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Monday, March 29, 2010

V.V. Brown @ Great Scott : A Little Tease

V.V. Brown
As you know, last night was the V.V. Brown/Little Dragon concert in Allston, MA at Great Scott. Overall it was a great show, although I have to admit that I snuck out before the end of the Little Dragon's set.

To be honest, the only reason I was there was to see V.V. Brown. I had never heard of Little Dragon prior to seeing that Brown was supporting them. Having just seen V.V. Brown headline her own small club tour, I was anxious to see her again - whether or not she was the main act. My good friend who came with me to the show (as well as her last show) noticed that her energy was down from the last time. Perhaps the touring is taking it's toll? She did recently perform at SXSW AND has been on the road since. I can't imagine the physical and mental stress associated with traveling back and forth across the world. According to a recent Tweet, Brown is a bit homesick? Whatever - I'm not saying that she didn't perform well. She put on a classy show and sounded great all throughout. It's just a little obvious that the energy was down from the last time. I'm beyond thrilled that I've had the chance to see her twice now here in the States.

At any rate, I'll put up a proper post in the next few days about the gig. I managed to snap some pretty decent pictures of Brown both with my phone and with my camera, so stay tuned for those! Be sure and buy her album - out digitally on iTunes and in shops April 20th. Also, look out for V.V. Brown's song "Bottles" on the soundtrack to the new Jennifer Lopez movie, The Back-up Plan, in theaters April 23rd.

Check out V.V. Brown on the Web:

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Katie Melua Unleashes "The Flood" this Spring

I've been a Katie Melua fan forever. Getting to see her last Spring in Cambridge, MA. was SUCH a treat. She's super talented and beautiful to boot. When I started to hear mutterings that the also brilliant William Orbit was working with Melua on her record, I just about died. Why? He's the man behind Madonna's EVER-BRILLIANT Ray Of Light album. Orbit's also known for his work with such talented artists as Beth Orton, Olive, Blur and Peter Gabriel, just to name a few. From remixes to original productions, William Orbit is a master at his craft. The very idea of putting the Orbit touch on a Katie Melua record is beyond brilliant to me.

Way back when Melua's label let fans send in questions for Melua to answer and one of mine was selected. I asked the artist if she would ever consider contributing vocals to a electronica/dance track. Melua answered, "Yes" if it was the right fit for her. I brushed it off and forgot about it. Then, I heard "The Flood" - Melua's first single off of her upcoming fourth album. No, "The Flood" is not a straight up dance song but IS a departure from her previous efforts - and a brilliant departure at that. The song really excels preserving all of the qualities that make Melua's voice so captivating.
Katie Melua & William Orbit in the studio
Not dramatically different from some of her previous singles, "The Flood" starts out as any other Melua song might...with a beautiful orchestra leading into Melua's first verse. Melua starts in with the first few verses, singing along at a slower, more laid-back tempo. THEN at the 2:10 mark, the song takes a dramatic turn into the unexpected. The tempo dramatically shifts into an up-tempo dance number. Of course, things slow down right before the track ends but WOW. That minute and a half of dance music was what I had been waiting for since I first heard Melua's voice. It worth the wait. After listening to the song on the Music Fascination blog (ripped from it's BBC Radio 2 radio premiere on the Ken Bruce show) several times, I took to Twitter to let everyone know just how fabulous it was.
@Fool_4_Jamie Can't stop listening to the Katie Melua/@WilliamOrbit track The Flood. A beautiful departure from her older stuff...but still the same vibe.
@WilliamOrbit @Fool_4_Music wait till you hear the album!
I think that's an endorsement if I've ever heard one. The new Katie Melua album is going to be a beautiful thing. Titled The House, the album features the songwriting talent of Melua herself as well as Lauren Christy (Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne - as The Matrix), Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue) and Rick Nowels (Colbie Caillat, Dido). "The Flood" is due out on May 17th in the UK, followed by the album release on May 24th. The album is due out in the U.S. on August 3rd. Additionally, artwork for "The Flood" and The House is being worked on by UK artist John Gosler, according to a Tweet from Melua's longtime producer Mike Batt. Looks like this is all coming together! I, for one, can't wait!

Tracklisting for The House:

1. I’d Love To Kill You
2. The Flood
3. A Happy Place
4. A Moment Of Madness
5. Red Balloons
6. Tiny Alien
7. No Fear Of Heights
8. The One I Love Is Gone
9. Plague Of Love
10. God On The Drums Devil On The Bass
11. Twisted
12. The House

Check out Katie Melua on the web:
Official Site (UK/US)//MySpace//Facebook

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