for the boys of One Direction, I think X-Factor may have another JLS-type of success story on their hands.

While my feelings towards One Direction might be a bit of a mixed bag at present, I have to give them props for sticking together throughout the crazy ride that was X-Factor. If you consider the fact that these boys are a documented example of a MANUFACTURED BOY BAND - literally pieced together by Simon Cowell after they proved not worthy of competing as individuals - the fact that they are still together, are still getting along and still making music together is pretty outstanding. Now I'm just starting to wonder how much creative control these boys actually have. Being placed together by show producers for the sake of a reality show, one could easily assume that One Direction are just so excited to have a record deal with Syco Music and the opportunity to become stars, that they'd do anything they were told. Work with these people! Put out this type of album! Do this! Do that! Now I'm not saying this is what's going on, but I'm just a bit hesitant about how this will all turn out. "What Makes You Beautiful" doesn't give me enough to go on, so I'm going to need to hear some more before I make a final judgement.

 In an interview with Digital Spy, Sonny Takhar (Simon Cowell's right-hand) described the boys' forthcoming as yet untitled debut album as "one of the best pop records" to be made by the label. That's a pretty bold statement to make. From what it sounds like, One Direction to have a lot of elements working in their favor, including a talented roster of songwriters including Savan Kotecha, Ed Sheeran and Matt Squire (Good Charlotte, All Time Low). I'm dismissing the boys outright, just for me, they all sound a bit like a poppier version of 2000s boy band Busted right now.  Check out the John Urbano (Alexi Murdoch)-directed video for "What Makes You Beautiful" below and pre-order the single, due out in the UK September 11th, by clicking HERE.

Check out One Direction on the web: 

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