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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hot Video Alert: Sam Sparro - Pink Cloud

Sam Sparro's self titled debut album was one of my favorite releases back in 2008 and his canceling his appearance in Boston because of Visa issues was one of my biggest disappointments. His single "Black and Gold," while not a mainstream chart success story in the States, did manage to hit #12 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart when it was released here back in June of 2008. Since then Sparro was featured on releases from Basement Jaxx ("Feelings Gone") and Dutch production duo Mason ("Corrected"), in addition to working on his forthcoming sophomore release. "Pink Cloud" originally premiered on East Village Radio's Accidental Rhythm back in July in an un-mastered format. Then...just last week, Sparro unveiled a music video for the song and explained via Twitter that "Pink Cloud" is NOT a single. Per Sparro himself:
"It is not a single- more of art project. I appreciate ur comments about wanting 2 hear more of my vocals. no fear- the album is full of them."
The super-cool, super artsy video was directed by Franc/Fernandez and features Sparro rocking a number of looks, nearly all of which include some amount of face and body paint, masks, headdresses and other tribal-influenced fashion. What's more, Sparro is offering a free download of the song + remixes and an additional track. Looks like this is just what Sam Sparro fans have been looking for to tide us over between now and the new album. Get your free download below and check out the video.

Check out Sam Sparro on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Jesse McCartney - Shake

Oh Jesse McCartney. You don't look a day over the age of 13. What is your secret? I know I'm a bit late with this one but that's OK. The more I hear McCartney's new song, "Shake," the more I like it. McCartney released the single on September 21st without much fanfare surrounding it. Pity. "Shake" only managed to peak at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song fared better on the Billboard Pop Songs chart where it peaked at #17.

The song isn't really anything that new for McCartney, who's last album Departure, featured the same sort of urban pop style with maybe a bit more electronic influence throughout. His previous single, the T-Pain-assisted "Body Language" and it's predecessor "How Do You Sleep?" featured help from Ludacris. It's clear that urban pop is the direction that Hollywood Records/Universal is pushing young McCartney but I can't help but wonder if this is the right move? So far "Leavin'" marks McCartney's strongest chart performance to date, landing at #10 but since then, McCartney has been flailing all over the charts trying to find his next hit. I can't say I'm surprised by "Shake's" low chart performance...that being said I'm hopeful that he has some more tricks up his sleeve on his forthcoming fourth studio album Have It All, to be released sometime next year.

"Shake" was co-written by McCartney and written and produced by Joshua Coleman. The music video (BELOW) was directed by Toben Seymour and features McCartney dancing and looking cool while surrounded by a multitude of sexy women, all of whom are probably older than him. Download "Shake" on iTunes HERE.

Check out Jesse McCartney on the web:

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